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The Future is Now

Dreaming about the future is great. It’s one of my favourite activities.

But at some point, we gotta realise that the future is created right now.

Everyday, through the actions we take & the small decisions we make, we are planting the seeds of our future.

Whatever will happen in our life 6 months, 12 months from now… is a direct result of the efforts we put in today.


What do you want to create in 2012? Have you started taking action towards it? 


For a while now, I’ve had a vision for this website. I want it to be more than just a blog. I want it to be a meeting place for like-minded individuals who want to learn cool things, share their knowledge, and help each other out.

I want it to be a Feel Good Community.

So far it had only been a dream. Something that was going to be awesome… in the future.

But now that 2012 has rolled around, I’ve decided that the Future is NOW.


If you’re the kind of person who reads this site, I know you have big dreams too. I know you want to make things happen.

And I know it can scary. My dreams scare me everyday. But they motivate me at the same time. ‘Cuz damn, it’s a great feeling to pursue something worthwhile and get a bit closer everyday!

And now, with The Feel Good Community you’ll have a great resource of at your disposals. You’ll be “surrounded” by other people who are going for it, figuring out this great adventure called life, and having fun along the way.


My friends, it’s really a matter of deciding to *really* go for it.  Taking that leap of faith, and… jumping.

Committing to our vision & to pursuing it.

I recently went to Hawaii with my family and on a little expedition, we recorded a video that gives a cool visual representation of this concept, check it:


As I wrote in my 12 Tips to Make 2012 Your Breakthrough year, this year we all need to take action more. Thinking, planning and strategising are all nice & well, but in the end it’s actions that separate people.

And as such I’ve taken my first real action to make the Feel Good Community a dream come true.

I’ve created a new section to the site, called Feel Good Stories, and I need your help to fill it up!

I’m asking you to take action and take just a few minutes to send me YOUR feel good story!

Make it fun, make it original, and let your imagination flow.

If you’ve experimented with any of the ideas & strategies on this site,  either The Cold Shower Challenge, The Best Breakfast in the World, or you’ve started becoming Limitless and more unreasonable, or if you’ve been inspired to become the best version of yourself and live more fully, please share it with me & the world.

By sharing your story, your successes & discoveries you will inspire others to go for it and create their own Feel Good Lifestyle.

So please send me your story (100-500 words), and a picture if possible at phil@feelgoodlifestyle, on Facebook, or in the comments section below!

Thank you so much, and here’s to making 2012 a Feel Good year!!!


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  • AMAZING video! Love it, and love your idea for the Feel Good Community. I don’t feel as if I’ve got much of a story to share, but I’ll give it my best shot!

    • Totally love the song on the video too. Perfect choice. What is it?

      • Thanks Rebecca :) This video was totally a spur-of-moment creation but I thought It’d add a bit of spice to the post!

        The song is Dirty South & Thomas Gold Vs. Hardwell feat. Kate Elsworth – Louder Alive (Feel Adrox Mashup)

        In another life I would have loved to be a DJ so making videos & putting good tracks is the next best thing I can do :)

  • Maybe it’s time to get a message board/forum up in this mutha!?

    • Hey Jay, absolutely. That’s phase 2 of the project. I want to make it cool & integrated (a la so it’s going to take a bit of work. Hopefully it’ll be up & running by the end of Feb!

  • WOW DUDE!!!!

    haha, I remember you were going to write this right after our last skype chat lol…

    Didn’t know it was going to be attached to this awesome video! I loved it. Great timing with the music…


    One of my goals in 2012, is to just simply DO MORE. Seriously… I tend to think to much. Sometimes our thought process can hurt us. So this year… I DO!!!!

    Surfs up!

    p.s. I totally had that idea for the NOW watch WTF!!!!

    • Impromptu inspiration, what can I say! :) Yeah I love adding tracks to videos.. it’s the best part!

      Yeah dude I think we have already enough ideas, now it’s time to focusing on EXECUTION for the next few months.. GSD baby!Getting shit DONE!!!

  • I wanted to write a message to you, Phil, out of gratitude. I really love your website and you inspire me so much! I read alot of the things you’ve written and it’s with me inside my head for a long time after I read it… really affecting me.

    I’m 21 years old and has during the last 2 years battled depression which got worse and worse. The past months I’ve been getting better and better and I know what I want from life. Reading and finding inspiration is a must for me, it works and I love it!

    Even if I feel I’m still not completely recovered I’ve been getting almost happy I went through all my horrible trouble in life at such early age (began when I was 11), becouse it has given me an enormous appetite for personal development and taking care of myself, and also having dreams.

    So *THANK YOU* Phil, know that you change the world! I wish you endless power!


    • Hey Erik, wow thank you so much for your message. Really warms my heart.

      I’m really happy to hear that you’re getting better and that the ideas I share are impacting you positively. The fact that you’re already into personal development at age 21 is amazing. By the time you’re my age you’ll have an extraordinary wealth of knowledge.

      One thing I’m starting to notice though is there gets a point where you pretty much know most of the important stuff..and it really becomes a question of how much you apply it. Evne for me the last 2 weeks I’ve been a bit lazy and haven’t been as disciplined with my good habits and I really felt my morale go down. So super important to not only learn but also apply these ides.

      I’m excited to hear how things keep progressing for you over the next year. Keep me informed and don’t hesitae to get in touch with me by email ( if you have a question or anything.

      Cheers brother!

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