The Law of Attraction Really Works: 1 Epic Story and 7 Powerful Tips

A year ago, you wouldn’t have caught me dead writing a blog post about the Law of Attraction.

The concept seemed way too abstract for me, and didn’t appear to be grounded in any sort of science.

I thought, “how can sitting at home and ‘intending’ for something to happen really do anything?

I honestly believed it was some sort of hoax used to get lazy people to believe they could achieve their dreams…

But over the past few months, some CRAZY things have happened in my life…

And I’ve had had no choice but to change my mind. I’ve been converted into a believer.

I now believe that the techniques used to harness the Law of Attraction are among the most powerful Jedi Mind Tricks available to us.  

Today, my intention is to share with you my story with the Law of Attraction to illustrate how well it can work, how to apply it, and to give you the tools to utilize it in your own life.

Whether you’re totally skeptical about it like I was, or you’re already using some of these techniques… you’ve come to the right place.

Now sit back, relax, and let me tell you a little story…

The Universe Introduces Me to The Law of Attraction

It all started in August 2012.

After spending July at The Bold Academy, I went back to my hometown of St-Bruno for a vacation and some family time.

I spent the next 2 weeks relaxing at my Mom’s place, watching the Olympics, swimming in the lake and hanging out with old friends.

All I wanted was to recharge my batteries and get in the right mindset to make big things happen when I got back to Boulder.

It was a lovely vacation, and on one of my last days in St-Bruno I went for breakfast with my mom’s best friend, Estelle.

Now Estelle is one of the most interesting people I know: she’s deeply spiritual and always turns me on to some cool, mind-opening stuff.

Earlier in the year, she had introduced me to Dr. Wayne Dyer, who has become one my favorite spiritual teachers and has been a huge influence in my life ever since.

When we got together for breakfast, Estelle told me cheerfully, “Phil, I’ve got some good news for you… I ordered some new personal development material, and they sent me everything in double. I’d love to give you the extra copies.

I got really excited and immediately retorted, “Awesome, bring it on!!!”.

After breakfast we went back to her place, and she joyfully handed me a copy of Wayne’s book Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting.

She also gave me a 6-CD set of a talk he gave about the art of manifesting.

The Universe had just dropped some Wayne Dyer material on my lap… 

Call me crazy, but right there and then, I knew something special was going to happen.

I picked up the book with curiosity, and read from its back:

This book is dedicated to your mastery of the art of realizing all your desires. The greatest gift you have been given is the gift of your imagination. Everything that now exists was once imagined. And everything that will ever exist must first be imagined.

Wishes Fulfilled is designed to take you on a voyage of discovery, wherein you can begin to tap into the amazing manifesting powers that you possess within you and create a life in which all that you imagine for yourself becomes a present fact.

Sounded pretty interesting to me!

I got home, opened the book, and embarked on a new spiritual adventure…

Learning About the Law of Attraction

Because of my deep respect for Wayne Dyer’s work, I decided to put my skepticism about the Law of Attraction on hold and to give this whole thing a fair shot.

I started learning and applying these new concepts diligently, hoping for big results.

But then… nothing happened.

I figured I probably just needed to keep practicing the different techniques before I could unleash their power.

A few weeks past, and one day, I received a random email from a reader telling me I should check out this audio program called Your Wish is Your Command.

I had no idea what it was, but I was intrigued so I clicked on the link.

It was a 13-CD set on practical strategies for applying the Law of Attraction.

The Universe had struck again.

I loaded my iPhone with the tracks and got busy learning.

Over the next 13 days, I listened to one CD every day, trying to implement as much as I could.

As soon as I finished the program… I started on track 1 again, and went through the whole thing a second time to make sure I really got it.

After that second listen, I knew I was ready to start manifesting some cool shit.

Let the Fun Begin

The first thing on my agenda was to manifest a successful result for my new course, The Superhuman Blueprint.

I was just starting to create and promote the course, and it was a HUGE task in front of me. It was scary, intimidating, and I really wanted it to work out well.

For the next 4 weeks I applied all the techniques I had learned and set my intention on attracting 40 applicants for the course.

I worked my ass off every day, putting in the time and effort needed to create everything… But deep down knowing I had a trick  up my sleeve thanks to the LoA techniques I was using.

In the days leading up to the application deadline, I focused twice as hard on keeping a clear intention to attract 40 applicants for the course.

Finally, on October 1st at 8pm, the application for my first ever online course closed…

I tallied things up, and was both amazed and mind-blown when I realized that I had received… exactly 40 applications for the program.

Maybe that whole manifestation thing wasn’t so crazy after all…

Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good

Fast-forward to a month later.

I was getting ready to launch the second version of the Superhuman Blueprint, this time aiming for 30 applicants (because I had less time to promote).

I started using the techniques again, while working super hard at the same time.

Despite my best efforts, 1 week before the application deadline, I only had 11 applications…

I started to doubt. My optimism dwindled.

But then I remembered that one of the critical components to manifesting is TOTAL BELIEF.

I got my head straight, and kept on pushing.

A few days later, on the last day of applications, I received the 29th application… 20 minutes before the deadline.

Over the next 20 minutes, I hit refresh on my inbox constantly .

3 minutes before the application closed, here it was… the 30th application.


I was blown away…

And little did I know there was more to come…

Keep Riding the Wave

2 weeks ago, the craziness continued.

On the plane ride home from Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppable Entrepreneur seminar, I made the conscious decision to lead my own live event in 2013.

It was an equally exciting and scary thought, and I had no idea how or when it was going to happen, but I decided to start using the LoA techniques and make it come true.

3 days later, I get a phone call from my buddy Dan Adams.

He excitedly tells he’s thinking of organizing a personal empowerment summit based on the Hero’s Journey in 2013…

And he wants us to partner up and create the event together.

Within minutes I tell him I’m in, and we start brainstorming ideas for the event.

I can’t believe my luck.

And then, that night, I get home and check my inbox… only to find an email from a guy named Evan Clark, telling me about 6-day empowerment retreat he wants to organize in California in the summer of 2013…

And he’s offering me to be the Lead Coach for the event.

Woah. This is just too good!

How YOU Can Apply the Law of Attraction

I hope that by now it’s clear that even though 4 months ago I didn’t believe in any of this stuff, there’s really something special happening here.

Now, I want to give you the tools I’ve used since August to manifest all these great things, so you can do the same.

Just like I did when I started out, I invite you to suspend any skepticism you might still have, and to just give this a fair shot.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Here, my friend, is the step-by-step framework on how to manifest your dreams.

1.    Decide What You Want

The first step is to decide what you want to manifest.

Is it a new job? A girlfriend/boyfriend? The perfect roommate? Some new clients for your business?

What is it that you really want?

Note: You can choose to attract a specific thing (ie, I want to get 40 new applicants), a general thing (ie, I want to have more money), or a feeling (ie, I want to feel fulfilled and joyful)

2.    Get a Burning Desire for its Achievement

Whatever you want to manifest, you must WANT IT BAD. Like, deep down to your core.

This is very important.

The stronger your desire, the stronger the vibration you’ll be sending out… and the greater your motivation will be to take action.

Note: To increase your desire, it can help to write out a list of 5-10 reasons why you really want that thing to happen.

3.    Feel Good

While listening to Your Wish is Your Command, something funny happened.

Kevin Trudeau spent 2 full hours talking about the importance of FEELING GOOD, and I realized that The Feel Good Lifestyle might be even more powerful than I had originally thought.

He made it very clear that each day your #1 priority should be to feel good: joyful, enthusiastic and energized.

This will send out a positive vibration in the Universe, will make you more inspired, and make you more attractive to others.

Exercise, meditation, gratitude, time with friends, helping others, time in nature, a “glass half-full” attitude, and doing work you love, are all great ways to feel good.

If you want to hone your skills in feeling good, check out my eBook The Feel Good Guide: 25 Strategies to Increase Your Energy, Happiness and Mojo.

4.    Believe!

 “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”~Napoleon Hill

Whatever you want to manifest, you must have an unshakable belief that it is going to happen.

When you think about it, it should feel totally natural; you should be excited, like a kid before Christmas.

If thinking about your dream creates negative emotions, it means that you don’t really believe in it. You need to recalibrate.

There will be times when your belief might dwindle, and in these times you must stay strong and keep faith. The moment you stop believing, it’s game over.

5.  “Feeliualize” Every Night

This might very well be the most powerful strategy of them all.

In Wishes Fulfilled, Wayne Dyer makes it crystal clear that the last 5-10 minutes before we go to bed are the most important time of our entire day.

Why? Because we are about to go into our dream state, and whatever we consciously think about in the minutes leading up to sleep will “marinate” in our subconscious mind for the next 4 hours.

What we put into our consciousness in those precious few minutes literally reprograms our mind and shapes our future.

Right before bed, close your eyes, and visualize + feel what you want to manifest, from the perspective that you already have it.

Feel the joy, the excitement and the gratitude.  The more vividly you can see and feel it, the more potent the technique is.

It is highly beneficial that you do this every night, and turn it into a habit. I personally decided to take it a step further, and do it both at night and in morning after my meditation.

6.  Take Massive Action

This is where most people get caught up. From my experience, it’s combining the strategies I’ve outlined above with MASSIVE action that really pays off.

It’s like this: if you want the Universe to deliver exactly what you want into your life experience, you must be willing to do your part of the deal.

You must “co-create” the result you want.

When we put ourselves out there, we are willing to take risks and do the work… the Universe always rewards us one way or another.

7.  Persevere

Being infinitely patient means having an absolute knowing that you’re in vibrational harmony with the all-creating force that intended you here. You know that everything will happen at just the right time, at just the right place, with just the right people.” ~Wayne Dyer

I have to be honest… There are things I’ve been visualizing since day 1 that haven’t happened yet.

And that’s fine.

I believe that everything is happening in divine order, and the Universe always delivers what we need, when we need it.

There’s no such thing as overnight successes, and while you’ll occasionally hear crazy stories of everything working out perfectly, that’s generally not how it goes.

Stay on the path, keep applying the techniques, do the work… and everything will work out exactly as it’s meant to.


My friend, if you’ve been intrigued by the Law of Attraction for a while, I hope you see this post as a nudge from the Universe to start applying it in your life.

I gave you a quick overview of the principles in this post, but I highly encourage you to go more in depth to really understand them.

Here are some fantastic resources to do so:

Your Wish is Your Command

Wishes Fulfilled

Now I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever had successes with the Law of Attraction? Any crazy stories?

And if you’re just starting out, did this post open up your eyes to new possibilities?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

Here’s to enjoying our present reality… and creating an even better future!

Choose Greatness,

PS Please share this post, because that’s how more people can discover the power of the Law of Attraction.

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  • Love the article Phil! I “Feeliualize” every night. I usually get all my un-answered questions answered through my dreams now. Powerful stuff!

    • Woah that’s amazing. I like the idea.. Asking a question before bed and trusting the your subconscious mind will provide the answer in your sleep. I’ll give that a try, thanks Romina!

      • Romina is right. The subconscious mind which is 9/10 powerful, I believe is a mirror image of the universe itself. All that the universe can do, or is capable of doing, the subconscious can also do.

        When I pray my subconcious to deliver something to me and that thing appears in my dream, oh my God, who can stop that thing
        from manifesting. Believe in your subcon and manifest everything in your dream.

      • Hello World,
        Please read this, only, if you consider yourself a true believer in the Faith of Universal Attraction. My intents in writing this letter are Profound, Pure and Respectful.
        My greatest conscience achievement came in the belief of believing in the immense power of the Subconscious mind.
        There is nothing, I feel, more significant than achieving such a positive delight as to be rewarded with the discovery of the possibility of Universal Enlightenment. The Subconscious mind yields great, and profound proof of a; infinitely higher Sum of what we perceive as reality. A living, breathing, fully connected, powerful conscience Organism we call Life.
        It is in my true innate belief, that we, as mankind, can program our unconscious behaviors by accessing and deliberately evolving our subconscious state, of which we can undoubtedly manifest to a tangible conscious reality. This mystery of life can only be explained by being a part of the living Proof of its invisible existence.
        THE QUESTION: Are you willing to trust a Person, a “Stranger”, a Man who has nothing to offer you but the opportunity to make someone’s path in life a part of yours?
        My Son, whom I met, (along with his Mother), was at the age of 1. He is now 18 years of age, a High School Graduate and a new found believer of the Enlightenment of Universal law of attraction.
        There is nothing more Powerful than Asking the Universe for support, and receiving it at a blink-of-an-eye. Thus, this is my humble attempt in illustrating that such a phenomena does exist in this World.
        The Challenge: To anyone who has been touched by such enlightenments as described above. The support to $15,000 is in need by July 13, 2015 to fulfill the request to have my son attend NLC (Northwest Lineman College). Oroville, CA 95965
        It has been near to impossible in raising this money by practical means, thus now I am turning all of my efforts and faith to this Magical, Living and breathing World that shares my strong beliefs. A truly connected empathetic World, that can proudly and surely support its undoubted Universal attraction Truth.
        If you find it within your means, kindness and Wherewithal, I can be reach for questions or validations at any time at
        P.s. It is in my belief, that such realizations, though highly improbable, are not impossible.
        Thank you for taking the time and potentially being part of this subtle movement.
        Respectfully always,
        Orlando G. Aguilera

  • Thanks for sharing! Amazing!!!

  • It’s happened to me many times. Before I read “The Secret” I couldn’t explain what it was but after that and after hella lot of books everything makes sense. You just have to know ‘ what you REALLY want” and I think that’s the problem for most people sometimes we don’t know what exactly we really want in life.

    Great work on the article. Thanks for sharing this with other people :)

    • I agree, Wimintra, it’s actually pretty crazy when you ask peopel what they really want in life, how few actually know the answer… when in fact it’s pretty much the most important question in the world. Happy to hear things are working out for you :)

      • Thank you for your valuable article. I m trying to apply it for finding a life partner.

        • Any progress on finding your life partner?

          • This is so inspiring and amazing, I am only starting now and not yet mastered the LoA but with the article that you have written am ready to go.

        • hope you will get your life partner soon.wish you all the best keep visualizing the partners ideal and lo and behold he will be there holding your hands soon

  • It seems that I’ll be that one guy in comments who people disagree with :)

    I’ve watched the secret dvd (had an opportunity to watch it for free so I’ve said why not) and they talk a lot about the law of attraction… I think that whole secret movement is a bunch of nice sounding words and phrases which motivate people to do stuff… Overall I didn’t like it.

    I haven’t had chance to take a look at materials you’ve suggested but I believe they might be written in the same way…

    But! Apart from being commercial stuff it’s underlying intention is to motivate people to do stuff. If you imagine real hard that you are getting a jet plane for your birthday, well it probably wont happen unless you are friends with Bill Gates. But if you really want to have 100 new RSS subscribers it’s not bad to really want it and to think about it because it will drive action. You might not be aware of it but action is what produced your results, thinking about them just pushed you to work harder.

    I did however had experiences in my life when I imagined stuff and it magically happened, but I’ve also had many other wishes and dreams that didn’t come true… yet :)

    At least that’s my take on this, I might write more detailed article once I decide to start my blog ;)

    • Hey Sasha!

      Thanks for sharing your opinion, and I totally appreciate your opinion.

      Wishes Fulfilled and Your Wish is Your Comment are very different from The Secret, they’re much more elaborate and complete systems. The Secret is pretty much a watered down version to make it accessible to anyone, but it’s missing some key pieces.

      What’s stopping you from starting your blog? You seem to be a good writer.

      • Hey Phil,

        I just might check those two out when I get a chance.

        Actually a funny thing happened, 3 years ago I’ve started writing down my financial data and I had a goal in mind, after reading your post I went to check that file and I saw that I have saved almost the same amount I wanted 3 years ago and a bit more.

        Now back then I couldn’t accurately predict my income or the things that happened in between but it’s nice to see positive thinking in action, it’s kind of magical :)

        Thanks, coming from someone like you who is obviously a good writer himself it means a lot. There are a couple of reasons I haven’t started yet, the biggest one can be summarized in one word: habit

        I’m yet to develop a habit of writing something every day, or every other day, or producing one post per week… Without a habit in place there is no way I can have a good blog, it will just be a torture… Commenting on your blog is a first step since it forces me to write stuff and I’ve started writing some articles which are saved in my DropBox, one day they’ll see the light of day in blogosphere.

        Also, English is not my 1st language and I’ve never actually lived in English speaking country so I’m not sure who good my writing is.

        • Hey Sasha,

          If you’re problem is habit you might want to check out Charles Duhigg’s latest book called The Power of Habit. In it he describes how we can hack into our habit forming system. It’s called the Habit Loop. I’m reading it now and I’m totally hooked. I have successfully implemented many habits and so far still sticking to them! Give it a go, I’m sure it can help with your writing.

          • Thanks Julien, I’ll check it out :)

        • Your English could easily pass for an English speaker. I also love writing and started to blog, but realized I didn’t have a theme that would produce thoughts to the world. It’s fine, as being on the computer is already quite time consuming. Or in the lingua of the above topic, I guess it’s not my all consuming wish :) In any case, I felt as you did – that all that attraction stuff does lead to hard work, and even then, no guarantees. I don’t care for any system that has built into it a “failure” clause, because you didn’t do this or that. Being positive, having dreams, working hard,all good stuff, but again, life isn’t ours always to control.

    • Hi Sasha.
      If you don’t believe the Law of Attraction, maybe you’ll be interested in RAS, it stands for Reticular Activating System. I always call it “the more scientific version”

    • Hi sasha,

      please do not give up. makes your order to the universe. the universe is open to every person who wants something positive. try it and enjoy the process write down your specification and do your part, even a small part. try and be persistent. yes it is right nothing comes from nothing. if we do nothing nothing will happened so we must do something. it is not complicated but it does not mean easy either just do your part and you will be amazing


  • I was waiting for this one, nice post, thank you for having me discover Dyer, he’s a fun guy ! thanks for adding the video as well, Really enjoyed that. keep rocking Phil!

    • Yeah Wayne is awesome! I kinda envision him as a wise Grandpa :) Keep rocking it too Roman!

  • Wow! That’s unreal how that all happened ( with the course just getting filled up ). It’s almost like a Parkinson’s law, but for ideas instead of work.

  • Hi Phil! Thank you for sharing your take on the Law of Attraction. I am feeling more positive/inspired about the Law of Attraction practice. Best of luck with all you are doing and intending to do!

  • Hey Phil, my friend Claire sent this over after seeing me last night for the first time in months. I have been obsessively working on a project / startup to use rock climbing and adventure to help at-risk kids in the slums of Brazil. Check out our video if you are interested ( but that project is really not the focus. What I found is that although I love what I am doing and believe in it completely, I have been stressed out of my mind and without realizing it, I have been manifesting this stress into all aspects of my life and sometimes into the energy of my campaign. Reading your blog I was reminded of how important it is to manifest not only what you want but also how you want to feel. That energy is so important and certainly dictates how people feel around you. I have been bringing my computer to bed and stressing out over emails until I fall asleep… NOT healthy. This post really helped me reflect on practicing not only the law of attraction but the law of ‘feeling good’. Hope to bump into you around Boulder Phil.


  • Wow Phil! That’s an amazing story. It almost sounds too good to be true that you got the exact number of applicants you were hoping for, twice! It’s crazy what a bit (or a lot!) of desire and dedication can do.

    And huge congrats on those event opportunities! I can definitely see you rocking it as a lead coach. Awesome stuff :)

  • Thanks for writing on this Phil, it was a great read. (I am the same Travis who nudged you in the last post) You had thought about writing it and needed that nudge… well somehow I came in at the right time to comment about it; funny how that works. Its the law at its finest.

    I love The Secret DVD and want to share a book with you and others; Think and Grow Rich.

    It has been around since 1937 and has been read by tons and tons of people! This is something I am reading and it provides a LoA type thinking used by many of the most successful people in US history such as Rockefeller, Carnegie… highly recommended.

    Personally, once you understand the Law you tend to see it in peoples lives such as what they talk about constantly becomes reality or they appear to get lucky. As a child my mom as always rubbed her fingers together to find a parking spot and said she was manifesting good parking as a joke but would always get great spots. (sounds so hocus pocus)

    Things happen to me all of the time similar such as I will be thinking about a person who I need to text and catch up with and will receive a text a day later. Its amazing. The since of how everything is energy on this planet and thoughts create vibrations is really neat stuff, I think this is a great foundational thing for young people to try and understand and focus on.
    Thanks again.

  • I’d started to apply the law of attraction before I read the article. The two components I’ve been using are Total Belief and Feeling Good. But the article helped me to: 1) recognize that I’m applying the law of attraction; 2) take it to a new level and manifest my dreams better and faster.

    Thank you very much, Phil! Your website is awesome, I like your writing style, and you really manage to make people feel good about life. Hope to meet you in person one day. Keep sharing great messages with people.

  • Hi, Phil!

    I know nothing about Dr. Dyer but this quote “the greatest gift you have been given is the gift of your imagination” came from Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Success”, published in 1928. Everything written about mastering the mind you could find nowadays came from that book. Salute!

  • […] Law of Attraction is real. I have experienced it, first hand. Check out this awesome post by Phil Drolet (peak performance coach) on his website if you would like to learn more about […]

  • Hi Phill, your article is a great inspiration, I came across this Law of attraction for the first time early last month in Oprah Winfre’s website, though I believe in the law but sometimes discouraged , your article is a great booster to me, your explanations are more detailed and I will pick up from there with perseverance , any further help will be appreciated .


  • Phil,

    I’ve been studying LoA for a few years now and have read countless books on the matter. To me, Napoleon Hill’s book was by far the best because it wasn’t just full of platitudes, it actually gave me some actionable items and did tell me that a certain amount of work was involved. This was important to me because I have a core belief (right or wrong) that you can’t get something for nothing. With that said, even with all the research I have done, and the belief that LoA exists, I have yet to experience any positive outcomes from using any of the techniques. Doing yet more research, I have come to the conclusion that there are two things that I am doing wrong, or more concisely, unable to achieve. The first being that I can not seem to attach a feeling to a desire. Try as I may, there remains some disconnect somewhere. Second, I have a lot of negative self talk and some negative core beliefs (both of which I am working to change… more research). I believe that these two things sabotage any attempt by me to manifest things. As I am practicing LoA, the little voice in my head (my Ego) will tell me that I am being foolish, or that “this doesn’t work”, etc. I tell it to shut up but it never does and introduces doubt every time. This actually brings up a third problem. Unwavering faith. You mentioned faith to get you back on track. Where do you find this? How do you develop it? Do you have any suggestions on any of these issues? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    My LoA appears to be DoA
    Louisiana, USA

    • Jason, you are not alone in this. When it comes to the question of faith or belief.
      Where do you find it? How do you use faith? Unwavering faith for that matter…When that little man in you always tries to torpedo everything you do.

      Look, I am going to show you something about faith. Do you believe in the law of
      gravity? What about Law of Attraction? And can you see your mind? But you believe
      you have a mind?

      Your subconscious mind is very powerful. In fact 9/10 th powerful. Let him take care of your faith and belief systems. Just trust in the power of your subcon and do nothing more and you have faith.Keep believing in it and that.s all..

      my e-mail :

      • dear brown,

        read yr’s and jasons comments on phil’s. I believe in law of attraction because I have experienced it many a times, even the most impossible things have happened. But only in one matter, I have been trying for last 9 months. i know the person will come back to me, but 1 week i will be positive then my faith is wavering and my mind puts up so many logics and obvious reasons how it cannot happen (and believe me all my fears are also coming true) I am totally confused and dejected. pl. do guide me to overcome my fear and panic and believe and just let go



        • Jason, it is you unconscious at play. Positive thinking and LOA doesn’t work, if your unconscious sabotages your wishes and goals. Your unconscious is much more powerful than your conscious, and it has been downloading experiences and been programmed since your were born. So you need to reprogram (or dehypnotize) your unconscious to get what you want. Believe me, I have been where you are, and I couldn’t understand why I didn’t get the results, I wanted. Then I trained as a hypnotist, and suddenly I understood what was going on…

          All the best,

          Martin Simonsen

        • Usha, you need to understand that your happiness can not depend on other people. You can always find reasons to be happy, and if you are trying to attract your perfect partner or other people into your life, don’t make it specific. Again, you can always find reasons to be happy, and before you know it, the right people will appear in your life…

          I’m still in love with me ex, whom I have know for 15 years. We are not together anymore, and that’s OK… I wish, we were, but I can still find lots of reasons to be happy ;-)

          All the best,


    • Hey!
      I just want to quickly say that if you start by manifesting small things like maybe a pink car or a couple dollars then once you get that, it will be SO much easier to manifest the large things

    • Answer lies in Ask and it is given book by Jerry and Ester hicks.

      • The only problem with Napoleon Hill is that he died very sick and completely broke. So his theories can’t be trusted…If they were working he would have died very rich.

    • Jason,
      Your case brings several comments into my mind.
      If you want to learn about Unwavering faith, well man get back to the Bible.Nowhere else will you find such good examples as in the Bible. But you know, you have to understand the Bible to get the point.
      Another very good book for you is: The game of life and how to play it by Florence Scovell-Shinn. I’m still reading it after some 3 years and only understanding it fully now. Google it and you’ll find it for free to download on

      Now if a little voice tells you that you won’t get what you want to get by imposing the LOA principles to it, it doesn’t mean you have bad thoughts, it might just be you subconscious who knows what is written in your destiny and knows this is not something for you to get. There again: read Florence’s book, there are good examples as how to deal with this. Like lets say you want to meet a girl. With the LOA you’d start shaping her: I want her to be blond, tall thin, nice College graduate etc… And your little voice would tell you: “this is never going to happen”. Well it might be true it will never happen. But if like Florence you’d say: “I want to me the perfect girl, the one which is mine by divine selection”. Well there you might attract her and not have that little conflicting voice show up. Because you are not imposing your will but just calling on what is in store for you.
      I’m sure this will help you…Best wishes…
      PS: and as I said in a previous comment: Napoleon Hill died very sick and broke, he’s not a good teacher to follow.

      • and not scaredtext it was a typo…

    • Jason, it is you unconscious at play. Positive thinking and LOA doesn’t work, if your unconscious sabotages your wishes and goals. Your unconscious is much more powerful than your conscious, and it has been downloading experiences and been programmed since your were born. So you need to reprogram (or dehypnotize) your unconscious to get what you want. Believe me, I have been where you are, and I couldn’t understand why I didn’t get the results, I wanted. Then I trained as a hypnotist, and suddenly I understood what was going on…

      All the best,

      Martin Simonsen

  • hi,..
    Really nice….(for getting this page when i searching for some thing related LOA)..
    And i have thing to share here that i really don’t know about LOA a month before…
    but i got some thing in my mind on days of past month that says me “hey there is a way that u can make your dreams come true !….. ,, then i confused how?…..
    those days i was with lot of questions asking my mind how?.. how?.. how?…
    some days later in ma dream i saw that am using google to find my answer…
    very next day in ma office i used google for that…

    that is the day i got the topic about “LOA”….
    excited …

    yeah now am on the path where i can make my dreams come true…

    i hope this is my gods gift to me…..

    and this page gave me nice feel about LOA…

    thank u………….


  • Good afternoon Phil!
    Wow you are really rocking out some great content. Nice work and keep it up. I am training for a marathon and have this bookmarked for the days I am struggling to get out the door.

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  • I had the LOA work instantly. I was trying to throw a beer pong ball into a cup and missed every time. People were watching. So I wanted to see if I could use the LOA to get the ball in the cup. I got the ball, closed my eyes and said, “I will make this shot.” Still having my eyes closed I threw the ball, it bounced off the floor and made it into the cup perfectly. It was awesome.

  • Hi Phil

    I loved your article on here about LOA. I just wanted to share this with you. After meditating and going to a deep place, something spoke through me and this blog post i wrote came through me. I didn’t even realize I wrote it! Hope you enjoy it

  • well after all books and media i have gone through about this LOA …I still doubt it !
    But there is one thing I have no doubt about and that is “The only people who manage to make good money with the LOA are the ones who teach it,sell their books , sell their so called Manifestation programs,and many people get into this trap to learn it , and finally they become a LOA teacher…Again! if their lucky enough!…
    look at all the people who are the Gurus of this LAW ! they are all making money with selling this idea to people! as Bob Proctor says…A million dollar idea!
    one day Esther Hicks writes something about The LOA ..and Claims its the final way to put this law to WORK! but then sometime later she comes again with another IDEA!! to sell…”How to get in the Vortex! ( what the hell ! )and again and again…it never ends with these new age movement people! they always have a book to sell , a Vibrational calibrator sound track! and bla bla bla!
    and the best part is they don’t believe in it their self ,the GODs of this law are people like Napleon Hill who he claims prior to putting this law to test for curing his deaf child , he didn’t believe in it and thats funny beause he had had many other works prior to Think and Grow rich! and he was writing something he hadnt believed in back in those times! ( before TESTING IT )
    well maybe some of you teachers finally come out there if brave enough and sell a final book on this LAW ,and say this is how it’s done , you don’t need other resources. and hopefully finish this fake market .

  • I would like to say something ” really i like it so much ”
    you inspuired me
    thank you

  • This is so so true and a great article Phil :-) I was feeling a little doubtful about everything this morning and this article has picked me right back up.

    I have been researching and experimenting with the LoA for several years now, I started by reading the Cosmic Ordering books by Barbel Mohr, then the Louise Hay Book (You Can Heal Your Life) and then moved onto the LoA more specifically. Through clarifying what I want, focusing everything on this and being determined, I achieved what I could only explain as small miracles! I was miserable, living in a small town where I had no money, no job opportunities, a degree in something that I have no passion for, and a relationship that was heading nowhere.

    I had a choice – to do the easy option, hide from my fear of the unknown and stay in the situation where I would be avoiding what I really wanted, or make a change and take a risk to achieve what I wanted! I sat down and mapped out exactly what I wanted. I looked at a map of the world and looked at where made my heart happy at the thought of living there. Turns out it was Australia! The other side of the world. The rest of my list included: close friends, a fabulous apartment in the city, a good job, money, excitement and adventure, city life, warmth, sunshine, travel and a wonderful boyfriend.

    I got to work – I compiled images of what I wanted and looked at them constantly, I started researching Australia, I had no savings but just enough (with the rest scraped together by my mum) for a one way ticket. I took the risk – left everything behind and within 2 weeks I was in a hostel in Sydney, feeling lost and very scared! Against all odds everything on my list came true, down to the very last detail. And they were all ‘random’ little gifts from the universe! All I had to do was relax, keep the faith and believe. At first I was miserable, but I simply found things that made me happy. I sat and watched the sun set over the Opera House. I walked along the coast and thanked the universe for such a beautiful place to live. I said yes to every invitation and met loads of new people.

    Within a week I took the first temp job that got offered to me. On the first day of the job I spotted a gorgeous man who is now my boyfriend. The job ended up sponsoring me to live here despite me having no experience or background in the role or industry! After weeks of viewing disgusting, expensive apartments my friend took one quick look on gumtree (which I had refused to look on) and the first place that came up was a block away from where we were sat sipping coffee.Turns out it was a huge room in a beautiful city apartment with ridiculously and unusually affordable rent, living with who is now my best friend in the whole world, I have more money than I ever had back home and am constantly having adventures and fun.

    My life transformed in the space of a few months purely through visualising what I wanted and FEELING what it would be like to have it. I’m not saying I have it all, far from it and I still have days where I lose hope, but I would say the most important thing when you’re feeling down is to simply try and raise yourself to a slightly better feeling. Keep doing that, until you’re in a place to start imagining what you want… the rest is written in the stars! If you are struggling to find a happier place, a quick and effective way to do it is be grateful. Think of all you are grateful of and it will undoubtedly lift you up.

    Thank you Phil, you have reminded me of all that is achievable through a little faith. Good luck to everyone on their LoA journeys!!

  • Hey,
    Just wanted to make a comment about all of this. It really will work for everyone but it has to be something that is in your gut you know you will get with no doubts. I have received everything I want or don’t want because I new it in my gut. it was all unintentional before any of this kind of talk of the law of attraction came about. I think back on my life and all my intentions have manifested just the way I imagined they would. I only wished I had focused on all positive and threw out the negative. So the things you don’t want you have to change the way you feel about it and the way you think about it. I am looking into hypnosis to remove the things that are negative. Install the things I want into my subconscious. This is idea I have heard about and understand how it can help people who have a problem understanding and changing their thought process. You have to really, really want it and believe you will have it and feel good about and feel good about life and appreciate all that you have. Get excited!!!! I love the quotes in “The Secret”” take the first steps you don’t have to see the whole staircase just take the first step” mlking

  • Yes it works!! I’v seen so many wonderful things in my life till yet.. :D
    But i feel like i am stuck in some sorts of belief that this is all random, i have no control iver it. I dont know what is it and how can i settle it.

  • I’m sorry to put a downer on things, but I really don’t understand how the law of attraction works (from a scientific perspective). Even if we really do emit some kind of physical energy dependent on our mood and thoughts, how does that impact on the actions of others?
    For instance, how would your focus on gaining 30 applicants lead to exactly 30 people applying? If the energy is encouraging people to apply, how would it have control over the exact number?
    Furthermore, is there any scientific evidence to support this theory?
    I don’t wish to offend or discourage anyone with this comment, but to understand this concept more clearly (as I get the feeling I may have misunderstood it). As a former sceptic, hopefully you understand where I’m coming from, so I’d really appreciate some clarification on the matter.

    • I understand what you mean Zack. The best way I can explain is this. There was no “scientific evidence” to support the Law of Gravity before man invented science, but it was there none the less. And if you needed “scientific proof” before deciding whether or not to jump off a cliff back then … well…..mmm :)

      The Law of Gravity is ALSO very precise. yet we don’t marvel at that.
      You don’t only SOMETIMES hit the ground if you fall off something.

      That birds and planes and some insects etc can fly is not proof that the Law of Gravity is faulty and only works SOMETIMES.

      Do your OWN research. Why wait for a bunch of scientists to tell you if it works? It is not like mixing chemicals and tasting them, you CAN try this at home! :)

      The biggest block to this working for sceptics is that they have to suspend disbelief first. You cant say “If it works, i will be belive it”.

      Of course that sounds very convenient to say. But the thing is when you have tried everything else and you don’t have anything else to try what can you loose?

      I will tell you … :) most sceptics don’t want to appear foolish or gullible.

      Most successful people and innovators couldn’t care less if they look stupid or gullible and will have done so (often publicly) quite a few times before they succeed at something.

      Inventors and cutting edge scientists spend most of their time being wrong.
      Top sportsmen spend most of their time training, missing goals, falling etc.
      sceptics spend most of their time carefully stepping in the path of the tried and tested. Following in tried and tested footsteps of innovators etc. doesn’t mean one is in themselves, intelligent. It is literally the easiest way to get through life. Anyone can do that.

      Dare to look a fool. Dare to fail. Research everything on your chosen topic then experiment. When you have decided to do that you are immediately in the greatest company of thinkers, adventures etc.
      Even if you don’t achieve something major, the fact that you have dared sets you aside from those who will only “paint by numbers”.

      Mainly your subconscious needs to believe it. You don’t so much need to believe intellectually.

      I have only just discovered Phil today and his stuff seems like an excellent place to start your research ;)

  • I got a job that pays me handsomely, during a recession, in one of the best sectors at the age of 21. It’s the biggest miracle that has happened in my life. I thank the Universe everyday for it!

  • I am 41. I was 22 and living in Israel working as a waitress for no wage, tips only. Average tips were 80 shekels a day. Back at the hostel an Australian guy gave me a book to read. The book was ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise L Hay. This was my first introduction to affirmations. I decided to test the theory. I performed three specific tests.
    1. I relentlessly repeated over and over the mantra ‘I have made 500 shekels’ regarding my next shift. I made 450. This was by far the most any waitress had made and beyond belief but I kept the mantra going that night even after I got home. The next day I came into work. A big table that I had served the night before was so happy with my service they came in the next day to provide me with another 50 shekels!!! I was beside myself! Wow this is incredible. OK next test.
    2. I decided to try it again. I chose not to push the boundary too much, and decided to shoot for 300 shekels. Again, this amount of tips was over three times the norm and unheard. I did it again! Well, I got 290 shekels (I was 10 shekels off but I didn’t go home and repeat the mantra all night, I was happy with that!). Needless to say the other eight or so waitresses all started trying my new trick!
    3. When I wasn’t working in the restaurant in Tel Aviv I would stay with my Israeli boyfri end. He would work and I would stay home with his mother and grandmother, neither of whom could speak English. With no English conversation, TV or books I would go a little stir crazy waiting for my boyfriend to return at 6:30pm. So I decided to try another test. This time I repeated ‘Ofer is home at 5:00pm. Another unheard of situation. Still, this was a test. Let’s see what happens. Low and behold, 5:00pm on the dot he pulls into the driveway!!
    I am a believer! If I had not done this myself I would think there was sauce on this tory. I haven’t tested it again. I know it works. Now I live my life dreaming of what I want my life to be and so it is. I am the luckiest, happiest person I know. I live in amazement of how much abundance I have.
    Don’t knock it, try it. It really is cool!

  • that was really one of the most AMAZING, WONDERFUL passages I`v ever read about The SECRET.
    U know, some of the most elegant aspects of yr notes that make it different from other ones are some sentences like:
    “I have to be honest… There are things I’ve been visualizing since day 1 that haven’t happened yet.

    And that’s fine.”
    “You must “co-create” the result you want.

    When we put ourselves out there, are willing to take risks and do the work… the Universe always rewards us one way or another.”
    U know, I think all these sentences and the same ones help the reader to believe it more and more, because of the same experiences…
    it just help U overview yrself, yr steps. yr dreams, yr beliefs and yr works again! and that moment when U just want to cry in front of the mirror:
    “Hey shima!
    I LOVE U Girl! is wrong!
    we are just in the right way.and the process is just taking the best path…”
    is the greatest feeling U can have…


  • Phil, your blog was super awesome! I have immersed myself in LOA finally after years of not knowing the steps, and realizing it takes daily practice and filling your mind with positive enforcement of these principles. In fact, I just realized a dream of mine to become a writer and publish a book, and this has just happened this week! I am not a disciplined writer, but I got inspired by a self publisher and decided to try that, and it has worked beautifully, plus the book seemed to write itself, which was on The Law of Attraction and certain things I went into more depth on than the movie, The secret did. I enjoyed the movie, but did not find anything worked for me after watching it. I am so glad to see so many people with positive comments, and I wish everyone continued manifesting success!

  • Hi Phil,

    Thanks for writing all your experience with LOA, I firmly believe in law of attraction and it started when I came across Mr. Wayne Dyer’s book, and I have manifested a lot since then, If I write all of them then I will have my own blog. After reading his book I started getting LOA related book as a gift from my family and friends as if universe wanted me to know something, Your site has validated my experience, so thanks a lot. All the best and God bless you.


  • The Law of Attraction is an infinite spiritual technology that is available to everyone. It can be used by any person willing to learn about its characteristics and then follow a particular set of guidelines until the end result is accomplished. This is possible because the Law of Attraction is a reliable force that is set in motion through the power of human thoughts. We refer to this spiritual technology as a law because it is repeatable like the law of gravity, which is repeatable under specific conditions. According to the dictionary, a law is a statement or a fact in which a natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present. The Law of Attraction, or Universal Law, is a spiritual certainty because it can be demonstrated over and over as long as certain mental and emotional conditions are met. – Eddie Coronado, “Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets.”

  • ThDear Dr. joe ,

    I would love to express my fascination and gratitude toward your works , as have been practicing the law of attraction and spirituality for around a year from now …lately i traveled to UK to finish my masters in supply chain and logistics . I am only here for a month and already realized that my mind could be very creative when it comes to business…

    …. i would to share it with you
    If you practiced the law of attraction for a while and felt a need to four advanced techniques to attract business here you go (Don’t use them if you just started as their level of awareness will not match yours ;causing a feeling of frustration ):

    1)Bring a book and call it the ”the guide for abundance ”

    >at the first page put affirmation generator (to fill it with a customized affirmations)
    >Goal (short and long terms ) ..
    >limiting beliefs generator(to find a new hidden limiting beliefs towards starting a new business)
    >I am lucky ( to fill with it all the events you have being lucky in through the day)
    >if you look to generate a business , call it a name (….) then open and write down all the idea that will come up to assist it ,even if it is doesn’t look brilliant at the beginning (you will find the link later), and write the exact work environment you want it to be at that business with the exact certain amount money to generate out of it (in a way of example write on the top of the page : thank you thank you thank you for making 25000$ out of this business and pick the currency you feel it is easier to generate from .).

    >then open another sheet and write down all the achievements you have accomplished through your life.
    >the next page the self image you want to have (as a successful business man in the field you want) .
    >then write down all the existing skills that will add to this business.
    >on the last page put all the people and events your are grateful for(include any source of money wither an organization or a person ) .

    .fill any field whenever you feel to, but try to make it a habit to write every couple of days.

    2)in case of the urgency of money for a certain thing (a trip for example) implement an internal money circulation system at your place ; could start it as below :
    Bring 4 boxes and tag every one with a name , in a way of example (giving, risk talking, hanging out) .. but make sure to avoid any tags like expenses , because it will generate negative vibration ….then bring another empty box to fill it with the extras from the other box (tag it with :thank you thank you thank you for the amount of money you want to have in that box with a certain date in the future; and most important the reason behind it )..also you could fill the empty box directly every once and a while

    Make sure that casual transaction are conducted (like using the risk talking box for a bit/ using the giving one for generating a creative ways of giving)

    3)practice seeing opportunities in everything of life (could be as small as ” thank you for adding more nuts to this chocolate and making money out of it (act as if it happened ) “.

    4)build your business team ; could start by searching for a certain expertise through linked in and do random adds , or joining related groups for that business in Facebook.

    5)read creative business ideas online or through watch them online.

    … the above will stretch the mind into a business one , but the whole process built over the base of having a burning desire to have a personal business.

    … to make the process even more fun , at the same time practice the above in another subject you like (attracting girls ), as that will help to evaluate your skills and have fun .)

    ,,,, Ehab Hamarneh

  • Hi, this article sounds true though i cant understand how does this work or manifest others actions. But very recently i was blown away with an experience. I was constantly thinking about someone with great emotions poured in. And one day i saw some posts in his profile all he was talking about is some word ” CHELSEA”.. I dont know what does that mean so i googled.its a football team of england… After 2 days , out of the blue the word chelsea popped up in my phone from my sisters message,just right after i recalled that person. Neither me nor my sister know what is that word before. And that person i think about lives in england…. And on the same day, the team chelsea played the match october 19,2013 in FIFA and won against some team for that day… I was very disturbed,scared and brought me to this sight… But im still confused

    • Hi,
      Well what you are talking about, I experience constantly but it is not THAT LAW OF ATTRACTION we want to experience. No later than yesterday I experienced this stuff. I’ve been very busy lately but for some days already, I set my goal on: being in LA for Christmas (I live in Europe). Yesterday afternoon, I run errands and I discover a store full of Christmas decorations. I walk in: it’s full or American products and the music plays the usual American songs I use to hear in LA stores. I come home. Since I moved recently my TV was connected to cable only 2 days ago. I turn on TV. Watever channel I went on, everything was about LA from The Real housewife’s of Beverly Hills, to the Kardashians,to other european programs. I should have counted how many times I saw the word Hollywood pop in front of my eyes. It was non stop until I went to bed.
      That was great but will it get me o LA on Christmas, it’s another story…I’ll let you know about later…

      • so.. did you get to LA ?

  • The law of attraction has proven itself to me on many occasions. I really do believe, it is hard to say in words exactly as it’s more of a feeling. I will try to explain. I want something to happen, I put the desire out there then in my minds eye actually visualise it happening – totally. Even put images on a vision board, dream pictures in my mind and get excited knowing it’s coming and is on its way to me. This is when the magic happens. I get this urge for action, a complete gut feeling to do something and an inner drive over takes me. Then when I have completed the task in hand, only afterwards, have I realise the law of attraction delivers. I hope this makes sense, I have received things like getting the job I wanted in the past, building the house I used to draw out in my mind, starting a successful business, receiving unexpected money etc.
    I totally believe unless you act on the urges of your gut feeling and go for it 100% knowing it will be successful. You will never be disappointed. Good post Phil x

  • I have been applying the visualization techniques of the Law Of Attraction for a couple of years. I have been able to manifest those things I truly believed to the core of my being. And although I still think sometimes maybe this has all been an accident, I have seen the wonder and absolute amazement of the Universe and how it has led me to all the things I have truly, deeply wanted. I look back and see how the matrix of the Universe moved me to what I wanted without me even knowing it. It was like intuition that I didn’t realize was happening, if that makes sense.

  • I want to know, if you stop believing for a second, do you have to start all over again? Does the Universe have to reprocess your dream like a new dream order? Sort of, “well you stepped out of line so you have to go to the back and wait all over again”

  • Would love to talk to you

  • Hi Phil!
    I love your blog and found this article very interesting as I am also very curious about LOA.
    I found in youtube some of the videos from Mr.Trudeau and started hearing it last night.
    It all makes sense somehow (minus the Illuminati’s, Brotherhoods references). But then I Googled him to find out he is in prison and filed for bankruptcy, what makes me wonder why he cannot use his “knowledge” to go out of such a situation.
    I really want to believe; I need it in my life, but it is difficult to trust some of this people, to know who to trust.
    Thanks anyway for your inspiring article !

  • wow i think its gonna work for me thx for this

  • Hi Phil,

    Just a quick note to say that I really liked your site!



  • I’ve been using the secret since 6th grade, thanks to my sister haha. But I only used to attract small things like a couple dollars every now and again and now it so much easier to manifest large things, once you manifest small things, you can manifest large things. Well this is a very good article! :) I wish you all the best!

  • I will try your techniques. I’ve definitely gotten things with the law of attractions.
    Won 2 TVs + speaker system in 1 contest, and a laptop in another.
    I tried a few philosophies, such as acting as if I already had it, and being grateful for my current TVs which I feel helped in the process. I also thought of other things and acted as if I KNEW it was coming.

  • Hello Phil!

    Thank you for the post! I really love the word “Feeliualize”! Haha How to pronounce? haha it is amazing! I knew about LOA since I was in High School in 2008 but I didn’t take it seriously. I am Christian and of course I believe in faith! LOA complements with the Bible! Faith can move mountains!

    I have a lot successes about my career and money. And now, my mission is to attract back the love of my life, a long distance relationship. I love him so much and I’m working on attracting him back to me. Inspire me my LOA family! Believe Blindly!

    and Thank you so much Phil! :)

    • Amy you are wasting your time because you think this is the love of your life but maybe he is not by Divine selection (read Florence Scovell Shinn) you should ask for the right relationship for you to be happy but not for some particular person as you theoretically have no right to impose your will on anybody.
      Think of it…
      Good luck

  • Awesome article! I lost hope on the LoA a few weeks ago but something in my mind kept telling me that I shouldn’t. Maybe it’s the law working.

  • Dear Sasha…!

    Read ur comment carefully and I just want to explain u the answer in simple words…
    You r right dat untill u hv frnds as bill gates u cann’t expect to get a jet plain as ur b’day gift. But here the entire universe is ur frnd who has got evrything lyk d ppl u see arround u,the birds who sing in mrng,the money u get as a salary, and the food u eat… he owns this earth and its systems. Universe is a form of energy… evrything on d earth happens because of energy and ur thoughts r energy too…. now accordng to newton’s law evry action has an equal n opposite reaction.
    when u think abt somthng deeply u release the energy of ur thoughts and some ideas related to ur thoughts will reach u in return…. all u have to just concentrate on what you want. if u want a jet plane on ur b’day which is 20 days ahead so its nt impossible bt will b called a miracle if u really got it…but as ur birthday comes near you try to apply law of attraction and keep thinking abt getting a plane as gift and finally you don’t get it. Now wht most people will do is criticising the LOA and living the day as usual thinking abt some other things bt nt concentrating on any.
    Now ill tell u how LOA works:- First of all I would suggest u to think abt buying a jet plane rather than getting it as a gift on ur b’day coz it will come once a year n it may take a long to manifest it;)
    And also note that start with the little things first coz u will achieve them fast and once u get them u will understand the power of universe… Think abt a cup of coffee with ur friend, make evrything clr(whether u want him/her to invite u or u r gonna invute him/her) … n keep thinking abt it if this is exactly what makes u happy, stay happy n keep thinking abt ur dream. if u see him daily bt talk rarely then soon u will notice that he/she is being attracted to u magically and one day u will be surprised whn he/she invites u:) please also note how fast u manifest the things also depends upon what u want coz if u hv 50 dollors in ur pocket and u wish to hav a plane as a gift then u might hav to wait for years to get that(just an example). The universe will send u ideas, through the ppl he has got. He will nt only send things to u bt also attract you to ur wishes. U will actually see and feel things coming to u dramatically and one day u will achieve it for sure… n believe me it works so just try with some simple things first to believe it. and yes keep practicing gratitude daily… be grateful for the eyes u have…for the family u hav…for the life u hav… for the knowledge u hav.. for the frnds u hav… be grateful for everything u hav.
    we r humans n v hav brains to think positive n negetive, think positive, help othrs, be gratful for evry little thing u hav coz someone who really needs it, may nt hav.

    Hope this will help u to understand the concept of LOA.


  • This comment doesn’t bring anything concrete into believing or applying the LOA. Everybody can materialize a cup of coffee with a friend. It would have been interesting to see how you’d have materialized the private plane. Attracting small things with the LOA doesn’t challenge the law.
    Mukul could have attracted writing correctly in English because this was really hard to read…

  • Dear Andrea,

    Thank you for your comment! and I hope this time you will understand what I write;)
    See I never said that you just think about getting a CEO’s job and sit relaxed at home, apply LOA and it will come to you (it’s really impossible). The thing is, that you have to think and act in a certain way, with full of positivity and firm belief that this is going to happen soon. And the best thing is that it doesn’t ask for your money… All it needs is your positive thinking and strong belief. I don’t think there is any harm in doing it rather than criticising it.
    Your comment shows that you still don’t believe LOA, and the reason is that you wanted to celebrate xmas in LA but unfortunately you ended up watching television programmes and finding the store in Europe which playes American music, it indicates that the LOA is doing its job.
    Now the question is do you still wish being in LA on next xmas?? Do you really want this to happen?? If you say yes then I would suggest you to keep thinking about this till next xmas, share your thoughts with your friends, make plans when time comes, be crazy about this and don’t compromise on this wish… I am sure you will be able to visit LA on next xmas or may be next to next.(But also note that you too are trying to materialize the once in a year thing like celebrating xmas in LA, getting a jet plane on b’day)
    Why don’t you people apply LOA to find a better job, partner, home or something else which could happen at any day or time of the year rather than happening on just a perticular day in an year?? I am advising this to you because its a human tendency to think negetive when things don’t happen according to their wish and on the next xmas if you don’t go to LA then till next xmas for sure you’ll loose your belief and hope for it. If you want to train your brain then read THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne. There are 28 life changing practices which look quite stupid but if you follow them then after 28 days definately your brain will start thinking positive and you will feel full of gratitude.


    • Thanks Mukul but you don’t get the full story here. I’m working on LOA for years and all I’m asking myself are basic questions after I found some flaws in it. I’m questioning certain principles because I managed to attract all the little things I wanted but not the big ones in which I strongly believed. As for the LA trip I used to be there for Christmas just because I could go and afford to pay for the trip. Once this possibility got reduced I can’t attract this anymore as no other possibility else than paying for my trip with my money shows up. There’s no LOA here just pure cause and effect: you want a holiday you pay for it, nobody offered me a trip, nobody invited me, I didn’t win any trip…No I have to pay for it, that’s mathematical.
      I am not criticizing the LOA, I am in deep search of the true principle. I am even exploring it to it’s origins to try and see where it came from and who was REALLY successful with it. And unfortunately it comes down to the fact that the richest people from the LOA are the people who sell the theory. I don’t believe in Rhonda neither in any participants to THE SECRET. The only people whose theories I still believe in are Wallace Wattles and Florence Scovell-Shinn.
      One thing I found on a website is the fact that the LOA makes people believe that they are totally in charge of their life which is not true.You think you can do everything with the power of your mind. They forget God’s will and what I’ll add is that they forget the notion of destiny. You will get things when they are within the brackets of you destiny. You may want something badly and you’ll never get it, just because it was not written this way for you. That’s why you can get the small things because they don’t compromise the big lines of your life chart. And I can still go further after my explorations I will soon be able to say that you don’t really attract things, you feel you’ll get them. It’s just intuition.
      Anybody who can contribute to this discussion will make us advance.

  • Got a lot out of this. We do most of this! Nice to read it form somebody else. We are sending heaps of positive vibes out into the universe, dreaming big, truly believing in ourselves (down to the core) and the best bit…we get a lot back form the universe! They may be small things, but we always notice it and they always lead to another amazing opportunity. Thank YOU. Emma + Carla

  • Ok I’ve been into this for a while, but what if you don’t know what you want in life?

  • The law of attraction has worked for me really well in the love area. When I first layed eyes on the girl im with now I wished on a shooting star that we’d fall in love and be together forever. Cheesy, I know. I visulized at night before bed her and I together and happy. And it happened. We found each other at the perfect time. We were both attracting each other. Ive never had such a comfortable and loving relationship before. I intend on marrying her, and spending the rest of my life with her. I believe it will happen. I know it will.

    In the past I had a relationship, it was messy and unorganized. All I would do is worry Id lose her. That was my biggest fear. And I thought about it almost everyday. And one day I did. It was hard, but I learned from my mistake. I lost her so I could find someone better. Someone who fits perfectly to my soul. Someone who I feel so at home and comfortable with. And instead of worrying about me losing her, im celebrating with joy, and im excited to grow in life with her and get old.

    Now we are attracting a wealthy and healthy life together. I know its coming. We wont give up. Thanks for this article! Wonderful advice. We create our own reality. With everyday thoughts and feelings.

    Thanks again!
    – Taylor

    • The major dilemma with the LOA is: did I attract this or did I feel it coming? In your story I only see intuition, no attraction: you were in an unsatisfying relationship and deep inside you were feeling it would end sooner or later. You met someone at the right time for both of you and you are both attracted to each other. To put this to the test, start imagining every evening that Gisele Bundchen will fall in love with you and you will see that you won’t attract her just because you are not meant to be together. Getting my point?

  • I have suck an unbelievable story about love.
    I always wanted to have a perfect love. But I had no one.
    I Feeliualize it whiteout knowing it! I feelualize that I have a perfect girl. Almost I did it everyday whiteout knowing the LOA effects. I hadn’t specific person; But I wanted the best girl for me.
    And guess what??? I met a girl that she was a real perfect angel! But I said to myself: ” Oh! She is a lot better than my dream! I can’t have her for mine :) ”
    Oh God! I can’t believe it: After 2 months, she cried and said: ” I Love You.”
    I thought I’m in a dream, but it was real!
    LOA (I believe God did it for me) gave me my dream whiteout knowing it!
    Now we are such happy and in love with each other that all of our friends wants to be like us! But you know, the can’t :))
    Thank you for sharing your nice article. I did all of this steps WHITEOUT knowing it.
    => LOA is working all the time; Know it, don’t know it, believe it, don’t believe it and so on. ;)

  • The best part of this article is that you also showed that mere thinking and imagining is not gonna help. we need to take action (which you did during the course of your manifestation) and let go let universe. Things happen when we visualize and take actions. Thanks for sharing this. Adding this article to my Bookmarks :)

  • Great article, it’s so encouraging to see others having success using the LOA. It’s totally changed my life in the past 4 years. It took me from a single mom with not a penny to my name, to living my dream life, manifesting 2 vision boards. It’s a total life changer. I have lots of proof on my blog where i’ve posted each step of my journey. Keep up the good work!

    • Problem is that this post is a disguised publicity for your blog and you are trying to make it as a LOA guru.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your story. I felt the same way when I first heard about LOA but then I looked at my life and could clearly see how it had negatively affected my life automatically (I thought I was broke, I acted like I was broke, and I was broke). So I figured I had nothing to lose! 4 years later it’s TOTALLY transformed my life and I’ve manifested 2 vision boards and a brand new life. IT WORKS!

  • Hey Phil. Take a bow! Two things to be retained: “Burning desire” and “Feeliualizing prior to sleep”. This is an amazing stuff!

  • Very true. First learned this from the secret which is a very powerful book then A happy pocket full of money which is simply amazing. The power of the laws is mind blowing.

  • I got a bit of a fascination for the notion that it’s impossible to tell the difference between a person:

    A. Creating reality
    B. Subconsciously knowing their future and presenting it to themselves as self-willed
    (C. Fancifully deluding themselves with non-events – but let’s not go there)

    Both contain a magical or paranormal component. The difference is that A is a formidable ego-boost, where B is slightly more mundane and less to do with your own person.

    In my experience it’s usually more healthy – when in doubt – to put the real power in the universe instead of projecting it on yourself, but that might not be the case here; just throwing it there.

    Not to disarm anyone or anything, just food for thought.

    • “In my experience it’s usually more healthy – when in doubt – to put the real power in the universe instead of projecting it on yourself,”

      If you throw yourself off a cliff is the “REAL” power in the universe (gravity) or you deciding to throw yourself off a cliff? or does it take … both

      Being constantly wary of being too egotistical or self appreciating and warning others that THEY might be being too egotistical, is like being scared to go into a bar in case you catch alcoholism and warning everyone else to be careful if they go in there.

      If you know yourself and are honest with yourself and appreciate yourself as much as you appreciate others and the universe you don’t need to be en guarde for ego violations all the time and point them out. :) People who DO have unhealthy ego problems wont hear you and those who have poor self esteem will put themselves down more. (wonder where they got that low self esteem to start….seems to be a lot of people around with it.)

      • I have a philosophical streak and forgot I replied on a site called “The Feel Good Lifestyle”. Went a bit too deep down the rabbit hole and I’m going to do it again :)

        The bar analogy is good, but I’d like to swap alcohol with nicotine to get the point across. It’s far, far harder to avoid addiction*, deeply ingrained into society* and literally rains hell in and on it’s users – many of which are of the loving, understanding persuasion.

        * (It’s a good thing the times are now changing in the West, but other nations are in the early stages and – if I may stretch the analogy – could use some warnings.)

        Thanks for making me think and have a nice day Ms. Wodehouse.

  • i use the law of attraction at least 10 times to my advantage………today i used it to get a girl i didn’t even know to get a crush on me. what i did was got out a piece of paper and wrote the qualitys of the girl and what school, and everything she went to. i believed that day i would meet her and i came home went outside to play with friends when someone i don’t know interduces me to a girl like the one i wrote on my paper. the other one is that i have never been attractive to anyone ever since i was a kid. i start these tecs. and girls start noticing me. that was weird to me but i LOVE YOU LAW OF ATTRACTION!

  • Hi, I had a result with the LOA a few years ago I made £100’000 in two months, but have since lost my stride. Some part of me is determined to procrastinate. Reading other people’s success here has motivated me to take MASSIVE determined action. … today

    Here is my LOA success story from a few years ago. A few years before this LOA success I had unwittingly used LOA along with Robert Kiyosaki’s book to go from nothing to owning about 5 properties in a year and half. I borrowed £2500 on a credit card to start. Everything lead off that. About 3 years into my property venture, I was stuck. I had enough passive income from them to get by but one of them was in need urgent need of renovation or conversion to flats and I didn’t have the money for either and renovating would be a waste as there was much more profit in converting to flats . My sister showed me The Secret. I reluctantly watched it and then found it REAALLY exciting. I tried it as I had nothing else to try.

    I could not get unstuck and nothing happend. My sister said just keep “feeling good” like it has already happened and DO something… ANYthing, even if it is not to do with that project. I got out and made enquiries about loans to develop it knowing I would not qualify but deciding to believe. (my goal was to make one hundred thousand pounds profit and i visualized it in my account.

    I got a development loan to my surprise. It was x amount up front and then stage payments. But a few days later I was told there had been a mistake and I would only get £40’000 and the rest on completion.

    Long story short I converted the massive 3 story house into five self contained flats complete with their own utility supplies and turn-key ready in exactly 60 days and made £100’000 profit. Lots of pre planning and lots of drama but it worked! I still have those flats and they are rented out. i withdrew £100’000 of the equity after having the building revalued.

    P.s. My Boyfriend did not help me with this. I project managed the whole thing myself, with invaluable help of a carpenter friend. I knew nothing about building industry and all the workers said it can’t be done in 60 days and said how from their years of experience it would take 6 months if i was lucky. We argued and argued until we all saw it MY way and then we got on with it :)

    also anyone thinking it’s a young person’s thing. I was about 42 at the time.

    ANd if anxiety or depression is stopping you, I have throughout my life got bouts of depression and extreme anxiety during which i become the opposite of my usual outgoing bouncy self. Have made lots of progress with that and continuing to.

    Once again thanks to everyone here for inspiring me. The more success stories we see the more it helps, so hope mine encourages someone too.

    I’m off to go do something MASSIVE.

    • p.s. the reason I had to do the project in 60 days is because of the materials. i opened accounts with merchants where you have 30 days to pay. I planned so that the we started ordering material on the 1st of the month. they sent the bill at the end of that month giving me 30 days to pay which gave me 60 days in all :)

  • Hi, this post is very realistic. Thank you, 2 years ago I started a spriritual journey and is amazing all the things I have attracted. I have many doubts sometimes the things will not happen when I want them and this is that kind of moment so I found this like a reminder of keep believing because is on his way to happen. Much love, Lola.

  • Hi Phil, I just want to quickly say that, I really like ur post! I always wanted to have a perfect love. I ‘ll definitely try dis! Thanx u sooooooooooo much Phill.

  • so nice article one i remembered of power of LOA .who can practice those steps they can successed .

  • Hi I just found your blog how amazing I am new to this stuff but let’s just say the universe has nudged me for let’s say the last year I’ve started out on this crazy path with my faith spiritualism and the LOA and I have manifested something thing that is so small yet so profound I started with symbols from the universe and I picked balloons purple balloons bring my symbol for prosperity .. I mean I declared it truly believed I would see them when it was my Time to see them and now just recently I see balloons every day sometime large amounts all down the stripe I drive to go into the city I cry when I see them because it’s the symbol for me that I am on the right track and that this stuff really works .. I mean the first ballon was like Yup that’s right now I expect to see them and I do .. Do now it’s time for me to start on the path of some of my aspirations it’s going to be hard to get the negative thoughts out but now I know I can manifest balloons I know I can manifest anything thanks for your post !

  • iam still anew born in this belief please guide me to achieve my goals like making more money in order to up lift my family most important to make sure that i obey what the law of atraction demands

    • Hello Alfred,
      I feel appealed to help you because you seem to need it. Well don’t trust all that is said about the LOA there’s a lot of Bull****
      If you want to know some things which are reliable, google: and there download: The Science of Getting Rich from Wallace Wattles. And also The Game of life by Florence Scovell Shinn. You will find many people who will want you to pay for those 2 books but you can find them for free on the net.
      These are the only 2 authors I still believe in after having read a great deal about the subject.
      Wishing you luck and prosperity.

  • Hi Phil thanks to write this blog, I really enjoyed reading. I am very new to the Law of Attraction but since I start to apply some things my life had been changing.
    I really would like to learn more and use in appropriate way to manifest my desire.
    Would love to hear from you!?.

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  • hello
    all thanks to the allmighty that he had granted my attraction of getin in touch with a master who had envisioned n manifested the law of attraction n thatz how i had happened to come across you…. jus letme brief you a little detail of myself…. i um trina bhattacharyya from india who since a very little age used to believe in miracles of life…… with the advent of time az i waze growing up got truly inclined towards spirituality n found many of my dreamz manifesting miraculously in reality….. thatz how i even got more attracted towards spirituality n started believing that if anything you desire from the core of your heart youre bound to deserve n get it back into your life… wont believe i still have gooseworms wen i realise that unconditionally each n every aspect which i had asked for my dream partner waze manifested in my husband…. but after a while due to some very familial problems i got shattered n torn up n had attracted a disease called gerd….. thatz wen my life coach stepped in my life n i consider her an incarnation of god himself who seem to have changed my entire life …. i waze totally burdened with the shackles of negativity ….. but i waze mesmerised to find that you have exactly reciprocated to what i waze experiencing all through these while….even i used to wonder az to how to unburden myself of all these shackles of negativity…. i just pour my heartiest gratitude to the allmighty to enlighten the darkness with hiz magnificent lamp of love and blessings.. i found myself encumbered with the three imaginery forces so called THOUGHT INTENTION N ACTION WHICH ARE the real keys to my destination…. you only have to engrave these three forces in a line perpendicular to the core of your soul n the rest would be taken care of by the magical divine intelligence so called our universe ….THE UNIVERSE iz an ocean of abundance for everyone we only need to open our arms n be receptive to all the unconditional love n divinity which itz showering all the time upon us with the right understanding n attitude… conquer your fear in any aspect of your life because itz notin except a false evidence appearing real…. only you have the real power embedded into yourself to win a triumph over all the odds n hoist the flag of victory … we all are the purest potential energies created by the allmighty….i greatly acknowledge my teacher n masters like you to have uncaged us with your believes n help us to fly with the beautiful wings of courage confidence n determination to enjoy all the lovely colours of the rainbow…. thankyou

  • Law and Manifestation works,

  • awesome article phil!
    there are some awesome meditations for manifesting as well, the twin hearts meditation for example!
    I guess the law of attraction works the same was as karma does, energy attracts energy. like to like. thats why its so important to send out positive love vibrations!!

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  • Thanks for this article ! its really encouraging, I have been reading about the LOA and the secret and all that for nearly two years now, I manifested my boyfriend, although we’ve broken up now, i still believe that we might be together one day again, or ill meet someone even better! either way, i am working to try and be happier, and not lose belief in the things i want to have! I sometimes give up because i just go about my day and forget to think positive etc, and be grateful for things, but im really working on it now and hopefully it will work! Again, thanks for this, it has helped me to understand a lot more !

  • […] Creating Success with Law of Attraction […]

  • Everytime i watch the movie secret it always brings positive feeling within me and have helped me achieve things that i desired for wether it is a gadget or marks in exams…
    Most imp thing is it works so well that it attracts people with positive energy around me helping me achieve my desires and its only because of this Loa your blog just opened making me have more trust in it.
    Thanks for making me feel so positive enough again.

  • I just wanted to say your blog is very informative…but I went and bought the cd pack “Your Wish is Your Command” totally waste of $60 dollars from Ebay.

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    The clearness for your publish is simply spectacular and i
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  • I use to attract 77% for my diploma final year…….77% included average of two exams…….in my first exam i scored 72%…..then i thought it is impossible as i have to score 82% in second exam……my mother forced me not loose hope…….then at the time of result my average was 76.92%……this happend becoz in india there were elections at time of result….as teacher had to do all work they checked our papers less strictly…… mother said i should have attracted 80% from start

  • What i do is on bed during night i take long 6-9 breaths……this helps in concentrating…….and it works best for me

  • Now i am trying new experiment with attraction…..i have bought a journal nd covered it with white paper……..on it i have drawn beautiful scene that makes my soul nd mind feel relax and calm…….before writing my diary at night i write best things that could happen with me the next day…..while writing i write it slowly nd feel each word as i write…… day 90% of things happen in actual……..the cover makes things look more can even give title to book/journal…….

  • You’re awesome! And cute! :)

  • Thank you so much for this article and your spirit! I definitely sense this as a nudge to continue discovering the LOA. Blessings to you!

  • THANK U DUDE ! :) :)

  • I’m only 16 years old, and I have to say, Law of Attraction DOES work!

    I gained a good friend in sixth or seventh grade, and we hung out nearly every day. However, in the beginning of eight grade, she moved away to Michigan. She had given me her number, but I lost it! In my freshman year of high school one day, I just thought to myself, “I wonder how my friend is doing? I really want to talk to her.” I didn’t really think much of it though. It was just a passing thought. Later within the year, my mom came up to me and handed me a number. I asked her who’s number it was, and she told me that my friend’s mother had contacted my school to in order to hunt me down. She called and gave my mom her number so I could call my friend! O_O At the time, I wasn’t even thinking about LOA, but now as I look back, I realized it was! (I was just introduced to “The Secret” in eight grade too).

    I know this stuff really works, and I am so happy! I’m using LOA now: i put several goals all over my room, including one to study abroad the fall of my senior year. I know it will happen, and I visualize it every day!

  • Came across this when Google searching for “The Law of attraction and money” and reading through this article I saw you mentioned a guy named “Johnathan Budd” and his seminar. Now let me tell you. “Budd” is not a popular last name. And that is my last name. Kinda makes me wonder if the universe brought me to your website for a reason :)

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  • U didnt write anything about the letting go part that everyone says about the law of attraction??

  • After being in relationship with him for 3 years,he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the spell caster, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much. I was so happy and went to him, that was how we started living together happily again. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful spell caster who helped me with my own problem and who is different from all the fake ones out there. Anybody could need the help of the spell caster, his email is you can email him if you need his assistance in your relationship or any other problem.

  • Hi All, I have been inspired by Phil’s blog and all of your stories here. In lieu of that, I have decided to conduct an experiment on the LOA in my life and to give it a try to see if it really works. I will come back and update and let you know the outcome.

  • Thank you for nice but long article on The law of attraction. I found myself agree on most of your point.

    I really beileve that universe help you to achieve what you really want. But you need to make effort as well.
    we have only mentioned why it does not works for some in this article. I hope some will like it.

  • Hello my family member! I wish to say that this article is amazing,
    great written and come with approximately all vital infos.
    I’d like to look more posts like this .

  • Im absolutely. Love this story is just makes me so happy and keep a positive mind on my working progress. Of how to successfully. Understand. How law of attraction really works.

  • Hi Phil,

    I know this was posted in 2012 but I became interested now so I decided to read it. It is very interesting and I feel like it will work really well. I have one question…
    If I attempt to manifest money, do I have to do something to get it? I have read stories where they follow steps similar to yours and the money might appear in there mailbox without the having to think of a ‘million dollar idea’ Please respond to this if you see it :) I am only a 13 year old girl, I believe that this will work and I wanted to get your opinion on it :)

    • Hi patricia,

      I saw that you made a question and also that the author doesn’t answer from a bit.. So I answer..
      Actually your work is just to visualise yourself receiving the money… It’s not your business think about HOW, but just visualise.. If you want you can make a check (how made jim carrey) of the amount that you want, and keep that check in your wallet and see it every time you can and visualise :)

      Hope I helped you

  • I have been using the law of attraction without realising it all my life.. Every now and then I make a list of the things I want, and when everything on the list has happened, I then make a new list. I always thought this was normal.

    One of the coolest things that has happened, is that I needed some money. So I decided to use the law of attraction consciously this time around. I was really excited about it, and the money kept coming in, so I thought the law of attraction was working. But then I got a bill, and I was really confused why that happened. So I thought about making a new list, and take a look at the old list that I had made a couple of months earlier.

    The last money I had attracted was 5500 euros and I laught because I thought it was strange for a person to give me this money in 50 euro bills as that are a lot of 50 euro bills! Now, what was on my list? A picture of a heap of 50 euro bills, exactly the same pile of 50 euro bills as I had received !

    Isn’t that cool ? I tend to think that if you don’t see it as the law of attraction, but just as making lists of what you want, it works a lot quicker and everything also really happens.

  • I have been using the law of attraction without realising it all my life.. Every now and then I make a list of the things I want, and when everything on the list has happened, I then make a new list. I always thought this was normal.

    One of the coolest things that has happened, is that I needed some money. So I decided to use the law of attraction consciously this time around. I was really excited about it, and the money kept coming in, so I thought the law of attraction was working. But then I got a bill, and I was really confused why that happened. So I thought about making a new list, and take a look at the old list that I had made a couple of months earlier.

    The last money I had attracted was 5500 euros and I laught because I thought it was strange for a person to give me this money in 50 euro bills as that are a lot of 50 euro bills! Now, what was on my list? A picture of a heap of 50 euro bills, exactly the same pile of 50 euro bills as I had received !

    Isn’t that cool ? I tend to think that if you don’t see it as the law of attraction, but just as making lists of what you would like to change in your life or achieve, it works a lot quicker and everything also really happens.

  • I currently graduated High School and things have started to collapse, I question everything and everyone. Sadness and disillusion have become a daily feeling. There’s so much things I’ve planed to do but for some strange reason I feel like I’ve sucked up my own energy, like I’ve killed my own vibe. Anxiety attacks have also manifested, lol I’m going crazy. This is the last thing there is to try, & with all my heart I hope it works.

  • How to decide something is good for you or not???

  • I have been trying to understand this law in deep going through various articles and this been one of the best but just one question why some people say letting go is the best thing to attract that thing to you.

  • I believe in yor 7 important step..

  • Hi,
    watched the video THE SECRET today and read about the law of attraction on net. . But i am sorry but hv doubt if it really works or people hv created such phylosophy to sell their stuff.
    moreover i ll try hereaftr to put it in my life and wish to be in your contact for discussions on this.
    i m an engineering undergraduate from india.
    request and hope for a return mail on my mail id. Thank you so much for this article.

  • Hello Phil!
    It is powerful tool, if your thoughts. It is really tricky sometimes. Old habits usually steps in and refuse to step aside. I started with the secret. My mother gave it to me and said: i bought this book but i think you need it better. I was at a negative place in my life at that moment. After reading that bought all the other books too watch the film, but i felt like something was missing. I asked for help to understand better. The Universe answered and when i was at the bookstore the book Ask and its given by Esther and Jerry Hicks caught my attention. I wanted more information since it clearly wasn’t working for me. I stubbled over Kevin Traudeau and i listened to all of the cds. At first i helt so happy but then i descovered that it was a scam. I felt betrayed( i later understand that a lot of what he talked about is true). Diving deeper in to the teaching of Abraham. Joining groups on Facebook. Reading about Laws of Attraction everywhere i could find it. Using affirmations, meditation, writing down 5-10 things everyday that i am grateful for, thanking the Universe for all little things everyday, feeling powerful, loving myself, clearing out all bad thinking about money, reprogramming thoughts… i done it all. I did manage to manifest a computer and a neighbor that i disliked moved away and little things…but the things i really really want is more difficult to attract. So i will keep on doing what i do because i know Everything will work out for me, because i have the best team of Universal forces at my back.

  • A couple of my girlfriends told me to read soulmate secret, and I was in the mood for something new so I decided to give it a try. There are several writing activities and references to all different types of cleansing rituals from all different cultures. Laws of attraction is a reoccurring theme, and though I have yet to finish the book, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly things began to work. I’ve actually read the first part of the book twice to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. After willing what I wanted through many writing activities and taking my guard down slowly, I finally made the decision to just dive in. So I read up on all different crystals, and decided to purchase some crystals online.
    The very next morning I woke up to an email regarding a new job opportunity. And the following day, I got another! I went on several interviews for both places, but quickly figured out which one I wanted more. I prayed and willed out my desires to the universe and it answered, I got the job I want and put my two weeks in at my current job.
    What I didn’t realize was that I had already used the laws of attraction without realizing it. Months prior, I had tried a moon manifest, writing down my desires for a new place to live. While that manifestation took a little longer, my apartment is amazingly perfect for me. I think you are right, the universe provides in the order you need, and bigger manifestation take a little more time. Can’t wait to see where life can go from here!

  • I would love to use the law of attraction but I just cant bring myself to believe. What should I do?

  • Hello,

    I love the blog… I am actually starting to really get into the LOA and manifesting… I ahve formed a master mind team with two other friends, i am kind of the leader of the group, so its very important to me to really work on my personal development so that i am a good leader as well as strong believer. I have several goals that i am working on at this time and am really looking to the universe to see me through……. “and you shall be my witness”

  • Hello,

    I love the blog… I am actually starting to really get into the LOA and manifesting… I ahve formed a master mind team with two other friends, i am kind of the leader of the group, so its very important to me to really work on my personal development so that i am a good leader as well as strong believer. I have several goals that i am working on at this time and am really looking to the universe to see me through……. “and you shall be my witness”

  • I was led back to ‘The Secret’ from an interview I read. Having read it before it made more sense this time about how to really believe and be grateful. I received a surprise check the following day which helped me to begin a project and have seen another financial boost since. The law of attraction and the positive feelings you convey ‘attract’ opportunities and help make smarter decisions. I finally believe and am making it a habit. I have always been ambitious so I excited at what I may manifest.

  • Hi,

    YES I am a big believer of the law of attraction. It is real and everybody can do that only when they believe it. The Universe is so generous and execute the law of abundance. I remembered 14 years ago I was single and desperate. I was 38 years old and a shy person. I said to myself how can I order a husband form the universe, I did not have a lot of friend and introvert. But one night I awake and said must do something. I wrote down the qualifications I waned from the man, my soul mate – and I call myself the rule girl and play with my rule. And that’s how I search from the internet the love of my live. The law of attraction means you are purposely attract what you want. The law of attraction requires your active participation, EFFORT, EFFORT EFFORT and not passively dreaming and do not do anything. Do your part. I keep writing until then I found the man of my love I would say meet my specification, tall, engineer, smart, trustworthy, simple, and so forth and so forth. Now I am in USA. If I did now attract the one I wish I will be still single, lonely and sad. I moved from JAKARTA to CHICAGO. well people may say too good to be true but it work, it work and it still continue to work. Now I keep ordering from the UNIVERSE. The universe is waiting for you, there is no end because the universe is and endless place for those who believe with the law. NOW dear friends makes your order.


  • I am lucky that I found this web blog, precisely the right information that I was searching for!

  • This is the first time if has been explained in a way that makes sense to me. Others just say work with your subconscious, ok but how? Your explanation makes much more sense and simpler to understand.I see areas where I need improvement.

  • This is the first time if has been explained in a way that makes sense to me. Others just say work with your subconscious, ok but how? Your explanation makes much more sense and simpler to understand.I see areas where I need improvement.

  • This is the first time if has been explained in a way that makes sense to me. Others just say work with your subconscious, ok but how? Your explanation makes much more sense and simpler to understand.I see areas where I need improvement.

  • Everything you talk about regarding the Universe is against any scientific principles known to man.

    Except you of course. Oh and a few other hucksters looking to make some cash out of ideas that we’d be laughing our ass off if they were in history books from 250 years ago.

  • I have been applying the law of attraction for the past 2 months. I am trying to attract more money to help my situation. Nothing has happened yet, wondering if I am doing it right? To keep hearing about other people stories does hell. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Once I started using LOA I found that TV was potentially detrimental. Since TV stimulated that and provokes strong emotion, I got better results when I cut it out of my life all together. I would love to see a news program that is made with respect to LOA where they don’t focus on the negative or at least spend very little time on it.

  • Thank you for sharing your success story and the things you were able to accomplish by using the law of attraction. I just found out about this a couple days ago and I already feel very motivated to begin applying it to my life.

  • Indeed an illuminating article and nice set of directions to seize complete control of mind. The whole article is worth referring time and again. Thanks.

  • Indeed an illuminating article and nice set of directions to seize complete control of mind. The whole article is worth referring time and again. Thanks.

  • The spell cast by [] made wonders, if you have search for a powerful spell caster to restore relationship and they have all failed you then i will advise you to run to robinson buckler, call him and you will have your lover back
    Jennifer USA……………

  • Yes it’s so awesome and divine the way he achived his things by changing internally.
    Law of attraction always works and we constantly manifist out dreams. We just need to be sure what we are asking for.

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  • Get the exciting new book!
    Mystic Secrets of the Law of Attraction
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  • Dear Phil,

    You know, I am not exactly sure how I stumbled across your blog, right to this blog post. What you wrote was very inspiring and thank you very much for sharing this with everyone :) Your personal experience and honesty was very refreshing! This is the first time I heard of Wayne Dryer and will definitely check out his book! Thank you Phil!

  • This is a real good article. However, I still have a couple of questions. First, how long does it take for “it” to work? Does it depend on how bad you want it? And second, will thinking the way explained in the article change your physical appearance too? Thanks.

  • […] you ever take some time to watch the documentary The Secret, you’ll learn that your thoughts turn into things. That means, if you’re always thinking you’re unhappy and you are stuck, then […]

  • Empowering !

  • I do not believe so at all as I see many parallels between traditional religious views and the Law of Attraction. My personal view is that God creates through us…and it is our connection to God (or the universe/spirit guides/angels/etc) that allows creation to flow easily and pleasantly. In my opinion, our connection is evidence through our feelings, and the better we feel, the more connected we are.

  • Fantastic blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

    Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid
    option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely overwhelmed ..

    Any tips? Thanks a lot!

  • I liked your blog post about law of attraction but you can get lot more info about it over here :

  • First I would like to say that I truly want everyone of you to succeed and have everything you desire in your life, so here’s a Tip to help you along your way..

    An intense Desire is key, as stated in the blog, and it’s actually a Principle! but how would you go about “creating” and “intensifying” a desire for something you want?

    Here it is: Remember when you first fell in love? I know everyone one of you have! Well.. Wasn’t a desire CREATED the moment you SAW that person? Also, did the feeling of desire intensified the more you SAW that person? Yes, and yes!

    You’ve been applying the first principle of “Desire” all along, you only have to EXPOSE yourself to whatever it is you want in real life! And you increase the desire by RE-EXPOSURE over and over!

  • So let me get this right…I want a new car…I believe it I want it…and the law of attraction gives it to me? I still really don’t get it

  • yo! I’m Phil too. I just began working through “Thinking into Results”

    Thanks for the tips.

    I want my goal more then anything i’ve ever wanted

  • Wow man! I Thought to myself; “-Well, so the Law of attraction is, in a way, a tool to beat the odds.” So I gave it a little test with coin flipping to see how fast I could manifest using your exact steps cultivating then for a couple of minutes. I choose Heads and I got it…10 times in roll. o.O I guess lottery is next Hahaha

  • Awesome Law Of Attraction I Been Trying Loa For About 2 to 3 Months Now Its So Awesome What Your Mind Can Bring Forth Money Just Keeps On Coming All Because Law Of Attraction.

  • i do not know about the Law of Attraction previously, but when i know about this through my teacher i realize that whenever i went to my home via train, my reserved train coach stops exact my position where ever i stay on the platform. the platform has two bridges and i do not know, my coach stops nearby that bridge form which i entered and sometimes such conditions happen that( buying water bottle or place where crowd is less or etc), these condition reaches me that exact position. it happened me form 2 years (aprrox. 7-8 times till now ).
    i think this should be the LOA..

  • Nice lines written by you.I know the concept and I am also applying it.Thankyou for posting.

  • hey Phil,
    It is very useful article about law of attraction.
    Do you have any ideas for improving grades in education? please reply.It will prove so helpful for my students.
    Thank you,
    Greetings from India.

  • I find it very interesting it gives me something to motivate myself because I never heard of the laws of attraction this is the first time I’m hearing about it it has me very intrigued and I’m going to do this and whatever has to Universal on the stick to it I’m going to meditate in the morning and I meditate at night before I go to bed and I’m a focus on exactly that thank you so much I really appreciate it even if I have to come back to this website over and over again to get a better understanding I will do that thank you very much again I really appreciate it yours truly James B Banks

  • I’ve been studying the law of attraction for years. Nothing has ever worked out like you and all the other teachers say it does. How did all the gurus make their money? By talking about ways to make money. You had success because you went balls to the wall and made it happen. You have interesting and useful products that people want. Nothing more.

  • Can I attract someone famous, just to be friends,even though we live in 2 different countries

  • Can I attract someone famous, just to be friends,even though we live in 2 different countries.and if yes how do i do it

  • Can I attract someone famous, just to be friends,even though we live in 2 different countries.and if yes how do i do it.thanks for the article,

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