Why most entrepreneurs are slowly killing themselves (My TEDx talk)

The Feel Good Lifestyle was growing rapidly to become everything I had envisioned.

More readers, more clients, and definitely more value.

Month after month we were expanding and with all of this growth came more responsibility and workload.

As any budding entrepreneur does, I decided to study the greats.Reading articles about how Elon Musk consistently works 80-100 hours weeks.

Reading articles about how Elon Musk consistently works 80-100 hours weeks.

Mark Zuckerburg working 16 hours at the Facebook office, daily.


Two great entrepreneurs, they must be doing something right?

I guess that I’ll just put more effort, more discipline, more productivity everything will work out…

More challenges and problems? I know what to do, apply more effort! Work more!

Mark and Elon can do it so why can’t I?


Have you ever had a similar discussion?

Have you conformed to the social narrative that we must sacrifice our emotional wellbeing, relationships, and health in order to reach the upper echelon of success?

It all came crashing down after entering a float tank (sensory deprivation tank) where you cannot see, feel or hear anything.

All the emotions, the effort, the immense pressure I put on myself bubbled up the surface.

Naked, lying in this floatation tank I started crying for the next thirty minutes as this massive fatigue overwhelmed me.

I realized that I couldn’t continue this path anymore.

There had to be another way to achieve my goals and aspirations?

Shortly after that experience, I started a radical new approach to life and productivity. Check out the talk I gave at the annual Mile High TEDx event a few years back…

Being so addicted to the dopamine of doing more work, more hours it was very difficult to start this thirty-day challenge.

Thirty days to intentionally work less.

I mean, let’s be honest.

How could working LESS make my business more profitable in every way?

The results were extremely surprising.

By working less, and creating a deep balance in my life, my emotional well-being skyrocketed.

My business grew exponentially and I felt alive.

As I progressed deeper and deeper into this ‘work less’ mode It all came to me at once.

Athletes have the ‘off season’ to prepare and recover, rock stars perform then recover, but it is against all societal norms to do the same for entrepreneurs and peak performers?


Question for you…

What is your current assumption between the correlation of the amount of work and the amount of success you have?

Is it possible, with more time to rest, reflect and recover, we can achieve more than we first set out to?

My invitation to you is to try this 30-day ‘work less’ challenge and see what happens.

Thank you for watching and being apart of this journey!




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