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How to Conquer the World Through Travel & Adventurous Living

Have you always wanted to jump on a plane and have the adventure of a lifetime? This post shows you how to get started on world domination and into adventurous living through travel.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  –Mark Twain

Here’s the deal: by the end of this post, I want you to be so pumped that you do one of three things:

1) Impulse-buy a ticket to a travel destination you’ve never been to before.
2) Call a friend and make concrete plans for your next trip.
3) Turn off your computer, walk out the door, and head for somewhere brand new.


You’re about to start on your own, self-designed path to world domination. Adventurous living through travel. New sights, sounds, smells. Discovering and conquering the world, one trip at a time.

I mean, who doesn’t want a little more adventure in their life? This is The Feel Good Lifestyle, right? ;)

To be honest, I don’t remember my first big travel adventure, but my parents tell me that my Scottish relatives thought I was just the cutest little lass they’d ever seen. I still find this strange, as I definitely looked like a boy when I was a baby.

I’ve come a long way from that first flight. I’ll soon be traveling to my 20th country, Malaysia. Just within the past 10 days, I’ve had travelers from Uzbekistan, Belarus, Germany, South Africa, and the United States camping out in my living room.

These weren’t normal guests, nor were they friends of my roommate. These five guests came in rapid succession, and carried radically different cultural knowledge and life experiences with them.

Have you guessed what they have in common? Or why the heck they all happened to stay over at my place? Hint: I’m not secretly running a hostel…

It was this sudden influx of CouchSurfers prompted me to write this post on adventurous living.

(I’m hoping a bunch of you know what I’m talking about, but in case you don’t…)

CouchSurfing is “a volunteer-based worldwide network connecting travelers with members of local communities, who offer free accommodation and/or advice.”

Basically, these travelers asked to stay on my couch. And I said, “Sure, why not?” They got a free place to stay. I got to spend some time in the company of five adventurous people. We exchanged gifts, travel tips, and life stories. Now I have personal invitations to visit each of them (South Africa is at the top of my list)!

But CouchSurfing is just one of many, many ways to meet fantastic people and add some spice to your life. Traveling, regardless of how you do it, has limitless potential to increase your experiences in adventurous living.

Get ready. The journey is just getting started…Remember, you’re gonna be planning your own trip by the end of this post!

*Note: if you’re already familiar with wanderlust and jetlag, go ahead and skip this post – but be sure to share it with your less nomadic friends first! Someone’s got to give them that push out the door…


Motivation. The “Why”.

The Feel Good Lifestyle is all about pursuing dreams that set your heart on fire. For most people, travel is a dream at the top of their bucket list; the adventures it brings completely support a feel-good lifestyle – it lights up the imagination and senses, opening the mind to unlimited possibilities.

You know your desires better than I do: to see gorgeous natural treasures, to party on tropical islands or snap pictures of big-name sights, to taste strange cuisines and hear foreign tongues.

Before you decide on where you want to start your world domination, figure out why you want to go. What do you want to get out of your trip?


Nail this down and you’ll have a more successful trip. Your motivation is seriously important. It’s what’s going to get you to click that button and actually purchase the ticket instead of just sitting around day-dreaming about your next vacation destination.

The sneaky part about your motivation is that it might change as you travel more often. I started off wanting to travel to throw myself into different cultures, solidify my foreign languages, and unhinge myself from everyday American life.

I still travel on occasion purely for adventure, but my motivation has evolved – now I travel to gather great ideas from around the world on how I can make my lifestyle better and share newness and goodness with the people who surround me.

What is it that’s going to get you UP and ready to GO?! If you can define it, you can use it to get the adventure started!


Destination. The “Where”.

Once you have your “why”, you can work on defining the destination. A couple months ago I helped Brockton, a reader of this site, to figure out where he really wanted to spend a 6-week vacation. Here are the questions I asked him to narrow down the choices, plus some additional ones to help you out:

1) How much culture shock are you willing to experience?

2) How much do you want to rely on your native language to get around?

3) How much money do you have for your daily budget?

4) What kind of weather do you prefer to travel in?

5) Are you patient enough to deal with infrastructure and other day-to-day structures which are less efficient than those you’re used to?

These are just a few of the dozens of issues to consider, depending on your situation and how spontaneous you are. Or you could just book a flight to Bangkok and see what happens…

Brock was wavering between a trip to Europe and a trip to S.E. Asia. He decided on Europe based on how easy it would be to get around with English, the convenient infrastructure, and the fact that he had relatives to visit along the way.


Financing. The “How”.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to travel on the cheap – just google “budget travel tips” and you’ll be off to a great start.

Deciding how much a trip will cost is largely dependent on how flexible you are as a person, and how picky. Sure, 5-star hotels are excellent in terms of comfort, but if money is an issue, figure out what you’re willing to compromise to make your dream trip a reality.

For a concrete example of how I managed to spend just over 200 Euros for a 4-day trip to Greece, have a look at my “Adventure on a Budget”. This trip included a 12-hour road trip to three beaches, a mountaintop Greek dinner, visiting small towns by the sea and, surprisingly, some free French lessons.

Looking to save money on accommodation? Here’s where sites like Couchsurfing, Hospitality Club, and Global Freeloaders come in handy. I’ve also heard from my traveling friends that Airbnb is a great resource, though I’ve never used it myself.

Not sure how much your adventure is going to cost you? Legal Nomads creator Jodi Ettenberg has some great breakdowns on different trips’ budgets under “Budget and Savingshere.

The bottom line is, if you really, truly want to travel and don’t have the money at this point in time, you’ll be fine with making certain sacrifices (like that $4 daily cappuccino) to help save up for an awesome trip to New Zealand, for example.

(Seriously – what’s more adventurous and “Hell yes!”-worthy? Cappuccino or swimming with wild dolphins? Yeah…I thought you might agree… ^_^)

It’s all about priorities. If you make adventure a priority, there’s no doubt it will happen.


 Implementation. The “When”.

Look at your calendar, at your work/school schedule. Do you have a weekend free? Any holidays coming up, or vacation days available? What’s your “time budget”? The smaller your trip’s scale, the easier it is to actually make it happen.

If you’re a beginner at self-planned trips, start small. Once you’ve gotten on the road for a 3-day weekend which you’ve organized yourself, it’s much easier to actually get yourself to plan a 2-week trip to a destination far, far away.

Tip: Don’t forget to consider the weather if you’re heading to another corner of the world. Depending on the season, it can make or break a potentially wonderful trip. Do a quick search online for average temperature/rainfall before you book a pricy flight during monsoon season…

The most important thing is that your travel dream actually happens. The sooner you get a trip on your calendar and your tickets booked, the better – it’s harder to find excuses not to have adventures when you’re already locked into your plans!


Adventure. The “What”.











Almost a year ago, Phil wrote a powerful post on becoming limitless. It focuses on accessing the full power and potential of your mind, effectively putting yourself in “the fast lane”.

Travel – and the life experiences it brings – is one of the few things in the world which will always have the potential to expand your mind, broaden your knowledge, and open your eyes to limitless possibilities that exist in the world.

But it can only start to do that if you take the first step onto the road.

I’m inviting you to take that step.

You define your adventure. World domination and adventurous living through travel are just a plane/train/bus/car ride away…

So what are you going to do?

1) Impulse-buy a ticket to a travel destination you’ve never been before.
2) Call a friend and make concrete plans for your next trip.
3) Turn off your computer, walk out the door, and head for somewhere brand new.

Good luck & safe travels!

P.S. If you’re like Brock and need a bit of help narrowing down where to travel to (a.k.a. you need a guided push out the door), send me an email at – I’m more than happy to help!

About the Author

GingerGinger is a Peak Potentials Coach and the Feel Good Team’s resident nomad. Through her coaching, she helps you navigate major transitions, whether to new locations, new jobs or to new phases in life. Ginger also coordinates with writers for The Feel Good Lifestyle so that you have fresh, inspiring content.

Twitter: @ginger_kern

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  • Great post Ginger! This is making me want to go on a crazy adventure…

    I think Brazil is up next on my list… Can’t wait!!

    • Go for it! Make sure to dance some samba for me when you get there ;)
      I’m excited for the adventures Malaysia and Thailand will bring…in less than 2 weeks!

  • Awesome post!

    I love your advice at the end on impulse buying a ticket. I recently did this to buy a ticket to visit a friend, and one of my friends took it to a new level by buying a ticket to Oktoberfest while being slightly intoxicated ;)

    At that point, it’s so much easier to get someone else to travel with you when you’ve already bought a ticket. If not, then screw it..time to travel solo!

    Next destinations on my list: Thailand, China, Australia, Brazil, Colombia. Not in any order, but definitely some places I want to see and experience.

    I studied abroad in London and the only thing I wish I did differently was study in a different country with a different language..English is boring when you already speak it haha.

    Anyways, hope people take your advice and get out there in the world.


    • Hey Max, thanks a lot! I still haven’t been to Oktoberfest, even after living in Germany for more than two years (I guess that’ll be on next year’s to-do list)…definitely a tourist trap, but it’s one of those bucket list experiences.

      I hope you get to all of your destinations – I’m headed back to Thailand in just a few days, really pumped for the vacation there and in Malaysia! Looking forward to the beaches, fantastic food, and some quality time with my best friend :)

      Good luck planning your next trip, and safe travels when it begins!


  • I felt my heart was beating really fast while reading this. Just like the photo says, “this heart of mine was made to travel this world” im sure. I feel like burning to get out and explore every corner of this world. And i hate that im not old enough to do it yet. I have already my huge list of places to go and things to try and see. I am ready to go for it, only waiting… :D
    I know this might sound like im a little over enthusiastic and, just a young persons dream like everyone else, but i really feel, that i have to get out of here. I want it so bad, you dont even understand it. So thankyou for this post, because these are things that keep me going.
    Best whises
    Have a great day. <3

    • Hey Emma, then I guess I wrote it for you :) I’m excited that you’re so pumped to go out and explore! You sound like me, haha. Not sure how young you are, but don’t let that hold you back (parents will always worry about you no matter how old you are). Start with small trips and you’ll be even more ready for the big ones when the chance comes! Good luck :D

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