On Becoming Superhuman: How to Be Smarter, Increase Your IQ & Become Limitless


“Today, the greatest single source of wealth is between your ears. Today, wealth is contained in brainpower, not brutepower.” -Brian Tracy

Reading time: 10-15 minutes

Do you ever wish you could be just a bit smarter? That you could think a bit faster, be wittier, and solve complex problems with ease?

Me too. In fact, it happens often.

Why? Because even though I’ve always been fairly smart, I didn’t hit the intellectual genetic jackpot.

Getting good grades and holding my own in intellectual conversations was never particularly hard, but there’s always been a few people a step ahead of me.

And to be honest, I was a bit jealous. I wish I was born with their mental superpowers. Deep down, I thought if I could somehow increase my brainpower, then I could really achieve anything I want.

But I’ve always figured there wasn’t too much I could do about it. Some people are super smart, some people aren’t quite so lucky…  that’s just the way it is.

Today, I’m going to share with you something extremely powerful, something I’ve discovered recently and haven’t shared with anyone yet:

Intelligence is not a set thing. The level of intelligence we are born with is only a starting point, and regardless of our genetic make-up, it is absolutely possible to get smarter, increase our IQ, and maybe even become… Limitless.


How It All Started: Watching Limitless

This whole adventure started a few months ago, when I decided to watch the movie Limitless. I very rarely watch movies, but this one intrigued me. I popped it on, laid on the couch and… I was soon captivated by Bradley Cooper’s character rise from Average Joe to Intellectual Jedi, thanks to a “magic” pill he started taking.

These new-found cognitive powers opened up a whole new world of possibilities for him: his unremarkable existence transformed into a life in the fast-lane, as he started achieving exceptional results in everything, and surpassed his wildest dreams along the way.

“You know they say we can only access 20% of our brain? This lets you access all of it.” ~Limitless

As I watched that movie, something switched on inside me.

I couldn’t stop thinking “Is it somehow possible to supercharge our mental powers, become smarter, and start achieving more than we’ve ever dreamed?”

I decided right there & then that I had to find a way to make this happen in real-life.

So I got busy. Over the ensuing months, I spent countless hours researching, learning, and experimenting, with the goal of making myself smarter & putting my own life in the fast-lane.


Discovering Neuroscience

“There’s a revolution going on. There used to be two systems of knowledge: hard science- chemistry, physics, biophysics- on the hand, and, on the other, a system of knowledge that included ethology, psychology, and psychiatry. And now it’s as if a lightning bolt had connected the two. It’s all one system: neuroscience.” ~Candace Pert, Neurochemist at the American National Institute of Mental Health

4 months ago, I had never studied, or even thought about, the field of neuroscience.  But as soon I started learning about neuroplasticity, neurotransmitters & synaptic connection,  binaural beats & brainwave frequencies, and brain-derived neurotrophic factors, I was absolutely enthralled. I knew I had stumbled into something that would forever change my life.

I knew things were about to get real interesting.

The Future Has Arrived

25 years ago, David Krech, Ph.D, Psychologist at the University of  California-Berkeley, said: “I foresee the day when we shall have the means, and therefore, inevitably, the temptation, to manipulate the behaviour and intellectual functioning of all people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.

This day has arrived my friends.

4 months into this journey, I haven’t fully cracked the code yet, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that I’m smarter than I’ve ever been (as you will see below). I’m sharper, my thoughts are clearer, I can get anything done quicker, and a lot of cool things are starting to happen in my life.

There are times when I really do feel like Bradley Cooper. One move ahead. Or 50.


This is no joke, and I’m not here to brag. My goal is to share my discoveries with you, so you too can start unlocking your brain’s full power, and live life in the fast-lane.

Now I’m about to take you on a journey through the 10 best strategies I’ve discovered so far to enhance mental performance naturally (in no particular order).

You’re about to enter a whole new world of possibilities. 

Enjoy the ride. 


1- Brain Training with Lumosity

One of the first thing I discovered was that the human brain is in many ways similar to a muscle. It’s highly trainable, and it adapts & evolves based on the stimuli we give it. This is basically what neuroplasticity is all about.

And just like anyone has the power to reshape his/her body and increase their athletic performance through physical training, cognitive training allows anyone to significantly increase mental performance over time by forming new neurons & creating new neural pathways.

I started training with Lumosity 5 months ago (before this blog was even born), but I didn’t really take it seriously at first. But when I saw Limitless, I got pumped & motivated so I stared training everyday, for 15 minutes (it’s all it takes).

Lumosity is a series of games and was designed by leading neuroscientists to challenge certain parts of the brain, and it’s backed by science from Stanford, Cal-Berkeley, and the University of Michigan. But the best part?  The games are enjoyable, and it’s super motivating to beat our best scores as our brain gets more “in shape”.

After training for a couple months, I listened to audio version of the book  The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge MD, and I was astonished by his description of near-miracles achieved through brain training, mostly amongst people who had had cerebral accidents, or suffered from certain cognitive disabilities.

That’s when I realized just how powerful brain training could be. And it got me thinking… “if people with cognitive impairments can get these kinds of results, what would happen a “healthy” person brain-trained properly”?

So I amped up my training, to 30-60 minutes 4-5x a week. I got serious about it. And then things really picked up.

Lumosity’s website is well-designed and lets us  compare our performance with the other members our age group within the 14 million users. It uses a measure called Brain Performance Index (BPI) which is Lumosity’s equivalent of the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). A BPI of 1000 represents the average of all Lumosity “brain athletes” amongst our age group.

When I first started training, I set myself the ambitious goal of reaching the 99th percentile (“shoot for the stars, and even if you miss you’ll land on the moon”).  I’m not there yet, but lo & behold, I’m getting close!!!


Lumosity also tracks our progress over time, which helps show to show how trainable the brain is over time. (Each dot represents 1 week)

These results are a testament to my training, but also to the effectiveness of the following 9 strategies, which I’ve been implementing along the way.

2-Intermittent Fasting

By now, most of you probably have probably read my article on the mind-blowing benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF), and are aware that I recently went 25 days in a row of IF, fasting for 16 hours daily and eating  generously during the other 8 hours.

I did it with the goal of achieving fast weight loss, better health, and supreme fitness, and I believe those have all been accomplished (sorry I haven’t been able to write the follow-up article yet).  But something even crazier happened. Something I did not anticipate at all.

Intermittent Fasting made me smarter.

At first, I wasn’t too sure. I could feel exceptional levels of mental clarity during my fasts, and then when I started smashing my best scores on Lumosity I knew something was happening.

So I decided to look into it more deeply. And I found the answer.

Fasting has been shown scientifically to increase production of something called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF),  a protein in the brain that is instrumental to neurogenesis (development of new neurons) and the creation of synapses (connections between neurons).

According to Micheal Eades, MD, BDNF is also “neuroprotective against stress and toxic insults to the brain” and, as bonus, “humans with greater levels of BDNF have lower levels of depression.” You can check out the full article Dr. Eades wrote for Tim Ferriss’ blog here.

Basically what happens is that Intermittent Fasting creates a mild stress to the brain, which overcompensates by releasing more BDNF. As I said earlier, the human brain is highly reactive to the kind of stimuli we give it.

What this translates to… is that as soon as I started fasting, my mental performance really jumped up. Shit got real.

To increase your production of BDNF through IF, I believe that even once a week would be beneficial. As leading neuroscientist Mark P. Mattson tells,  ”in normal health subjects, moderate fasting — maybe one day a week or cutting back on calories a couple of days a week — will have health benefits for most anybody.”

If you were tempted to give IF a shot after reading my first article but weren’t so sure, maybe now is a good time to start? Believe me, it’s not nearly as challenging as you think.

3- Exercise To Be Smarter

I want to cement the idea that exercise has a profound impact on cognitive abilities and mental health.”
John Ratey MD, Harvard Psychiastrist

Now that you’re familiar with BDNF, here’s another way to increase your brain’s production of this awesome protein: good ol’ exercise!

Indeed, in studies on both humans, and mice, BDNF levels have been shown to increase significantly in people who exercise.

And it gets even better. As you know, exercise increases the secretions of feel-good hormone endorphins (which literally means “endogenous morphin”- morphin produced from within), and an increase in endorphins has been shown by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Andrew Schally to improve rats’ ability to take on challenging tasks such as maze-running.

In his book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, John Ratey MD tells the fascinating story of Naperville Central High School in Chicago, where everyday, the first class of the day is Physical Education. This was started as an experiment in the 1990’s, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

In 1999, the 8th grade-students were not only among the healthiest in the nation (3% obesity rate vs 30% national average), but they are also some of the smartest in the world. These students were among 230,000 world-wide to take the TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematic and Science Study) test, and Naperville ranked #6 in the world in math and #1 in Science, in front of a hoist of top schools from China, Japan, and Singapore, and far ahead of any other US school.

In 2010, Naperville Central’s junior class had a record 14 perfect ACT scores.

Now why more schools don’t implement daily Physical Education is beyond me, but that’s another discussion for another day.

But what this means for us is simple: we already know exercise is beneficial in countless ways, and now we know it makes us smarter. So naturally it’s time to get off our ass and start exercising everyday.

Generally, I do a 10 minute “wake-up run” & 10 minutes of yoga in morning to get a sweat going and myself in optimal state for the day ahead, and then I do another more intense 1 hour workout in the afternoon.

At the very least, you should follow the advice Matthew McCaughney offered shortly after being named World’s Sexiest Man in 2005: “Whether it’s going for a run, dancing or loving, my rule is break one sweat a day.”

Make it fun. Explore nature. Break a sweat. Feel good, get fit, and get smart.

This awesome photo was shot by Chase Jarvis

4- Challenging Skills-Acquisition

Whenever we learn a new challenging skill, we force our brain to evolve and create new neural pathways.

There are 2 main-types of Challenging skills that help make us smarter:

1)Motor skills

At Naperville Central High School, their Physical Education classes don’t simply consist of going jogging. They purposely take on challenging activities such as line dancing, to stimulate the student’s brain while giving their body a workout.

Tim Ferriss is a notorious adept of learning new motor skills, like tango dancing, surfing, and Yabasume, a crazy Japanese sport consisting of horseback archery.

I train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a highly technical martial art that uses leverage to allow weaker individual to defeat strongers foes. It’s a ton of fun and an amazing workout, but there’s honestly times when my brain hurts from trying to grasp the complex techniques. I still forget the steps to new moves all the time, but I try to console myself thinking that at least I’m getting good brain workout.

I’ve been using some of Ferriss’ techniques from the above video to improve my learning & retention rate (such as mental rehearsal/visualization right before bed) but it is one the most challenging activities I do on a regular basis.

2) Language Acquisition

In a recent blog post, Ferriss wrote “language learning deserves special mention here. It is, bar none, the best thing you can do to hone clear thinking.” While I disagree with his assertion that it’s the best thing for clear thinking (see strategy #5), there is no doubt that it’s highly beneficial.

While I’ve only acquired 1 new language so far, English (French is my mother tongue), this is something I can’t wait to get more into now that I’m finally done with my Master’s Degree & formal education. Spanish & Portuguese are the first 2 on my list.

Languages acquisition offers a two-fold advantage- the increase in brainpower from learning, and the opportunity to travel and discover the world in whole new way.

See you soon, South America! :)

5- Meditation with the Brain Evolution System

Meditation is a very ancient self-development method, and has been shown to provide wonderful cognitive benefits.

Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin, has led experiments in cooperation with the Dalai Lama on effects of meditation on the brain. His results suggest that long-term, or short-term practice of meditation results in different levels of activity in brain regions associated with such qualities as attention, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, the ability of the body to heal itself, and so on.

In recent times, Meditation has taken a quantum leap forward, with the introduction of a technology called binaural beats. This is a total game-changer, as these controlled auditory tones & soundwaves create brain entrainment, which results in the creation of specific brainwave frequencies.

Dr. Margaret Patterson, in collaboration with biochemist Dr. Ifor Capel, have shown that inducing appropriate frequencies in the brain dramatically speeds up the production of a variety of neurotransmitters including serotonin, acethylcoline, and endorphins.

Not only are these neurotransmitters absolutely fantastic in terms of improving mood and helping us feel good naturally, they are also instrumental in increasing mental performance:


In this study, Mark P Mattson demonstrated that “5-HT (serotonin) stimulates the expression of BDNF, and BDNF enhances the growth and survival of 5-HT neurons.” Basically Serotonin & BDNF act in synergy and help each other perform their tasks better. Sweet deal.


While reading the book Thresholds of the Mind, I learned that “a research team in Palo Alto found that a group of normal human subjects, given substances that increased acetylcholine production in the brain, showed great improvement in long-term memory.”

This finding was confirmed by a study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where a group of students taking acetylcholine experienced both enhanced memory and an increased ability to learn.


Not only has an increase in endorphins been shown to increase mice’s performance in maze-running, but in the book Megabrain, author Michael Hutchison explains that scientists now believe that the moment learning takes place- the “aha” moment- is when a particular reality has been selected and filtered by our endorphins and is suddenly apprehended by our brain.


Finally here’s the kicker: binaural beats create brain synchronicity, described by Leester Fehri from Princeton University as “the maximum efficiency of information through the whole brain”. As the soundwaves force both hemispheres to operate on the same frequency, the brain needs to build new pathways to bridge the 2.

Over time, this allows for “whole-brain thinking”, which Michael Gelb describes as a common trait of geniuses in his great book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.

That technology is seriously amazing. All you have to do is sit there (or even lay down), relax, and it does the rest for you as you become zen and develop mental superpowers, naturally.

So how do you get started with binaural beat meditation?

I’ve done a lot of research and tried several different programs, and I believe that most effective one (by a significant margin) is the Brain Evolution System. It is very powerful and has greatly helped me become more focused, more creative and less stressed. You can pick up a free demo or the full program right here.

6- Using Your Smart Phone Smartly

Most people use their smart phone in quite a dumb way. Incessant emails, mindless games, and too much time checking Facebook or Twitter.

But if used properly, SmartPhones can actually contribute to making us smarter. Here’s how:

a) Reading interesting stuff through Google Reader.

Blog posts are such a powerful way to learn and challenge our brain with new ideas. The good bloggers put in a lot of work in creating impactful content that is concise, entertaining, and applicable. If you read 3 insightful blog posts everyday (10-15 minutes), that’s at least 3 good ideas into your head. It challenges you to think on a higher level and see things in a different light.

Every time you’ve got a few minutes off in your day, instead of doing mindless stuff on your phone, use that time to feed your mind amazing information. It’ll pay off big time down the road.

There’s a lot of brilliant blogs out there, but right now my favourite are: Under30CEO, High Existence, The 99 Percent and  Tim Ferriss.

b) Audiolearning

Audiobooks, Podcasts, Ted Talks… they’re all wonderful ways to learn effortlessly. Believe me, cleaning the kitchen goes by way quicker when you’re learning something interesting about a topic you’re passionate about. But also, by listening to stimulating content, it constantly challenges the brain to form new neurons & synaptic connections, making full use of the high BDNF count developed with the other strategies.

My favourite current resources are the amazing Philosopher’s Notes, Audiobooks from Audibles.com, and these podcasts: Stanford Entrepreneurial Thoughts Leaders, The Rise to the TopTED Talks , and of course The Feel Good Podcast :)

c) Setting up Reminders & Alarms

If you’re like me, you struggle with keeping track of future commitments. I’ve always hated agendas, and relied mainly on memory. For me, this works about 99% of the time, which is really good… except for 1% of the time. So lately I’ve started using my iPhone’s calendar app, which allows me to quickly set up reminder 24 hours, and once again 30 minutes before something.

Not only does it prevent me from forgetting stuff and possibly upsetting people, but it also frees up a lot of my mental RAM which I can use for other things.

7- Sleep Optimization

“Sleep is the great force multiplier” ~Tim Ferriss

We all know it, we’re a lot smarter when we’re well rested than when we’re tired. But the “hidden third of life” is something most people don’t pay enough attention to.

While Ferriss has his own ideas on the matter, I believe it comes down to 3 main things:

1) Figuring out our best periods of mental performance, and building our sleep cycle around it.

I’ve always been in Superman mode from 11pm to 3am, so I make sure to be awake and do some challenging activities at that time. Most of the content you find on this website was created during epic late-night writing sessions.

2) Experimenting with polyphasic sleep

I can’t find a reference to it, but I read somewhere that in studies where they put people in a room with no idea of the time of the day, and no outside stimuli, subjects gravitated towards sleeping twice every 24 hours, one 6 hour period and one 2 hour period.

I personally sleep about 6 hours at night, and take a 1 hour nap-atation (meditation with Holosync & nap) everyday.

Many great thinkers in history were avid nappers, including Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, and Napoleon Bonaparte, and one day when I run a company with many employees, they will not only be allowed, but encouraged, to take a nap at work in the afternoon.

3) Eating before bed

This is something I got from  The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman. The idea is quite simple: if we don’t eat before bed, by the time we are in the last few hours of our night, our blood sugar level drops and our sleep becomes less restful.

Each night before bed, I have a 3 chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk (because it’s delicious and because the milk provides slow-digested protein called casein) and 5 brazil nuts (because they are highest source of selenium, which helps increase testosterone production overnight).

8- Omega 3 Intake

Did you know that a large part of our brain is made up of fat? I learned that recently, and it sounds crazy but it’s true.

The neuron membrane (or wall) is made up of “good” fat and in order for the neurons to communicate properly, these membranes need to be flexible to allow vital molecules to pass through.

Studies have shown that diets rich in Omega-3 can result in increased learning ability, problem-solving skills, focus, memory, and communication between cells. Omega-3 has also been shown to help promote a positive mood and emotional balance, and can help people maintain healthy mental ability as they age.

I generally aim for about 10g of fish oil per day (1800mg EPA / 1200mg DHA).

To mitigate the risk of heavy metal (ie, mercury) contamination, I take it in conjunction with Chlorella, a marine superfood & chemical relative of Spirulina known for its exceptional detoxifying properties.

9- Brain Boosting Beverages

Energy drinks are massively overrated in my opinion. Full of sugar and weird chemicals, there are undoubtedly better alternatives out there. Coffee certainly does boost mental performance but it is also highly acidic which is not ideal from a biochemistry standpoint (the body operates better in a slightly alkaline state).

The following 3 Brain Boosting Beverages not only provide a temporary mental boost, they also contribute to increasing our health & vitality levels over time.

1) Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate

According to Ian A. Macdonald from the University of Nottingham’s Medical school, “certain food components like cacao flavonols may be beneficial in increasing brain blood flow and enhancing brain function.”

I know this to be true from experience. I basically went through my whole Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) by drinking Cacao during every study session, assignment, and exam. I’ve also used it extensively to increase my inspiration & energy when writing.

Cacao is sensational from a nutritional standpoint. It’s the best food in the world with the naturally highest levels in anti-oxidants (2x higher than Acai berries, 8x higher than Goji berries, and about 15x higher than red wine & green tea), it has the highest levels of muscle relaxing magnesium, and it’s super high in iron, chromium, manganese and zinc.

But Cacao’s most extraordinary aspect is its unique neuro-enhancing properties. It contains PEA (same feel-good compound our body produces when we fall in love), Anadamide (also known as the “bliss” chemical), tryptophan (pre-cursor to serotonin) and serotonin itself. It also contains Theobromine, a chemical relative of caffeine.

No wonder “Cacao” literally means “Food of Gods” in the Aztec dialect!

I make a hot drink of Raw Cacao Powder (2 large spoonfuls), hot (but not boiling) water, coconut cream, agave syrup, and cinnamon. It’s divine, and it makes me feel goooood.

Earlier this year, I got 13kg of some of the finest Raw Cacao powder in the world from Roar Superfoods. I had originally planned on repacking it and selling it for a profit, but I gave up on the idea and just started plowing through the bag myself. 12 months later, I’ve almost had the full 13kg bag!

2) My Brainpower Tea Creation

I discovered Yerba Mate through Tim Ferriss, who’s an avid proponent of this Argentinian herbal drink containing 3 different of neuro-stimulants.

But I’ve taken it a step further. I now regularly drink 1L of a drink made of Yerba Mata, Gingko Biloba (reported to increase blood flow to the brain), green tea, and ginseng. I simply buy them individually and mix them all together and add hot (but not boiling) water.

3) Matcha Green Tea

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that green tea offers fantastic health benefits. Well, Matcha is like green tea on steroids.

First used in Japan over 800 years ago, the Zen monks who drank it noticed they had better concentration and help keep them feelling alert. It’s made from high-quality Gyokuro green tea leaves that are crushed and pulverized, and result in fine bright green powder. Nowadays, it is used in traditional tea ceremonies and special occasions in Japan, but I just drink it every morning. One cup of Matcha is roughly equivalent to 10 cups of normal green tea in terms of phytonutrients & flavanoids.

 10- Alpha Brain

Remember how this all started with Limitless? Well, my newest discovery is as close as it gets to the pill found in the movie. It’s called Alpha Brain.

It’s a supplement that contains a mix of natural plant extracts full of neuro-nutrients and is designed to improve brain cognition, bloodflow to the brain, synaptic connections, neurotransmitter production, memory, and more.

It looks like it’s not only beneficial in the short-run, but also excellent to decrease mental decline. In his book Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul (And, of Course, Surfing), Big Wave surfer extraordinaire Laird Hamilton ranks nootropics (neural supplements) as his #1 supplement, to minimize mental decline as he gets older.

I have been experimenting with Alpha Brain for over a month now and I am very happy with the results. I take 1 pill first thing in the morning, and 30 minutes later I feel my mental powers rising. The effects generally last 6 hours, after which point I have my nap-itation, and then I sometimes have a another pill upon waking up depending on my plans for the evening.

So far, I have not experienced any adverse effects and the reviews from other users are also very positive.

If you’re interested in giving Alpha Brain a shot, click here (affiliate link).

You can read all about the different components and the scientific backing behind Alpha Brain right here.

 Final Thought: The Future Is Bright

It’s difficult to try to responsibly convey some sense of excitement about what’s going on. You try to be more conservative and not say such wild and intriguing things, but damn! The field is wild and intriguing. It’s hard to avoid talking that way… we are at a frontier, and it’s a terribly exciting time to be in this line of work.”  John Kiebeskind, UCLA Neurophysiologist

This is only the beginning my friends. It’s obvious, from the literature & research that’s out there, and from my personal experience, that we’re just scratching the surface.

I get excited simply thinking about the possibilities.We now have the tools & technologies to speed our own evolution. Within our lifetime, we can catapult ourselves into a whole new sphere of human performance.

Now more than ever, I believe that it’s within anyone’s reach to rise & shine, create a dream life, and “make a dent in the Universe”.

As Henry David Thoreau once said, “I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavour.”

But no pill is enough to harness the full power of your brain: the true extraordinary benefits come from integrating all these strategies into your own Feel Good Lifestyle.

Trust me though, once you start, you won’t want to stop. Feeling limitless just feels too damn good.

See you in the fast-lane!


Update: If you really enjoyed this article and you’re committed to taking your brain performance to the next level… In the coming months I will be launching a special course to help you increase your IQ and achieve limitless performance in your life.

If you’d like to hear more about the course, simply enter your email below and I’ll send you some updates on this exciting new project project.


 And please share this post, because that’s how more people can unlock their full mental potential


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  • Some of these make total sense. Alpha Brain is expensive and didnt do shit for me, even when i had to up my dosage to 5-6 pills a day.

    • Hey Anil, sorry to hear that. My theory on this is that it works so well for me because I use it in conjunction with everything else. Good luck implementing the other strategies!

      • Also, everyone’s brain chemistry is different. I’ve gotten a few of my friends here in Perth to try it and a couple days later they’d already ordered the 90-pill pack because they were loving it so much. Trying it is really to only way to find it.

        • You are so full of it. Lol! But I guess if you are getting paid for all the endorsements… One would say anything. What a sell out.

          • “Sellout” – this is the exact word I was looking for when I was skimming through the post.

        • It could be a placebo effect.

          • I tend to agree; 90% of the time even if something works amazingly; if you don’t believe that it does it won’t work (or won’t work as well) for you. The mind is a very powerful thing..

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  • Nice article man but you mentioned Tim Ferris 9 times, did you just read the book ?

    • Haha Alan, I didn’t realize that. I guess it’s just because I do really look up to him and his work and he’s the only perform I know who does as much publicised self-experimentaiton. I read the 4 hour body about 6 months ago and it’s what plunged me into all these “Becoming Superhuman experiments”.

      I’d love to work with him in the future though, gotta be honest. I’m building myself up to be able to able to push his ideas further.

      • Dave Asprey is the new Ferris!

  • Just a suggestion… if you plan on using this blog to be your “job” (basically, I mean to pay the bills), you should definitely consider getting an editor, as there are many grammar errors and typos. Otherwise, it doesn’t come off as very professional.

    • Hey Anonymous, you’re right. I’ll do that when I get back to Canada, thanks.

      I finished writing this article at 5am because of tight deadlines with my travel plans so I didn’t have time to edit it properly and wanted to get it out there, but will do so now.

      • I would be more than happy to work as your editor.

        • LOL

      • I love your positivity and sharing such great info with us, so I was more focused on that then on the grammar! Thank you!

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  • Nice article, Phil. One of my faves so far, keep it up :)

    • Thank Hayley appreciate it! Have fun with Holosync :)

    • Phil, this article has been so Inspiring, keep up the hard work…

  • Many of the things on the list I’ve heard and tried, but I’ve never combined for an extended period and tracked my results. This is very inspiring. I want to do this. I feel that if I do most of the things on the list, I could become overwhelmed or my body won’t like the extreme changes (like changing my sleep schedule and fasting). Do you agree? Any advice for that?

    • Thank Dave. I think the trick is to start with the #1 thing you feel would be most beneficial, work it into a habit, and then add on a second one.. then a 3rd one.

      The reason why most people fail with their New Years resolution is because they have too many and overwhelm themselves. Start with the most powerful one and go from there.

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  • Hey Phil,

    Incredible article. Learned a ton. Lumosity sounds so fascinating that I just may give it a try!

    I watched Limitless a few months back too and kept thinking, “I totally believe humans can do that!”

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    • Thanks brother! Don’t just think about Lumosity… do it! We spend so much working out our body, what’s 15 minutes/day to train our brain?!!


  • Phil, it’s so ironic that I literally just finished watching the movie Limitless for the first time and this link popped up on High Existence. Funny how life works like that.

    I wanted to thank you for all of the useful information! I am definitely going to be implementing some of these activities into my life. I discovered Luminosity last year but haven’t used it on a regular basis. I’ll definitely be spending more time with the app.

    I actually had a question for you concerning the fasting: Do you find that your body is able to withstand a strenuous work out each day during the middle of your fast? Or do you stick strictly to a 10 minute jog and yoga session for your main source of exercise? Just curious because I know how much my body needs energy during a workout. I was wondering if I could implement the fast while still exercising at my max.

    Thanks again man! I really appreciate your work.


    • Hey David, I don’t know if I’d call it ironic, or a case of serependity. :) But either way, that’s awesome and probably a sign that it’s time to step up your game!

      Awesome about Lumosity. Let me know how it goes.

      RE: Fasting & Training, yes I was able to train hard during the fast. I did my last month of training for the Anaconda Race while fasting. The keys were to have the workout at the end of the fast, so that I could eat & replenish after, and to have 10g of BCAA’s before and after training. It does make it a bit more challenging ‘cuz you do feel to hunger but if you can overcome that mental hurdle you can still perform at a high level in the training. It could probably help to have some water + lemon while training, at least keep somethign in your stomach.

      GIve it a shot, it’s the only way to know how your body will react. Good luck!

      • I’ve just got the same, finished the movie and got a link next day from facebook from someone

  • Dude sweet post, loving all the links, soooo much info to read up on!

    I just started Luminosity, have a wee look, this is what happens when you major in Engineering bahaha:


    The one thing I would add in here is learn how to play a musical instrument. It would fit nicely under new skill aquisition

    • Hey buddy! Thanks man, yeah I’ve decided to step up my game for some of the articles and really pad it with references and links, to make it as legit as possible!

      Hahah yeah I’m guessing you’re probably crushing the mental calculations ones? I was the same at first too. Keep me posted on your progress :) And try to beat 7550 on Lost in Migration, I think I’m like in the top 99.9 percentile for that one!

      • And I agree about the musical instrument, makes total sense that it would challenge the brain to evolve. I got no plan to learn one any time soon but… I’ll be playing around Ableton very soon :D

  • Great article on becoming limitless! Actually, the best I have been able to find and I have been looking for a long time. I just wanted to know what brands and where do you get the following.

    Fish oil
    Yerba Mata
    Gingko Biloba (pill or tea)
    Matcha Green tea
    Gingseng (pill or tea)

    If you could elaborate a little on this it would be very helpful.


    • Hey TEG, Thanks for the comment buddy. Really cool to think that I’ve created the piece of reference on how to get smarter haha.

      Fish oil: I had a discussion about that with Dad a few days ago but I can’t remember what we decided in the end, I’ll have to ask him and get back to you.
      Chlorella: I got it from Roar Superfoods because I was in Australia, not familiar with the best brands in N.A. yet. Still got some supplies I brought back to Canada with me.
      Yerba Mate: I just got a generic for a bulk store, not sure on the brand.
      Gingko: I used to have it as a drink but I’ve just started having pills (bought them in Japan), looks like it’s definitely more potent than just having the drink.
      Matcha: The big thing here is just to have some good high-quality one and make sure it a nice bright green.
      Gingseng: I had it a tea.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help, to be 100% honest I’m still in the exploration phase of some of these products and will be refining the recipe along the way. I have a feeeling though that when I get to San Francisco in future months I’ll be exposed to a lot of cool products.

      Definitely shoot me an email at phil@feelgoodlifestyle.com if you come across some really good info about all this! Cheers!

  • Hey Phil,

    I’m obsessed with this stuff – saw your article in Charlie Hoehn’s Delicious bookmarks and devoured it. Bought Lumosity and am going to add some of your suggestions into my life as well. I actually read it last night and threw on headphones playing binaural beats as I went to sleep last night. Remembered my dreams for the first time in a while and had NO problem waking up! Not sure if they’re correlated, but it was definitely cool.

    Thanks for the info!

    • Hey Kevin!

      Thanks for the great words & welcome abord the Limitless train :) Awesome that you got started on all this the very first night.

      Very interesting about the dreams thing, yeah I don’t know either but sounds like it’d be a pretty big coincidence. I’ve found listening to Binaural Beats before bed helps me go to sleep faster and I’m pretty sure I get into deep sleep faster because my brainwaves are already slowed down. Powerful stuff!

      Keep it up & let me know how Lumosity goes. I gotta get back on it, been taking a short break as I was travelling but now one of my buddies is catching up on my BPI, can’t let that happen! Cheers!

  • Howdy! I’d like to say, improving quality of life for everybody is a noble (and inspiring!) line of work to get into. I’ve really enjoyed all of your articles, and it makes me happy to see a positive and challenging lifestyle become more popular.

    That said, it seems like there’s a lot of product placement type content in here. I usually don’t ever trust websites that consistently link to *specific* products. While I take these with a grain of salt, a lot of the tips are really helpful! Thanks for that. :)

  • Hey Drew! Thanks for your comment man, and your kind words.

    To be 100% honest, I’m still trying to figure out my strategy regarding “product placement” this but here’s my take on it: I only recommend products that I use and love. Like, the stuff that I would recommend to my friends.

    I guess I just need to figure out how I can convey that that’s the case. Last thing I want is to sound “schemy” and I know for some people that’s happening a bit right now. Any ideas?

    • I’m not the business man! :P

      I suppose, though, that you’d have to find a good balance between subtlety and explicit separation. The first thought that came to mind was to have a whole separate section of your website labeled as “Products that I use” — or something like that. You would keep all of your personal product experiences, reviews and recommendations in that part of the website. But that might be a little *too* separate, especially if you’re interested in having a quicker return.

      People — like myself at least — really respect honesty. And you seem to be doing a really good job of that; you don’t try to sneak it too far under our noses. You put it there and tell us it’s there, which I like. Maybe a good balance would be to have that separate section still, and have *small* blurbs about it in your articles (that is, without videos, pictures or extensive reviews), then link to your product section or directly to the website.

      When a good bulk of your article (like in this particular one) seems like it’s filled with products, it makes me feel like I’m watching an advertisement, and it makes me lose trust. I like content that has links and references and inspiring things, as long as it doesn’t seem manipulative. I think one of the reasons that Google is so successful is because they make their advertisements subtle, seemingly non-manipulative and not annoying.

      You asked for ideas, and viola! Ideas! :) But these are just from my perspective. With all that said, I wish you good luck, and keep pumpin’ out the good content. I’ll still be reading it

      • Hey Drew, thanks a lot for the feedback/consulting :)

        To your points:

        I really like the idea of a separate section: it’s actually an idea I’ve been toying with and this might just be the push I needed to go ahead with it.

        I appreciate your honesty too: if you feel that way I’m sure there are others out there who feel the same. I’ll definitely make an effort in the future to be careful with that. The return I make on those products is very tiny so there’s really no point in losing people’s trust over it.

        I’m still learning the ropes of this whole blogging thing, tweaking and adapting as I go, so it’s great to hear a reader’s opinion. If you ever have other suggestions/ideas, I’d love to hear them.


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  • Limitless was a fictional film based around a drug that created a false sense of intellectual security that ended up destroying him…not to mention his relationships as well as inducing severe physical withdrawal when he wasn’t on it…this concept was anything but inspiring for me. I personally would rather succeed via natural ability and hard work rather than “natural” drug stimulants. You’re blog is difficult to read because it is so self absorbed. Please try doing something for someone other than your self for a change…it gives one a similar sense of empowerment and “feel good” feelings you are desperately seeking. I would rather read about that.

    • Hey Kat, thanks for your feedback. I don’t fully agree with it, but I can see your point.

      Yes I do have some personal interest in this blog, but I also do spend a LOT of time reading, experimenting, and writing about all of it so others can benefit from it. And I’m not getting paid a dime for it.

      I also respond to every comment, every email to the best of my ability, not for empowerment or feel good feeling because I do genuinely enjoy helping people, believe it or not.

      But I do know what you mean, and I’m aware of it. That’s why I will be helping a girl I know with her weight loss goals in January and I will be writing about that.. And if this works out well, I will be doing more of it through 2012.

      Do you have any other ideas of how I could use this platform to specifically help others?

      • perfect response. There was no way Kat was gonna respond to that. Really enjoyed the post and took a few things away from it. Cheers ;)

    • Now even people who are doing nothing but helping get abuse for it. It’s a messed up world that needs bright minds to fix it. Stuff like this can go a long way by creating generally smarter individuals. Plus his way of writing and inspiration make the readers think of something higher then themselves. This can give people a genuine goal or at least make people think about finding a purpose. Thanks a lot for great advise Phil.

      • Thanks brother, appreciate the support :)

  • Hey Phil,

    Thanks for this very inspiring and informative post. I agree with almost every advice you gave, but I think you didn’t mentioned one very good technique for increasing intelligence. I am talking about N-Back task. It is proven (by Susanne M. Jaeggi) that by increasing our working memory capacity, we increase our fluid intelligence. I think that’s because those two functions operate in the same part of the brain, or something like that.


    And did you do some research on Image Streaming? I saw people talking about it but there is only one study that is conducted on this, so I am not sure if it’s working or not.

    Thanks for your attention,

    • Hey Nikola!

      Thanks for your input. I downloaded N-Back and it’s quite similar to some of the games included in Lumosity.. except Lumosity has a better interface and it’s a bit more fun because there’s scores and everything.

      I hadn’t heard of Image Streaming before, but I just read it and it sounds interesting. Odd, but interesting :) It looks like they talk about it at lengths in the book The Einstein Factor which is on my reading list for 2012.

      At some point in the future I’ll make a Limitless 2.0 post, maybe it’ll make it’s way in in there!


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  • Hey man, I just wanted to say that this is a wonderful thing you’re doing here. You are a role model and I think more of the world should jump on “The Feel Good Lifestyle” bandwagon (and I’m not typically one for bandwagons). I’m an almost 20 year old aspiring actor living broke in Florida and am always looking for some way to better myself. Strangely enough, I found this site after posting on Facebook about Limitless, which I recently saw, and a buddy of mine from high school linked me to this page.
    As someone pointed out above, the film is about a guy that “artificially” enhanced himself via a fictional drug, but I think a lot of us that are honestly looking for positive guides in our lives pulled out the bigger underlying message from the film. Below the action, the drugs, and the sex, there’s a man looking to clean himself up. That’s a positive message.
    You’ve impacted my life with you’re story. I think you deserve whatever wonderful gifts life has in store for you and I hope that by following in your footsteps, I can better myself, regardless of the position I’m in. I hope your teachers look at this and see that you definitely are ready for that degree. I look forward to following your posts.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hey Charles thank you so much for your message my man.. Super nice of you.

      It’s great that you’re already on this journey and you’re only 20.. if you keep at it, better yourself a little bit everyday, by the time you’re my age (25) you’ll be a monster!! :)

      People who really have a drive to learn more & apply new ideas to constantly better their lives are pretty rare.. But I truly believe that those who do will create some amazing things in their life.

      Keep working on yourself & on your craft man and if you ever need advice about anything don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at phil@feelgoodlifestyle.com.


  • We stumbled over here different page and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to looking into your web page again.

  • Funny. We are on the same path, and we came about it in about the same way. The movie made an impact, and study into neuroscience was the next logical step. I may have taken it even one step further, by writing about about it….I just think it is neat that someone else clearly thinks like me.
    I have experimented with nootropics, and isochronic tones myself. I exercise regularly already, and new skills is something I wish I devoted more time too. I don’t regularly train with brain training programs yet, but that is on the way. My next goal (as soon as I can find someone to help me) is to build and experiment with a Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation device.
    Anyway. Great read. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Anthony, thanks for your comments man! Very cool to hear you’re on this path too.

      I’m curious, what kind of experiment are you thinking or running? you can shoot me an email at phil.drolet@gmail.com if you don’t want to share it publicly. I’m definitely interested in hearing more.


      • I meant to put that last comment here. Oh well. ;)

  • I have emailed you an outline of my next experiment. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

    • hello Anthony Lee i have a new experiment that will change the world. im going to undertake it in about a month. i think u would be very interested in it please email me for more details.

  • Amazing article, As a 3rd year UG student i have been researching for weeks many means to improve my own intelligence to near genius levels but you have summarized most of my findings and much more. Limitless also motivated me to keep searching. These methods require a significant change in lifestyle and i plan to implement them immediately. Do i you mind if i email for some advise?

  • Hi Phil :)
    Just want to say thankyou soo much for all the advice, you look amazing and so successful :)
    im actually a 2nd year university student, majoring in finance and econometrics, so you can imagine when I watched Limitless, something just lit up inside me when I watched Bradley Cooper turn into a complete genius.. :)
    but for the last year im finding it so hard concentrate, get homework done, pay attention in lectures – there are so many distractions like facebook, boys :/ and im doubting whether i am smart enough to do well in this area as much as i love it..
    because people do tell me I have so much potential but im just sabotaging my chances..
    i was wondering, even though i’m going to start doing all these 10 things you recommend, would you recommend cutting these parts out of my life that are distracting me, and just focusing on nutrition, exercise, intellectual kind of activities, like would that make me smarter and make my gpa higher? and how exactly should i cut them out, if you do recommend it..

    • Hey Stef!

      Thanks for your message!

      My general answer would be to definitely try and reduce your biggest distractions. Especially those that don’t really bring you that much in return, like Facebook. My general rule for Facebook is ideally I try to only check it at night. So during the day I’m free to do productive/constructive stuff and I don’t waste time thinning about what’s going on on FB.

      With boys, well I don’t know your situation a lot of people in relationships are successful but like anything it’s about finding balance.. Or finding a boyfriend who’s really studious :)

      I’m sure you can do it!! Keep it up!!

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  • Hi Phil, just wanted to tell you that your blog is great! Keep it up, there are a lot of people looking for something like this…
    Greetings from Italy ;)

    • Hey Matteo, thanks a lot brother, really appreciate it!

      Greeting from Colorado :)

  • Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, parrots – who do you prefer? Or perchance what that exotic animals – snakes, crocodiles, lizards, monkeys?

    • Hahah that’s random as hell- I like nice birds and any animal I might see while running in the forest.

  • The article was awesome but is there anything else other than learning any martial arts thing to get my motor skills improved….??
    I am 16 and wanna know if there is some way I can improve my motor skills on my own.

    • Hey Megan- yeah there definitely is.. Almost any sport will help you and also learning to play a music instrument.

      Anything that challenges your coordination and forces you to really focus will be greatly beneficial.


  • very nice article dude …

  • You should try image streaming. You basically visualize anything you want and describe it out loud. Try reading the art of clear thinking and the Einstein factor.

  • I love this site and all the hope it brings to the reader.
    Thank you for your personal time invested into becoming healthier and having a more active mind.
    I started at lumosity.com about a week ago and have been there four times in a week or so and have played almost two hundred games or so already.
    I had more than one head injury but after a few years I took an IQ test and I had gone from a 128 to a 153 which I thought was strange. I had been pushing myself to think harder and work harder at problem solving after my head injury in 2001, lost my job at the newspaper where I had been writing great stories, six in a day which is a lot.
    I was so awed by the high bpi (are those the right initials?) scores by you younger people; I am 63 and almost 64 but am determined to always believe and think that I am much younger and thus facially and in other ways people think I am about 15 years younger usually. My entire life I kept thinking of myself as 18 and at 42 people thought I was 28 and at 50, they thought I was 35 and so on and now they think I am in my late forties on a good day.
    I have been into health supplements since the hippie days and at 23 went to Canada and back (sixty miles a day) on a brand new ten speed (when they first came out) in two weeks from Mass.; two of those days we took a leisurely 30 mi hike just to keep in shape. I came back toned and 103 lbs at 5’3″ and swore I would always take care of my health and stay toned….but it didn’t work out that way. I had two kids and actually I looked perfect and no one could believe I had ever had children; I was 115 lbs and terrific looking and a perfect size 6 and then an 8. At 38, I said to myself, I want to gain more weight…I’ll start eating fats….oh boy….suddenly my metabolism slowed way down and I started putting on weight and was 128 for awhile and then 135. I ended up being very stressed and got thyroid disease which I now know is due to an iodine, B6, selenium, and iodide deficiency and hope to reverse that problem and then excess weight is supposed to just drop off very fast. I am now a perfect size ten and still look good but am overweight even tho’ it is evenly distributed. I want to be a size 8 at least but if I lose more than I am sure my face will show it and as you age you don’t want to lose weight in your face. I’ve read about the good structural fat and the bad fat etc. ; I know that weight loss has to be done the right way or your face will show sagging features and I do not want that. Right now, my face looks very good for my age and few wrinkles near the eyes but not noticeable that much so I am very fortunate. I want to commend you younger people for taking care of youselves. I have a bpi that is shameful compared to yours. I am at 492 I think and it is sooo bad compared to yours….but my IQ is 153 now and it was done in a professional office and cost $350 by a neuro-psychologist, so I would think it is accurate.
    I must say I am limited by my laptop and using a finger touch pad and not a mouse or number keys as I don’t have the numbers set up on the right side of my sony vaio like some people do and I don’t play video games so I don’t have a lot of hand eye co-ordination practice like many of you younger people do having grown up with that as a lifestyle like my kids did.
    I am going to continue with lumosity though and hope for the best and I’m going to try your fasting idea at some point soon after I finish my service mission for my church which is only part time due to so many health issues I have had in the last ten years (breast cancer/lumpectomy; mercury toxicity but have had that all removed; btw…the chlorella does help pull out the mercury etc. but it stays in the bowel too long in most people and recycles into the brain which is the sad part….so take 500 mg of Vit C three times a day so your body can rid yourself of it faster thru’ the urinary tract (read Dr. Huggins info on it from Denver..he studied mercury and its effects for last 30 years and spear headed all the mercury removal as a dentist and was blackballed for it but has gone a bit underground …he still gets info out there tho’ and does some work but he has to protect himself from the AMA and ADA of course. His ideas of course upset the mainstream doctor community. Look into Fred Hughes info on what he has learned about the link between root canals and breast cancer in women and also in men. (I had my one root canal pulled out in early Jan 2012 and within seconds my body felt so relieved of stress that the decayed root ….when a nerve is killed the tooth rots in your face…don’t ask me why any good dentist would want to have you let him kill your tooth and leave a dead tooth in your mouth to rot for the next several years depositing debris into your blood stream and stressing your immune system…..I felt like I got 15 yrs of youth back on a matter of seconds once it was removed and have been so so so much healthier ever since Jan. than I was before….and have more energy and it has improved the quality of life…immensely…please get those root canals pulled out and better to not have a tooth than to have cancer……(fred hughes of Georgia…get his book/s)….He suggests getting thermography photos done to find the hot spots in the body where inflammation is brewing and it will target cancers etc. long before other tests will. Also check out the tumorx.ocm website and listen to Dr. Kelly’s videos as he has great scientific info on cardiovascular health (using serrapeptase enzymes to eat up the cholesterol and blockages; he has a product with those enzymes and also with ATP already made so your cells don’t have to make so much of it…gives great energy …and it is called cardiovascular mender (by BioAnnue…avail. at his site…tumorx.com) …Also, Acetyl L-Carnitine brings more oxygen to the heart….and taking caprylic acid (that can be obtained from Nature’s Sunshine Inc…out here in Spanish Fork, Utah…area) that gets rid of yeast in the brain that causes brain fog…..cutting out white flour products and a lot of sugar etc…will help with that of course also and is a must…..taking enzymes as supplements and by eating raw foods and chewing longer (saliva brings enzymes into the stomach) all helps with that…and also fights cancer….alkalizing your diet (google “alkalize or die” and also, “the alkaline diet” and also “macrobiotics” and how eating a macrobiotic diet can alkalize you and help you fight cancer and prevent it …all are imp. as the more you workout the more acidic your internal environment becomes and the more you need anti-inflammatories like anti-oxidants and you health enthusiasts may not realize that; that is very imp. info for you…..one way to quickly make all that happen (alkalizing) is to simply squeeze 1/4 lemon in your 8 ou. healthy water several times a day (no sugar..that defeats the process…but a bit of stevia powder or a little agave syrup or a bit of honey isn’t too bad but who needs it …it tastes fine without it; it is up to you…but no sugar in it). the citrus leaves an ‘alkaline ash residue’ in the body not an acid environment….and you will detoxify and sleep better at night and be more relaxed…the first time you do it, should be in the evening before retiring so if you get sleepy you won’t ruin your busy day…once you get used to it…which should only take a day or two or so ….you can drink it all day long and just feel great….or you can use “Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar” from the health food store about 8 dollars a qt and no need to refrigerate…and you can add a bit of honey to it….in the water instead of the lemon and it does the same thing but read up on it as there are about twenty reasons to use raw apple cider vinegar….it is an old Vermont remedy and people say they never get sick when they do this and live long healthy lives; it will alkalize you and cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment….if you don’t akalize intentionally then you will eventually get bone spurs, arthritis, and /or kidney stones from stress or from too high a protein diet or from lack of sleep or a combination thereof…..likely caused from the body trying to alkalize its own inner environment by pulling calcium out of your bones and teeth. So, you are young and you are smart and you are healthy but remember being a health enthusiast increases your need for alkalizing and using anti oxidants also. The green drinks and all that will take care of it I guess so you are probably okay and I hope your readers will understand that it is vital they alkalize and that your suggestions are pointing them in the right direction for doing that.
    Well, I am up late and better get my rest.
    Thanks again for your experiments using yourself as a trial but do be careful and remember there is such a thing as getting “too much of a good thing” also; so be careful and keep a health journal when you are experimenting. also caution others that they need to talk to a health professional before trying any new health regimen. There are people out there that may have kidney disease in their family who if they get too much potassium could have real problems etc. There are people who are pre-diabetic and also people who have irregular heartbeats and already some in their 30’s have clogged arteries so everyone must find a pace that is safe for them. No one should dive into anything new unless they are healthy like you and if not they need to take it more slowly; please advise them to pace themselves and have a check up and get their blood levels checked and have a reg. physical each year and keep their own pers. dr informed when they are taking a large amt of supplements. I use supplements more than I do anything else and am never sick now. I haven’t had a head cold or sinus infection or virus in many years now; I attribute it to taking the supplements and living a good clean life and having a positive loving attitude and a lot of gratitude to God for all my blessings and doing service for Him and for others. God bless you and I hope to try some of your ideas soon as I can afford it (re new things to try in my diet etc.). I will continue with my brain exercises as well:) Blessings my younger brother on the planet, Grace Truth and thank you. (p.s. for the readers of your blog…. average IQ is 110 (79 and lower is considered “retarded” to use an old word with a neg connotation…not meant to be insulting of course…that is the word that is used)….128 is better than average and better of course….153 is approaching genius (genius is 160); my oldest son has an IQ of 196 ….he played video games and read 300 pg bks at 11 years of age constantly and then grew up and helped create a very famous video game everyone knows and most everyone has played that is still popular on the market. IQ’s of course are also dependent upon your having had some amount of education formerly or at home or in a stimulating environment that challenged your mind to some degree. SAT scores are all about how well you paid attention in school or how much news you read on the net or how much reading you have done or how many intelligent, interesting and well informed people you mingle with who also share their knowledge with you or how great your teachers were who filled your mind with knowledge and how much time you had to study and do your homework (at my home growing up…my parents fought every night all night long and I rarely could get my home work done and had to figure out what the assignment was about by listening carefully to class discussion then I was able to come up with answers and I managed to get A’s and B’s and an occasional C but that was rare and also received three scholarships and one was for four years of college all expenses paid. I had to leave school after a few semesters to take care of my mentally ill mother and the three younger siblings and so became a self educated woman over the last four decades. then I had several car accidents caused by teenagers running stop signs, getting drunk, racing, or showing off…..one car rolled over my windshield in 2001 and in 2003 my car went off a small cliff and rolled over, leaving me bleeding to death and with broken ribs and a collar bone broken and a punctured lung and ripped intestine….I lost twenty lbs in two weeks as my system was shutting down and also went into the spirit world and met the Savior and He sent me back to “teach others what I taught you…to always forgive and to never judge because “I” (Jesus) is the only one who knows why a person did something, their intentions, and their background…I take it all into consideration…I am fair and can judge fairly because I know everything about the person and what was behind the act, etc.” so….enough for now…time to rest…bless you all and may we all continue to strive to be our best, do our best and leave the rest “you got it” to God.:) Grace Truth

  • After reading this, the cold shower post (how I found this sight actually), and the IF post, I decided that I want to give things a test run. Today is the first day I move into a dorm for my Sophomore year, and there are plenty of things I want to change. I’m thinking that for the next month, I’m going to refrain from clubbing, and instead try doing the cold shower challenge, the IF, and using Lumosity. I’m signed up for a fitness class already, and I want to somehow work on swimming/wrestling/triathlon training (thank goodness swimming works with this). I believe during the first week I won’t have much of that going on since it’s the first week of classes, so it’s not a complete change at once, but this has motivated me enough to see how things turn out in a month. At the end of the month, hopefully everything turns out better, and I’ll be rewarded with two of my favorite musicians touring in my area.

    I do want to know if there’s anything more you can suggest about the fasting thing though, since I’m somewhat worried about doing that with what other goals I have. I want to gain weight since I’ve always been really underweight, plus just being underweight may not be the best thing combined. Any tips you might suggest?

    • Hey Ridge,

      Great job on your good resolutions. That’s quite the drastic change you’re going for and if you stick with it, you’ll be amazed with the results. Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself though- it’s better to make small incremental changes that you keep up with than to change everything at once and not stick with it over time.

      With regards to IF, my only advice if you don’t want to lose weight would be to eat A TON during the feeding time! Try it and see how it affects your weight and if you’re losing weight I would stop this strategy (it’s not for everyone).

      Good luck and let me know your progress!

  • sry, but where do you find the time to do all this?
    i watched the movie a while back and i liked it. But recently i’ve had almost a month gone by feeling like bradley cooper, and no, i did not read any of that or have been taking crazy pills. I think its called “growing up” you should try it. Its about doing what feels right for you, and everything will make sense FOR YOU and then you will be happy, at least for a while. then you have your lows, as everybody else. This pursuit you are on right now is probably a symptom of anxiety, a void you are trying to fill desperatly that you know deep within you. not saying is wrong. we all carry stuff with us that pushes us to do stuff. We need that stuff, it is what keeps us sane and distinguish reality, without it we would go insane as we carry our obsession endlessly with no remorse. Im just trying to give you some advice here dude, take it easy and be safe, don’t burn yourself up if this doesnt work out. Also think about how much time you’ve spent in this, so you can see things from a distance, it’ll make you look at what you havent been paying attention. As i said, you have to carry your stuff with you all the time.

    anyways, good luck.

  • These are really good tips ( I like the 4. so much ) I always try to increase my IQ. I bought this ebook too (http://myiqhigh.uni.me/) It’s frome a UNI(education) website. I think it worth. I really realized I much focused every day.

  • Hey Phil!

    Nueroplasticity has been a big interest of mine and I’m happy to see a great article about it. In your opinion why is Luminosity a bigger draw than reading, learning a new skill such as dancing, or traveling? Do you feel like it focuses on certain areas of the brain better?

    It seems like alot of common sense people lose touch with when they are forced to do menial labor— if you’re not actively learning, exercising, or pushing your limits than your abilities are deteriorating— even if it’s happening slowly.

    I agree with Fasting, but I believe this will only work for people with certain body types and metabolisms. For me, it is similar to an athletic performance where you try and peak at a certain hour of the day based on your diet, blood flow, and energy. The catch is you need to have a lifestyle conducive to accommodating this—work hours, bills, family obligations, and social life.

    Are you a full-time student? Are you working your way through college? Or do you have Loans?

    Bravo on an interesting blog. I love your attitude and will continue to check up on your progress.

    • Hey James,

      Sorry about the slow response- Glad to hear you’re into neuroplasticity as well and that you enjoyed the psot.

      I think Lumosity might be superior just because it’s quick and focused (15 minutes a day is enough) but than again it depends which part of your intelligence you want to develop. I don’t think it should be one over the other but a question of how we can do a bit of everything each week.

      I just graduated from my MBA and I’m not paying off my debt through doing some Peak Performance Coaching and offering different products and services such as my upcoming course The Superhuman Bluerprint (www.superhumanblueprint.com)

      Keep up the good work!

      Choose Greatness,

  • Very interesting read, I’ve done similar experiments myself.

    Ten years ago I tried a product similar to Lumosity (but much better) and my brain capacity went through the roof but I burnt out after a few month. So beware, don’t over do it. Anyway, I noticed you dindn’t mention creatinine. To me that’s one of the best drugs.

    Take it for 2-3 weeks and you will definitely notice the difference.

    • Hey Kire,

      Out of curiosity, what was the game?

      And actually, Tim Ferriss does mention creatine to avoid brain decline.. What kind of difference do you feel when you take it?

  • hey phil this is rahul i wana know how much i have to pay for these pills in indian rupeess

    • I don’t know man.. It’s $60 for a 3-month supply so whatever that works out to be in rupees. Find a currency convertor on Google :)

  • A lot of great ideas. I also read the book by Tim Ferriss. A mixture of interesting ideas(polyphasic sleeping) and some ineffective ones. I will try Alpha Brain, as I am utilizing many of your ideas. Are there other pills, supplements similar to it. Some one suggested creatine. I thought this was for weight training. I’m an endurance athlete who has done several ironman triathlons, and I feel the training for this has made me for mentally strong. Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Walter, thanks for your kind words.

      No creatine actually does have an effect on the brain as well, interestingly enough. And congrats on the Ironmans, definitely you’re much stronger mentally than the average person. Ultimately, having a high IQ is good, but having a strong willpower is more important for sure.

  • hey man i have one question. with lumosity you said you do it 30 to 60 minutes a day. i havent bought it but for the free trial it only gave me 3 games to do….like 5 minutes of game…..do you customize a workout on your own? pick different aspects you would like to improve and they make you a longer program? or you just play the random games for an extended period of time, choosing your own ones

    • Hey Alex,

      There was a phase where I played 30-60 minutes a day but honestly even with 15 minutes/day you’ll get great results. WHen you have the full verison there’s a training program you can follow where it gives you 5 exercises to do per day- that’s generally what I do. Then if I feel like oding more after the 5, I just pick whichever game I most feel like playing at that time.

  • I don’t like reading a lot, you have a compromised version for me??

    • Lol just scan the bolded parts of the text, it’ll give you a summary.

  • Sleep should be the number one. …why??….. because nothing messes up our intelligence as much as bad sleep does….

  • Even if one tries all the other stuff, but has bad sleep, all the gains will be wiped out.

    • Lol that’s debatable…but I agree that sleep is very important!

      • A good nights sleep consolidates what we learn….

  • Hi Phil, interesting article! Just after reading this article, I’m starting out with IF. Thanks! However, I’m quite surprised that you didn’t mention neurofeedback as one of your tools. Being limitless is what I’m after too, and neurofeedback has helped me tremendously! I think you should check it out! :)

    • Thanks Adi, can you give me more details about neurofeedback? What’s a good link to check out? I’m still learning too :)

      • Sure! I don’t think I need to refer the basics to you, so I’ll just share with you on what is the best out there in the market (and most affordable). The technique is to use “EEG-Driving” using two tools. (i) EEG headset (emotive’s EPOC) and (ii) Brainwave entrainment (using MindWorkstation software). I’m in no way affiliated with these two products, they just happen to be the best for my personal use.

        The ultimate objective is to get into the Beta brainwave for extreme cognitive workout (or other brainwaves if you’re into achieving altered states). However it is kind of a hit-and-miss thing if one were to do naked entrainment sessions without the headset, so this is where the EEG-driving technique comes in handy. The EPOC will identify your dominant brainwave state as well as give you objective and measurable data, and the MWS software will bring you to the desired brainwave state.

        This can perhaps be an extension to your No.5 rule above. There are software out there which allows you to use your mind power to control a rotation of a cube and its color (just by thinking it!). This will enhance your state of controlled-thinking during meditation. Good luck!

        Oh, and do let me know if you do make a post on neurofeedback. It’s very powerful stuff! :)

  • I just wanted to say that this article was awesome. From someone who has also been bitten by the LifeHacking bug (thanks on a huge part to Tim Ferriss) this was a hella informative anecdotal case study that I will be replicating on my own time. And now if I could only find an article just like this on flexibility hacking then I think I would be armed with all the knowledge I would ever need for rapid personal evolution across the board.

    To all the people who didn’t like Alpha Wave: There are a lot of neural enhancing supplements out right now with far more dramatic effects on cognitive output then Alpha Wave provides, but they are on a whole, brain chemistry altering and haven’t been on the market long enough for serious long-term evaluations. Their popularity is nonetheless increasing and they are expected to be a widely abused supplement very very soon.

    • Thanks man! Yeah it’s going to be very interesting to see how the whole nootropics thing plays out in the coming years. Just like energy drinks have greatly increased in size and potency since their inception, you can bet that the same thing will happen with neural supplements.

  • Let me add that this is one of the best articles on increasing smarts. Very comprehensive, detailed and clear. You must be sleeping really well :-)

    • Hahaha thanks brother. Right now I’m sleeping 6.5 hours during the night with a 30 minute nap every afternoon and it works great for me. I also use an app called “Sleep” on my iPhone that wakes me up when I’m in my lightest sleep cycle so I feel sharp right when I get up.

  • Fun reading!

    I really liked how you added meditating in there, as an addition to Ferris suggestions. For me, and the millions of people (monks, gurus of the East), over thousands of years who have gone through the search for “the feel good lifestyle” using ancient – time tested – techniques, meditation not only sharpens our skill to be aware and alert, but more importantly, guides us through a path of becoming more connected to who we are while finding meaning in our lives. This meaning is far more fulfilling then the super mind powers that can be so seductive.

    Meditation will help you answer the question: “Why do you want super mind powers?” You might say, “to build a company”, “to make money”, “to get my degree”. Then ask Why to those answers. Then ask Why again. And again.

    A side note to why this is important in our evolution:

    If everyone attained super mind powers without increasing awareness, understanding of their life meaning and an overall connection to each other and all life, our global problems would only get worse. We need more awareness and wisdom to guide any new found super powers. An extreme example is giving a drugged out celeb star more money and fame.

    Are you in Toronto by chance? It’s great to meet like minded individuals.

    • Hey Derek! I totally agree with you.. I actually went through a profound phase of spiritual exploration a few months after writing this article (which is almost a year old).

      I studied the works of Eckart Tolle and Wayne Dyer extensively, among others.

      You can read some of my conclusions right here:

      Emotional Intelligence is also more importan than IQ.. to attain both happiness and success.

      I’m from Montreal but live in Boulder Colorado right now..


  • I’ve used Holosync in the past. I think I got to the 3rd level. Since I’ve tried other audio aided meditations. You mentioned Brainwave. What was your experience with it versus Holosync? And why do you say that it’s significantly better?


    • Hey Derek,

      That’s awesome you got to the 3rd level of Holosync, I’m sure that helped you a lot. I got to the 2nd level myself.

      I use the Brain Evolution System myself because it combines binaural beats with isochronic tones and temporal beats.. so it’s like a 3-in-1 package.. The cool thing too is that when you buy it you get 6 levels a tonce, so every month you get to “upgrade”. Other cool thing is that it’s only 30 minutes daily, as opposed to 1 hour for Holosync whihc is too long.

      You can get a free demo of Brain Ev here: http://www.gobrainev.com/demo/?a=thefeelgoodlifestyle

  • Thanks so much…really need all the help I can get as I have the test of my life coming up! Thanks!!!

  • You seem to have fallen in the erroneous belief that if you spent your time honing yourself you will one day achieve something. This is wrong! The only way to achieve something is by doing this something ALL the time and tailoring your life around it. What you have done is to tailor your life around activities that “supposedly” make you smarter. What have you achieved? A blog?! Anything else??? Do you have a business that employs people? Do you have a family and kids to feed?

    My guess is that you are a guy who lives alone, spends a lot of time doing things he perceives as self improving who has no family to take care of, no serious business, makes a couple of Ks a month from ads on this blog and probably a bit more by doing odd jobs and freelancing by writing articles on various topics.
    I don’t mean to be rude. But there are way too many lost souls on the net looking for fixes and having read your article they me be led to believe it that this is something that can help when in fact it will hurt them even more.
    You don’t need to be smart to do most of the things in life…you don’t even need to be smart to get a Nobel prize! You just need to be talented and determined (if talent lacks then hard work, determination and a bit of luck are the only things that will give you any real chance).

    Stop focusing your life on improvement…..Focus on doing, being brave and persistent!

    • what have you achieved ?

    • Hey ToAuthor (Why not use your real name? Seriously?),

      I wrote this blog post while I was in grad school doing my MBA, and therefore I had a lot of time to work exclusively on myself.

      I totally agree with the idea of growing by doing.

      Since then, I’ve launched a company called Unlimited Potential Media and I’m working 12 hours a day building it… hustling, taking risks, challenging myself and learning as I go.

      That being said, they’re not mutually exclusive. Review the list and you’ll see that most of those are just part of an “optimal lifestyle” and can be implemented even if you’re working a lot and raising kids.

      Meditating, exercise, intermittent fasting, using your smart phone smartly, learning new skills, drinking “heatlhy” energy drinks, taking omega 3’s… are all things you can do regardless of other commitments. The only thing I’ve cut out is Lumosity and to be honest I could squeeze in 15 minutes if I really wanted.

      If you’ve looked around this site a bit, you’ll notice that I absolutely encourage my readers to take action, get out there, follow their passions… Not sit at home and play Lumosity all day.

      You don’t need to be smart to succeed… but if you’re smart AND you work your ass off.. then sky really is the limit. And that’s what I’m going for.

      Best of luck in your endeavours and I hope you can integrate some of the strategies in your every day life.

    • Hey ToAuthor (Why not use your real name? Seriously?),

      I wrote this blog post while I was in grad school doing my MBA, and therefore I had a lot of time to work exclusively on myself.

      I totally agree with the company of growing by doing.

      Since then, I’ve launched a company called Unlimited Potential Media and I’m working 12 hours a day building it… hustling, taking risks, challenging myself and learning as I go.

      That being said, they’re not mutually exclusive. Review the list and you’ll see that most of those are just part of an “optimal lifestyle” and can be implemented even if you’re working a lot and raising kids.

      Meditating, exercise, intermittent fasting, using your smart phone smartly, learning new skills, drinking “heatlhy” energy drinks, taking omega 3’s… are all things you can do regardless of other commitments. The only thing I’ve cut out is Lumosity and to be honest I could squeeze in 15 minutes if I really wanted.

      If you’ve looked around this site a bit, you’ll notice that I absolutely encourage my readers to take action, get out there, follow their passions… Not sit at home and play Lumosity all day.

      You don’t need to be smart to succeed… but if you’re smart AND you work your ass off.. then sky really is the limit. And that’s what I’m going for.

      Best of luck in your endeavours and I hope you can integrate some of the strategies in your every day life.

      • Good answer, best luck in your life, world needs people with positive vibrations

      • Owned. Nice Phil

  • Tough crowd!

    ToAuthor: Why not just make your point without having to assume a bunch of things about someone? If you’re trying to encourage change in someone, really look at your approach.

  • You are just wow!i would love to communicate with such brainy people via email.

  • Hello!! Good article . I especially liked the advice about LUMOSITY AND TED. They do help.

  • Honestly, what do u think about adderall!? I know it’s a drug, but back when I was in college it helped me prepare for a lot of my exams.

    • Hey John, to be honest I’m not too sure. I’ve heard some bad things about long-terms effect. I would look into modafinil if I were you, much better reviews from the “smart drugs” experts out there.

  • Does sleep play any great role in making us smarter and also what time sleeping is better.
    I read people who sleep late are more intelligent and have IQ than who go to sleep early.What do you think?

    • Hey Shahid,

      While smart people have a tendency to go to bed late, I’ve personallys tarted going to bed a 1am (intead of 3am like before), walking up at 7:45am and taking a 30-minute nap early afternoon and it works great for me.

      Make your own experiments and see how you feel :)

  • And people who sleep late are not intelligent.

    Intelligent people sleep late….and become dumb over time.

    Dint you hear the saying: Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise :)

  • Hey Phil,
    I was just wondering about the brain evolution system. I was reading on their website that people are trying to get access to the product via torrents. But they don’t have the same effect. Something to do with it not being reproduced properly. I mean personally i would like to go that route to save myself 300 dollars lol. Just curious what your thoughts were or what you have heard??

    • Hey Scott,

      I’ve never heard about it to be honest. I know some files when transfered on a portable device (ie, iPhone) get compressed and lose their quality, but I have no idea with regards to Torrents.

      My gut feeling tell me that the guys who create the torrent probably know what they’re doing and that the loss is quality is probably minimal..

  • So, how much time would you say you spend a day total in pursuit of developing your brain?
    Also: I imagine a peaceful and nurturing environment is essential to the success of this endeavor.

    • Hey Mc-88,

      Honestly, right now it’s either 16 hours a day, or 0, depending how you look at it.

      In everything I do, I’m intentional about doing it to the best of my ability and building positive habits. But a lot of the activities I describe up there are things I enjoy doing so I don’t see them as “work” or anything like that.. It’s just how I live and what I enjoy doing!

  • Oh my God, thank you for this post. I’ve never known till now that neurons can actually be created. It’s foolish but I thought they just die, and that’s that (something taught as early as elementary?). I want to be smarter too. I experience brain fog lots of times, especially because of lack of sleep and stress from school. And they happen in the most inconvenient times too–sometimes when preparing for tests. From now on, I will try to revamp my lifestyle so I’ll be healthier, both in body and mind.

    • hey Ai i have a new experiment that will change the world. im going to undertake it in about a month. i think u would be very interested in it please email me for more details.

  • Thanks.. This is really inspiring…

  • hey. im 19 and i am dyslexic and have had terrible teachers my whole life. and im going to try this myself. i hope it works cuz im in need of searus brain power. thank you for your research and time spent on this.

  • I rarely read blogs, but as I was sitting in my database management class thinking of ways to improve my IQ and over all cognitive skills, I came across your post. Very enlightening to say the least. I want to try every strategy at once. Not sure how I should start my Feel Good journey off yet, but I will choose a strategy or two to start off with.

    I absolutely love the movie limitless!!ghl
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post!

    Thanks Much,


  • Great Blog!!

    I came across this as I was looking for material on alternate day fasting and I must say this introduced me to a whole bunch of other things I could do be more productive intellectually such as using an Entrainment system

    A couple of questions if I may (I am new to this so it may be newbie questions).

    1. You mentioned that you found Brain Evolution System the best among others. What criteria do you use to evaluate it?
    2. What could make the BEV even better for you?
    ( I use PATHS. not sure if it uses the same technique )

    Merci Beaucoup

  • […] a year ago, Phil wrote a powerful post on becoming limitless. It focuses on accessing the full power and potential of your mind, […]

  • Lumosity
    [1] 10-20-12
    [2] 11 -01 -12. 12days latter

    In luminosity i have
    [1] [2]
    My BPI………………1015…1194….. ( + 179)

    Speed………………..855…1382…… ( + 527)

    Memory…………….1413…1503….. ( + 90)

    Attention…………..969…1009…….. (- 40)

    Flexibility…………..1231…1335….. (- 124)

    Problem Solving…..611…..744…. (+ 133)

    I like what I see. Iv been doing my own improvements over the last 2yrs, and wow. I just found lumosity three weeks ago and bought the app about two weeks ago. What do you think of my improvement in the last 12days?

  • Thank you for a complete post, Phil! I have really learned a lot from it and I will try the polyphasic sleep concept. It’s a great point you have brought up about supercharging our mental powers, and becoming smarter.

    Do you think that maybe there are different ways one can be smart? I’ve read a couple of years ago about Dr. Howard Gardener’s 9 Types of intelligence and how we usually just test one logical-mathematical type of intelligence and completely miss other 8.

    I’ve written a post about it on my blog:

    Thanks again,


  • […] But if you want to truly use your mental superpowers at their full potential, I highly recommend you develop the “Limitless lifestyle.” […]

  • Hi, I’m 16 , I’m still student and I have a problem that I will always forget most of the notes that I had memorised after an exam over……do you have any suggestion that I can keep those notes in my memory or memorise it on easier way besides training with Lumosity ? It’s pretty difficult for me to memorise those notes again and it took lots of my time to memorise it for the following exam.

    Thanks, :)


  • Hey Han I am sure the owner of this blog can just you some sound advice… but as a 16 year old myself and a top academic with the ability to remember the whole years worth of material with very little study I’d like to share a method I picked up that helps you remember material for many years to come.

    It’s really simple write a short brief summary of what you want to learn; and then rewrite it in simple terms as if you were going to teach it to a five year old. Use metaphors to help with this; and it may be a bit hard to think that way at first but eventually it will become natural to you.

    Here’s an example: Pretend you had to learn a chemical reaction: For the sake of this example I will use sodium and water now you want to teach this to a 5 year old; and if the idea is really complex maybe a 10 year old? What’s really important is how simple you can make it.

    Okay if you said to a five year old sodium reacts with water to make a white trail of sodium hydroxide and the release of hydrogen gas causes bubbles to appear. Now this sentence is pretty straght forward, but to your everyday average five year old it’s like huh I don’t get it.

    Or you could say to the five year old there are these small invisible little people called atoms. Some of these atoms are really calm and some of them are really mean and violent. And some of them are silly. One atom’s name is sodium and when he sat in the water he did a big fart and the water began to bubble; and sodium felt really embarrassed so he made himself disappear into the water. This is probably something a five year old would get.

    The important thing is you can use it for any subject not just chemistry … and just try pretend you were to teach it to a 5 year old. You don’t have to actually teach it to a 5 year old; but just pretend your’re going too.

    • I love that strategy! It’s called the Feynman method and I use it almost every day if I’m listening to audio courses.

      Thanks for sharing Ceh and I hope you use the spare time you have from not needing to study a lot to start working on some cool projects! Let me know if I can help you with anything.

      • I did just that with my daughter about age 13. I remember my own father beating the crap out of me because I couldn’t learn the multiplication tables. He was a bully.

        However, with my own daughter, I wanted to go about it with a different approach, because she too had ADD/ADHD (think you toxic vaccines!), and I knew that my father’s approach does not work.

        She failed an anatomy test (bones of the body), and she was given a change to retake the following day. She was so upset, as I was too, but I said let’s have our dinner, and I will help you with this. I made it funny as hell with some of the names, and she would remember the funny stuff and associate the funny name with the proper name. It got a tad crude (farts & more!), but I tell you, it totally worked! We spent HOURS at this, and she was talking in her sleep and repeating the words. We had cracked up the whole night at the funny words we came up with. She came home the following day with 107 score on the test! Got the bonus question right too. The science teacher swore she cheated and I had to go down there and tell them that I worked with her for hours and that she did not cheat.

        I had no idea that it had a name, as I thought it was just something silly I made up to get her to learn. It’s awesome to hear that other people have applied this as well.

  • Your article is one of the most inspiring article I ever read.
    And also, do you know anywhere other than Lumosity because i don’t
    have the money.
    Please replay soon.

  • I may be only 13 years old but Phil I love what your doing to make yourself better in every aspect and i want to follow your footsteps and improve myself as well.

    • Love it Zak! I started getting into this stuff when I was around 13 too, as I competed at a high level in swimming.Keep working on your mind, reading great books, challenging yourself, and you’re gonna do big things before you even hit your 20’s.

  • “I can’t find a reference to it, but I read somewhere that in studies where they put people in a room with no idea of the time of the day, and no outside stimuli, subjects gravitated towards sleeping twice every 24 hours, one 6 hour period and one 2 hour period.”

    It’s called biphasic sleep. Your may be able to find a reference to your sleep study in the following book: http://www.amazon.com/Chronobiology-Biological-Timekeeping-Jay-Dunlap/dp/0878933964.

  • Hey Phil,

    I had started to play brain training games, read books of all kinds, regularly take fish oil, exercise, practiced hand writing, kept my living area clean and other activities to improve my brain activity.

    Because of this article, I am now more open minded, faster at thinking, sociable and overall a slightly better version of my previous self. I’ve also notice that using a diary to plan ahead increases my efficiency.

    My confidence had increased and life feels so much better

    I send my deepest gratitude



  • hey there, as I am into my early 40’s, I am more and more shocked with my memory absorption, but then again I think to myself, have I been this forgetful all my life, and I just don’t remember?… but no, I am sure that I haven’t always been quite this bad… but I have always wanted to retain things better. I function pretty well in terms of relationally, however intellectually I need serious help. I came across lumosity yesterday, and then your website today (I think I googled BPI)… I have brought the cacao powder and maca.
    I am dubious about buying products, even maca, as I haven’t noticed any difference physically while using it in the past… the only products that I have ever gone back to are Mannatech ones…their ‘sport’ whilst training for fun runs and marathons was pretty powerful stuff. Their Catalyst is the one I buy when I have spare cash… so I am hoping your ….what’s the word (see what I mean?) recommendation of cacao is worth my $20 :)
    I am a Christian, and so my meditation techniques pertain to my God and His goodness, as well as His Word… in terms of stress I am good, I don’t have much, but I am very concerned at this helpless feeling of my brain deteriorating, which also could have something to do with putting hair dye chemicals onto my scalp every 2-3 weeks (????) Do you think that the Lumosity will truly help? I have just downloaded the free brain workshop you recommended to someone above, as finances are tight, I would love to know if Lumosity really would help to improve my overall mental ability to think, retain and process information? Thanks for your time. My oldest son has just moved to SilverStar Resort with friends, so I am quite fond of Canada! God Bless, thanks for this site.

  • Hey Phil,

    I can honestly say this post is awesome. I personal do not read blogs for errors and crap, im reading for the message. The cacao you suggested has been doing wonders for me in conjuntion to Adderal!! I often times go days without sleep, guess i should start getting in some naps at work. Nice post, keep it up man!!

    • how on earth can you go days without sleep? just asking… Glad to hear the cacao has worked for you, as mine has just turned up today, hope it is as good for me as it is for you :)

      • Take an Adderall and you shall understand!

  • cool ill try all this

  • This article is superb! I’ve been looking for an article about improving brain power that wasn’t boring. I enjoyed reading this article and I not only plan to try out the ideas you suggested but also live by them. This might be the thing that will change my life. Forever.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks so much Leena! It’s all about making practical information be entertaining to read. I’ve had to read too many boring papers in College to subject others to the same treatment :)

      Let me know if you have any questions about the strategies, they are truly life-changing if applied with purpose and consistency.

  • As per ayurveda ( Indian Medical System) you are born with a combination of doshas (vata,pitta,kapha )
    If you have more of vata you will be quick to learn but forgetful.
    If you have more of kapha you will be slow in understanding but will have good retention power.
    If you are pitta you will be quick as well good retention.

    Again your lifestyle and diet cause the change in proportion of vata, pitta, kapha in body.

    Taking brain stimulants ( vata/pitta increasing foods ) like tea/coffe will cause lot of energy in brain and the result will be increase in alertness but in long run will cause less memory retention.

    So it is all about balancing the doshas .Just google on ayurveda.

  • Can I simply say what a comfort to uncover somebody that genuinely knows what they are discussing on the net. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people really need to read this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that you are not more popular because you surely have the gift.

  • I must thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this site. I’m hoping to view the same high-grade content from you later on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own site now ;)

  • A motivating discussion is definitely worth comment. There’s no doubt that that you need to publish more on this issue, it may not be a taboo subject but typically people don’t speak about these topics. To the next! Best wishes!!

  • Nice Article .
    I would like you to go through the below link.
    Simple steps to sharpen memory in Ayurvedic Science


  • I watched The Movie Limitless every week, and always think about human abilities, finally I started research about the solution. I found you … great article and I’ll make my life. will feed you back with the results.

  • […] come across the Lumosity brain games from Phil Drolet, who tipped me off to cold showers, 10-minute daily yoga, raw cacao, and Philosopher’s Notes.  […]

  • great to read this ,i will try it .i thing this can change my life style. Thanks

  • Posted on Dammit. I have long been convinced, for rseoans unknown to me, that Rumours’ came out in 1975, the year that I was born. Kind of disappointed to realize I was wrong about that.Oh, well, I’ve still got Born to Run.’Love your discussion of the album, totally agreed. There are some great singles ( Dreams is pretty close to a perfect song for me), but put together it’s greater than the sum of its parts.I love your music writing, I hope to see more of these!

  • Great article. Can’t wait to try the above mentioned steps :). Thanks

  • Dis z so awesome….phil,welldone…but i’m alreadi into kipin a diary,exercisin,sleep….tnks styl…

  • Im from Mongolia and I have been here 2 years. Im planning to learn a lot, first of all imbhaving a diffuculity to learn english. I alwasys challenge myself to learn new things, and I found your articl you really impressed me, ypir hard work and belief in what you wanna do. Ive watched eric thomas’s videos a lot and learned lots of things as well, such as polyphasic sleep. My point is I will be likebyou guys one day, but figjting with my bad side is hard. I asmit im lazy. And I need advice from you please.

  • i am a songwriter and i look forward to beginning this journey and seeing what it does for my music. ill be in touch

  • i am going to light you up on a bit of information, of course all of the above increase mental capability and makes you smarter also life makes you smarter you should all get one it really helps i am a civil engineering student this is my last year and i am shure all of the studying has trained my brain alot and im shure that this is all i will need in terms of shaping up my brain. you are who you decide to be accept who you are and good things will happen i think in the movie limitless the magic pill stands for enlightment well here’s some enlightment accept yourself and move on im shure by the end of a year or so of living according to your goals you can achieve the impossible i know i did ow and exercise alot this is a good way keep your body healthy and your brain too, i’m out

    • Yet you can’t spell sure?

  • I want to to thank you for this great read!! I absolutely loved every bit of it.
    I have you book-marked to look at new things
    you post…

  • hello, this was a great artical!
    I was just wondering, do you have any actual recipies for food that can help improve my memory?
    I am still in high school but i forget a lot of the things I “learn”. HELP!

  • Excellent.

  • Mix Alpha Brain with Adderall, makes all this stuff so much easier lol

  • Why do u eat cookies before bed if you do Intermittent Fasting ? I suppose u are allowed to eat only from midday til 8pm? And cookies sound like junk food

  • You really shouldn’t use the word “evolution” because that’s not actually what’s happening when we make ourselves become smarter. It makes you seem unprofessional. Otherwise I thought everything you said was very interesting and worth having people look into it.

  • This is such an inspiring blog. Will be using a lot of this advice. Thank you veryyyyyyy much. :)

  • Hi Phile,

    Have you heard of “Image Streaming” technique for increasing IQ? I have done some research and heard both positive and negative results about it.
    I wanted to know your opinion about it. Do you think it works?

  • Hi Phil,

    Have you heard of “Image Streaming” technique for increasing IQ? I have done some research and heard both positive and negative results about it.
    I wanted to know your opinion about it. Do you think it works?

  • VERY INTERESTING stuff man.

    For me, two ways to become Much Smarter

    1 – Do not masturbate, do not watch porn, and be moderate as for having sex.
    2 – Fast with water, for more than +21 days, you’ll see what being SUPER SMART means.

    Thanks :)

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  • Very interesting article. I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Very interesting article. I really enjoyed reading it. Definitely going to try a few of your suggestions.

  • I’m curious if you’ve made any forays into the class of nootropics called racetams?

    • Hey James, I’m currently experimenting with Piracetam. I can definitely feel the boost but it makes me feel a little too “in the zone” to have it on the regular. I think I’ll keep it for special occasions only. I know a lot of people who’ve had great results with it though.

  • So how is it that fasting because we are evolutionary programmed to intake foods over stretched periods of time helpful to our brain. During the time of the hunter gatherers the average life expectancy was shorter. Also shouldn’t we have been evolving from thousands of years ago to be more adjusted to our modern life of eating more often.

  • WOW! I can’t even describe how much this is a sign/revelation for me, I’ve been really growing and learning about everything lately, from consciousness, spirituality, evolution, Illuminati, I’ve been thinking lately how to be smarter also, thinking it will help me even more than just working on my physical fitness, my emotions and feelings, and this just hit home with me, some of the things you said I already thought of on my own (I just thought I should learn a new language the other day), and how you tie in Limitless is just funny cause that movie all connects to this journey I’ve been on, thank you for the information, it really helped me, I felt like I was meant to read this, much love

  • Try Noopept, the visual acuity and near perfect memory is amazing, I used it for learning Spanish and it was almost instant recall. Noopepet will change your life, give it a shot and it’s a lot more cost efficient than alpha brain

  • Followed the link to Tim Ferris’s blog post (linked below) about Intermittent Fasting (IF) and the source he cites actually concludes by saying,

    “It’s looking like the intermittent fast is another of those ideas in science that looks good in animal studies then not so good in human studies, proving once again that rats and mice aren’t simply furry little humans. And it appears – for humans, at least – that the intermittent fast is indeed beginning to look like the reality of a late-night gimmicky infomercial: long on promises, short on delivery. I suspect that it is also a cautionary tale about the applicability of caloric restriction studies to humans.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s the way science sometimes works. Lab results and reality are often two different animals.”

    What say you?


  • i saw the movie too and ive been expereminting on myself ive been trying alot of foods but i didn’t reach something worth mentioning ,but i learned that physical fitness is something important to the brain, but i wanted to ask you ,what tips on studying can you give me ??

  • Very nice bro, you inspired me to sign up for lumosity. I played that about 30 minutes per day, for a month straight. I’m getting 80 percent average for everything. I personally love lumosity, it’s weight lifting for the brains. Highly recommended for everyone (it’s $15, so it’s not too expensive)

    >the feel no real life NZT ;___;

  • It’s so funny that you used the Limitless analogy for Lumosity! I do exactly the same thing! :-)

    Hit 1401 BPI in 4 weeks and have seen a dramatic up-surge in everything!

    I run a start-up and me and my partner are thinking of using it on our interns to up productivity! LOL

    • Haha that’s a sick idea. I get my interns and employees to go through the best online marketing programs, makes them epic. What’s your company?

      • LOL! I’m glad you like the idea and it’s cool that you actually have implemented it at your firm! :-)

        My company is a London-based, Minicab-Comparison company called CompareMyFare. You can download our iPhone app at cmf.im or view the site at comparemyfare.co.uk. We’ve just emerged out of BETA so despite this high BPI ;-) I can’t code and the BPI isn’t rubbing off onto my developers so there are a few bugs that we know about and are addressing, so don’t judge us just yet, if you have a bad User Experience!

  • I a have signed up for lumosity today and already my bpi is 550 how do u think of that

  • I’m definitely going to try out lumosity! I’m not exactly the most smartest person in the world so lets see how this goes. Thank you for the motivation :)

  • Hey Phil

    I just wanne say thanks for this very inspiring and informative post.

  • Great article, I plan on giving all of your suggestions a try. One question though- Were you paid or in any way compensated by any of the companies you recommended?

    • Hey Brendon, they didn’t pay me to write this, no. I do have an affiliate link so if someone purchases from me I make a small percentage of the sale but those are products I was using well before I knew I could make money from them. Those are all excellent products that I recommend to my family and close friends, not something I’m doing to make money.

  • Great article. I look forward to try many of these techniques. I hope they work. I feel the same as you, that I was intelligent but not nearly as much as others, or where I want to be. I have embarked on a lifelong journey of education but as I age it is getting more and more difficult to think and put together my ideas or learn new things. I have also learned similar things about sleep as you have posted and found it works for me, as long as I am not working. Too bad most jobs won’t let you take that afternoon nap!!! I’m excited at the possibilities the future holds. I just hope it’s not too late for me. I am going to have to watch that movie now! Thanks for the info. you provide, I love when people get excited and share what they have found.

  • Hi. First of all congratulations for putting together such a great article. I’ve read several articles on cognitive enhancement but yours is the first one that takes a look at cognitive enhancement from an alternative angle, namely a combination of brain-enhancing techniques. Most of the stuff I have come across focus on nootropics and binaural beats.

    A couple of points I’d like to bring forth though. First of all, this Alpha Brain stack (it’s basically a nootropic combo, often referred to as stacks) contains several substances that are not meant for everyday use. Also, its price is very high. With $1 a day you can have a far more diverse stack, customized to your own needs.

    Also, although I have great respect for lumocity, I believe that there are a couple of other games out there that are even better. Namely, the Dual N-back game (which has attracted a significant amount of scientific research since its creation, by scientists) and the Complex Working Memory (CWM) task, which is based on scientific studies and experiments. These 2 games can be accessed for free on brainscale.net (Disclaimer: I’m *not* an affiliate or anything). Perhaps you can add this to your list.

    Anyway, congrats again for the article. I look forward to reading more of your experiences. Keep up the good work.

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  • Hi Phil, noticed there was no reply from you to an earlier comment on this article. I would really like to know you’re thoughts on this as it seems to basically make the evidence of IF benefits for humans inadmissible.

    Original comment:

    Followed the link to Tim Ferris’s blog post (linked below) about Intermittent Fasting (IF) and the source he cites actually concludes by saying,

    “It’s looking like the intermittent fast is another of those ideas in science that looks good in animal studies then not so good in human studies, proving once again that rats and mice aren’t simply furry little humans. And it appears – for humans, at least – that the intermittent fast is indeed beginning to look like the reality of a late-night gimmicky infomercial: long on promises, short on delivery. I suspect that it is also a cautionary tale about the applicability of caloric restriction studies to humans.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s the way science sometimes works. Lab results and reality are often two different animals.”

    What say you?


  • I think what you are doing is great.If everyone would try this and just tweak a few things to tailor it to themselves they would get much better results.It would just take some trial and error until you find the things that work best for you. I think the best thing apart from all the references you give is the fact that you aren’t charging any money for all this information you have provided. I have not started this program yet, but I am writing down all the details and doing my own research so I can tweak it to fit me.I hope to see anything else you stumble upon and hopefully the results of other people who try this program.Once I start and have been doing it for a little while, I will post the progress(good or bad) for everyone to see and maybe get some suggestions from other people that might help me improve even more.

  • You’re simply my new role model man! Have you actually tried all these techniques? Which one worked the best? it’s amazing how simple changes like your eating or exercising habits and sleeping patterns can help make you a lot smarter. I’ve actually always thought that our IQ level is something we’re just born with and you’re hands are tied to change it, but here i am stumbling upon this article and knowing that you can improve it. (Btw, how old are you? I’m 16 yo in my senior year of highschool, so do you think starting with these strategies in summer will give me more time to apply them? or it won’t affect my schooling during winter?). Tell me what you think and keep up the good work! (sorry for grammar errors\typos, English isn’t my mother tongue) ;) Cheers!

  • how long did take to think up this money making business I guess you deserve iq points for your long hours of investigating and putting together thus presentation at least.

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  • Hey,
    So, I just finished this reading this whole page including all the comments. Hmm…its interesting to say the least, especially if things actually work out at the end. Does it really work?? I don’t mean any offense, just curious.

  • Hey,
    So i just finished reading the whole page. Hmm…well its all really interesting to say the least, especially if things work out at the end. Does this all really work?? i don’t mean any offense, just curious.

  • Hey Phil !

    I am an under-grad student doing my engineering and keen on pursuing a career on Robotics & Artificial Intelligence. What baffles me about your blog is the fact that I myself was thinking of writing a book titled “Quest for Geniusness” containing details exactly the way u’ve brilliantly mentioned in this blog. There were days when I used to wonder how I can squeeze my brain into doing something exceptional, innovative that could change the lives of almost every human being on the planet (and abroad .. :P). There were times when I used to wake up optimistically who strongly believed in the saying, “Dreams are not the ones that come in ur sleep….Dreams r those that won’t let u sleep”.
    But suddenly, started experiencing nightmares about how becoming a genius could attract the WRONG ATTENTION. I wish I could elaborate on this “wrong attention” here but then i don’t want to unless u r interested. Even before i cud take the path of becoming a genius these nightmares have almost made me insane. Of course the society thinks that its nothing. Its basically immaturity and will get rectified shortly. I wish u cud help me out here. Even writing this to u made me think twice due to the nightmares ive experienced.

  • Does porn affect inteligence or make us stupid and ignorant i’ve been doing the training but i feel like porn is getting in my way

  • The way to get smarter is to read and think critically. Most people won’t do the work.

    The work required to hold an opinion

  • this is all nicely done and researched however you do know that there are people out there with more than only 20% access to their brain? it’s natural for them ofcourse but most people probably has 20% access that’s the average, and there is a faster and much more simpler way to gain more access to your brain, you can train your brain or eat all kinds of expensive stuff
    and make it more powerful “so the speak” but the brain will still be the same i mean think about it we train our brain every day because we think alot especially someone who has a very complicated and hard job that requires being smart requires alot of thinking requires alot of time like a lawyer or something similar he has to defeat all kinds of obstacles during his day and work countless hours i’m pretty sure he trains his brain alot better there is another and more powerful trick to increase your brain activity and access while staying clear and if you are already smart you can become a genius i’ve tryed it and it works i haven’t being the same since the first time i tryed it.

    • You are apparently smart, but can’t spell “tried”.
      I’m sure you are a very intelligent…………

      • I can assure you i’m far more intelligent than you, between that was a very old post and a personal joke of mine i didn’t mean any word that i wrote on that comment, and apparently you didn’t figure that out dumb fuck.

  • ^^ to the above comment… (John Sasuke)
    what are yout alking about?! you rambled on and on about using braing and training, and then you finished your post stating that you know how to access more of the 20%… why didnt you just say it??

  • i likes this article a lot and it been useful for me, i likes how you talked about many things differently and i think you deserve to be an author or maybe publish a little book that would help a lot of people, and in my opinion don’t listen to any of those people who try to put you down cause you’re amazing person who did a good and useful thing for all :)

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  • Hey Phil, everybody. Just wanted to share a little bit of my story. Sought out becoming “limitless” for myself, which actually led me down a hellish path. Please read about it in my memoir about what NOT to do to achieve this kind of mindset. It’s called Confessions of an AP Student, check it out here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=node%3D154606011&field-keywords=Confessions+of+an+AP+Student

    I’m all good now, and am experimenting with PHENYLpiracetam, the holy grail of nootropics:)

  • Hey guys, sought out becoming limitless for myself, feel free to read about my own journey and interest in mental enhancement, in my new book “Confessions of an AP Student.” It’s truly an amazing read, and as a recovering addict, 10% of the proceeds go to the MAGIC nonprofit firm towards helping adolescents. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=node%3D154606011&field-keywords=Confessions+of+an+AP+Student
    Check out the link here ^^^

    I’m currently experimenting with this lifestyle along with phenylpiracetam btw and it works great! Carphedron FTW:)))

  • Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I
    will be waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.

  • Hi Phil, thank you very much for all the awesome information.
    Keep up the good work, I will most definitely read all your future blogs and info!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Great article!

  • Hey Phil,

    did you pay for lumosity to get the extra access? Despite that I think your article is quite ispiring :) Perhabs include listening to Mozart (that works great in my case to boost brain power)

  • […] Comments on: On Becoming Superhuman: How to Be Smarter, Increase Your IQ & Become Limitless […]

  • Thanks very much for this helpful advice. Can’t wait to improve my brain! :)

  • Excellent post Phil. I really enjoyed this from start to finish. I’m currently preparing to take my MCAT and starting graduate school and I’m really trying to maximize my cerebral potential before I am thrown in the mental shark tank. Despite the miniscule grammatical errors, the content was flawless and factual. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors and I look forward to reading some published materials from you. Lol hopefully a book or two!

    Very inspirational stuff. Bonam Fortunam!

  • […] personal experiments in becoming smarter and pushing his physical limits inspired me to start taking responsibility for my life. I started […]

  • I’m 14 would all these tips work for me as well im going to high school and just hoping to get my grades up

  • Man, this is amazing! I watched Limitless tonight and I decided to search up if there is such a thing. I came across this blog and was astounded with your results! I’m going to try each of your steps, the first one for one week, then the second and first step for the next week, an so on. Can’t wait to get my own results! Thanks for recording your findings!

  • If you want to better yourself and others, that’s great. It’s awesome how you can always stay positive no matter what foul things people spew at you. Good job.

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  • Hi ,Im 14 years old and soon starting high school. I just wanted to say that i loved the article. Its very inspiring. Im going to start on trying to increase more and more on my mental and physical performance and see where it takes me. and also i just wanted to let you know that its getting out to all ages. Thats really impressive.

  • I love to share information that I’ve built up with the calendar year to assist improve group efficiency.

  • This is a topic that is close to my heart… Thank you!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

  • Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in
    Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, excellent blog!

  • http://www.braiev.com , the website you’ve given in step 5, is classified by BitDefender as being dangerous. Why? :-)

  • […] By forcing intentional change to your perspective, you force yourself towards undeniable and limitless growth. […]

  • Wow. I ‘just happened’ on your website and locked in immediately. I was also inspired by the movie Limitless and have been wanting to watch it again. As someone else so accurately already pointed out, the character achieved his success at a great price.

    You have to bear in mind that though the storyline was fictional, the concept can be made reality though dedicated effort.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I have followed and liked and will be putting forth the necessary actions to achieve the results I desire. So far the resources you share are valuable, keep it up!

    Much appreciation. May you achieve all you deserve and more.

  • Good info. Lucky me I recently found your website by chance (stumbleupon).

    I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

  • Enjoyed your article. I am a physician and found most of your information on point. I have used Lumosity with some success during my medical training although it was difficult to keep up with working 80-90 hours a week. I am about to start a little IQ experiment of my own. I have decided to go to law school and am going to take the LSAT in 4-5 months so I am starting an intensive brain training/LSAT training program. I’m shooting for the 99% so I can get a good scholarship. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  • Hi,

    My name is Jen and I’m from the Philippines. Like you, I also got inspired by the movie Limitless and always wondered if such a pill does exist :p I stumbled upon your blog and I wanna say thank you for sharing this. I just started using Lumosity and train my brain everyday for at least 30 minutes. I’m also starting to hit the gym, eat brain-healthy foods and getting decent hours of sleep.

    I also want to learn Japanese and Italian languages, and learn how to play piano as well :p

  • Hey Phil,
    I’m a Brazilian med student and really enjoyed reading your article.. I do have one thing to add though: it is important that you also ingest omega 6 in the right proportions with the omega 3. The latest researches showed that the O3 alone doesn’t do much, but if combined with the O6, it really can boost not only your brain but your entire body!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Awesome post mate !

    Really helped me on my current situation :

    – Cold showers are great. Feel so good afterwards.
    – Matcha tea, although the powder smells like wheat grass (another powder for drink that tastes pretty nasty), is not of the same taste at all ; Matcha is DELICIOUS.
    – Cacao. Just great.

    Currently doing the intermittent fasting. Waiting for concrete results, but it seems like I’ve lost the little of fat I had around the waist in 3 days.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best of success dear friend !

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  • Wow phil.

    Je ne te connaissais qu’à titre de «frère d’Érika». Je suis présentement dans une phase cruciale de ma vie avec plusieurs remises en question sur les choix qui influenceront mon futur. Ton article m’a donné beaucoup de réponses à des questions jusqu’ici irrésolues. Ton texte est d’une inspiration incroyable et je commence dès demain à mettre en pratique plusieurs de ces techniques. Également, une traduction française pourrait être bénéfique pour tes amis Québécois. Lâche pas le bon travail ! Excellent !



  • Hi,

    Great article, thanks for the cool ideas. However, I agree with some other commenters that it could be more professional. Consider not using the word “shit” in work that you want to spread to mass audiences. Your use of the word – including on Facebook with your recent post that says the article is “good shit” – sounds very elementary. This is intended to be a constructive comment.

    • I think the language style and use of words like”shit” are intended. It makes the author more believable and gives the article a more personal touch.

      The author’s personality comes out better when speaking freely and openly, rather than just saying what he “thinks” people want to hear.

      I say keep it the way it is. Thanks

  • Hey Phil! It’s Heidi from Evoso. This article is awesome!! I just sent it to my freshman in college – and my hubby. I’m going to give some of these things a try. Hope all is well!

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    Amazing article! I have a question about eating before bed: when do you do this? An hour before sleep, or really just before going to sleep?


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  • THANKS FOR THIS super aricle, but it seems that your information about BPI is a bit problematic
    according to who is one of the designers of Lumosity, an average BPI for a 22 years old is 850

    so is there a lumosity link that defines what exactly is this BPI?

    cause it seems that there isnt

  • I am very interested in starting to do some to most of these things except the alpha pill because I don’t like the idea of taking pills because I am a very natural type of person but I probay won’t be startin for about 5-8 months because I am leaving for boot camp here in February but that will make it much easier cause I will be more financially fit to be able to buy things to help me on my process of become the greater inteligence that I want :), appreciate the post and hope you keep me updated.

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  • For lumosity did u get the monthly or just the free one ,
    ,Where u can only play limited games ?

  • Is the Brain Entrainment thing safe?? How long is the music?

  • “holding my own in intellectual conversations was never particularly hard”

    i think you mean difficult. i see you haven’t reached your full potential yet.

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  • This was just awesome!!!!! THANK YOU soooooo much!!!!! :o !!!!
    You have no idea how this helped me!!! Especially lumosity and brain music!!! Thank you very much Phil :))

  • Hey Phil, and everyone,

    Before I start, sorry If I made grammar mistakes or so on, I am not english, I speak mainly french – BTW Phil, I live in Montreal as you did ;)

    Also, sorry if I write a LOT. This post will take some time to read, no matter how many times I re-write it to optimize it – it seems I’m like that… The more I write, the more I have to say…

    Ok so in order to give feedback Phil, I’ve been implementing the vast majority of the strategies you named for a few weeks now. To be more accurate, at first (autumn) I was not rigorous, I tried a bit of everything to get a taste of it, to see how much time it takes, is it complicated, how will that fit in my extremely tight schedule, and so on. I was on IF for a moment (3 weeks), then I tried lumosity for a moment (3 months), I had a break, I tested a few things, took a Christmas vacation break on most things I started implementing to take a break with my kids. But now for the winter session, I said to myself: damn, let’s implement everything and be very disciplined, no excuses, and so on. I was baffled at how many practices were easy to implement even when summed up together – it’s only a matter of good planning, and you don’t need that much motivation as the things proposed here are so time and energy efficient.

    By the way, I watched limitless in my vacation and it was as I expected, very inspirational. I tend to dream about and see the “limitless” state in a maybe broader way than the films producers did it, but anyway it was very nice, and very inspirational, and it gives you the main idea.

    So, well, I started this shift very seriously in the beginning of January. My first obstacle was planning, keeping track of all these small habits – it’s so easy to forget one thing.

    Since my life is filled with so many things to do (4 children, a wife with health problems at moments, a full time job and part time university class), I decided to use the VERY practical MS Outlook function that allows you to create recurring periodic tasks. I have googled this for many hours, and I can tell you that I know how to google something because I used to be a sysadmin, but still I found *no other tool than outlook that could allow you to program periodically recurring tasks.

    It basically allows you to have tasks that re-appear every day, every x days of the week, and so on. For more details on using the function: http://office.microsoft.com/en-ca/outlook-help/change-a-task-to-a-recurring-task-HP005243048.aspx

    This resolved my planning concerns, everything is simpler to manage now. I really am in the middle of this radical move. I decided to move on with this new lifestyle because my life started to suck in lots of areas of my life:

    1- my brain was getting noticeably slower, I am 36, and it’s true that if you don’t use it, you will lose it – I was stagnating at work (no challenge, no interest in what I was doing).

    2- My health was hitting its biggest pit. I hit the 210 pounds ceiling, and although I am pretty tall, I was starting to have this bump that is not very useful nor particularly beautiful :P Worst of all, I was out of breath all the time. With kids and little time, you need to use a car, so the health eventually suffers from it. Add to this a working environment where you don’t move, and you end up studying at home in the evening, coupled with a at best OK diet, still based on the north american standards – and you are done.

    3- I knew I was not eating the right food and it really pissed me off. I was always saying, well, later – I don’t have time… The normal north american diet is really far from optimal, this is a no brainer. I was taking “shortcuts” because of my lack of time and this was bad. Lots of gluten, lots of corn syrup (this really is the waistline killer and it’s even in yogurt – what the heck ?!).

    4- Worst of all, my life was misaligned with more than one of my profound goals and beliefs. I knew I was working hard to pay the bills for my wife and my kids, that it was a must – in a sense, I was doing the “right” thing.

    But yet again, despite all the constraints, things needed to get better for me. I didn’t have the right to neglect myself to that point, and let myself believe constraints were a reason to not act as a free man. Freedom is about living with and sometimes choosing your constraints (hence my choice of having 4 children), and deal with them courageously to get this dream life of yours happen. What was yesterday’s wall should be tomorrow’s open doorway and so on.

    So, despite my full time job and part time studies, I make this happen right now, and I am thankful to your efforts Phil to inspire people in taking the same direction, which always end (or start up) with one word (ok – two) : CONSISTENT ACTION.

    I added a few tweaks to the list you propose, I started implementing my own little things, like image streaming as it’s called in the einstein factor, which summarizes 20 years+ of the research of the psychologist Dr Win Wenger to help people get smarter and so on. BTW, preliminary studies established a .8 IQ point increase correlation per hour of (correct) image streaming practice, as opposed to .4 IQ point per in the classes that used the Whimbey method instead.

    Now, the interesting part is that the Whimbey method only aims to develop the analytic part of the brain. The image streaming method aims at developing all the known regions of the brain, plus eventual regions that are unused, that’s the whole idea – so it aims at not only sharpening and enhancing your conscious awareness and way to process info, but the interaction between your subconscious and your conscious awareness. So in the end, your conscious attention (limited by a little more than a hundred bits of information) learns to better tap in your global brain potential (the teraflop monster that competes with world’s actual supercomputers ^^).

    If I combine my own experience with this practice to the experience of other image streaming practicers in various review sites, I can affirm without much risk of error that this method has the very interesting advantage of allowing to tap more into the hidden parts of our brain, discovering new subtle skills, being creative, seeing out of the picture.

    Now what I consider amazing about this practice (set apart that it was a very similar practice that Einstein implemented to discover E=mc2), is that, considering the fact that although it aims at increasing your overall brain possibilities, it ends up affecting very specific regions as the ones tested in IQ tests, in a way that is even more effective than another method that aimed at developing only these specific regions. It would be like saying that you gain more biceps doing a global body exercice than doing bicep weights to isolate the specific muscle.

    What I realized after a moment is that image streaming seemed to give me aha! moments were I would get something big and have deep insights. I couldn’t say if that affected my lumosity scores, it’s hard to isolate whey you try many things at once, but I can tell it affected my life a great deal, in an amazingly short amount of time. I used the borrowed genius method, among others, and like 24 hours later I would get this kickass idea that no one I knew of ever came to had.

    To that, I decided to add a twist to IF, I end my fasting with an intense training session of repeated reps of 20+ seconds of 100% capacity rowing bike sprints (I have done thorough research, and I don’t know of any device able to let you hit your physical limits quicker.

    Coupled to that fact, it is low impact, take not too much space, and makes refreshing air so you can vent a bit while you sweat like there is no tomorrow :)

    Anyway, I guess you probably read about the benefits of high intensity quick training, it’s really effective, this is proven to be a monstrously time effective way to lose weight, with much better benefits than hours of 60 – 70 % capacity training.

    Also to become more alkaline and healthful I take big portions of various vegetables that I blend into that cool nutri bullet blender that is better to me than all these 500$ blenders that are a pain to wash and not very practical as they are all designed, or so it seems, with a smaller base, the nutri bullet does the job, and has a very large base so all your vedgies mix very well and very quickly at a very low cost and no maintenance at all besides rinsing the helix quickly and washing your glass, that is in fact the device used to blend your stuff. I like the concept. It’s said to vastly help muscle mass (protein digestion) and weight loss too as it has a great impact on the overall functioning of your metabolism.

    Anyway, all this to say that, as you said in your post, for me too, shit is getting real. On lumosity I was on level 9 for a specific rather advanced memory game, I had manged to level 10 once and failed it. Now, after a few weeks of vacation break (I should lose it a bit) I tried the same game on IF with all the other implemented strategies and I hit the level 13 ceiling. I was expecting something big, but still I was shocked at how good I got. I was breaking my own records everywhere.

    It’s amazing that some psychologists with more university diplomas that I have still believe we are mentally capped by our genetics – it’s plainly wrong. If you ask me, there must be a proportion of 20 to 30% of your IQ that comes as is when you are born, the rest is to be trained, it will highly depend on your personal choices (will you focus on analyzing things or being more artistic or whatever other trait of intelligence or ways to experience life and so on), will you be induced in a state that makes you interested in learning or not, and so on.

    Oh, and BTW for skeptics, there was a Mensa journal mentioning that there was a solid correlation established between brain training scores and IQ scores – so yes, it’s tightly related.

    Anyway, my profound belief is that when you search, when you really want to get somewhere, you get there. It’s the nature of our possibilities, we are psychosomatic beings in nature. These guys at lumosity do not exclusively have their target on making money – it would be utterly bad faith to think so. Yes, there might be a little bias, but then again, these phychologist really work at isolating the metaskills related to IQ and different kinds of intelligence, and they have competition to deal with, and social networks that will discredit their product if it’s not as good as presented.

    As a consequence, it’s totally normal that after all these years of research, they could manage to isolate some very relevant cognitive meta skills that impact IQ performance for example. You can have a few people in these companies that think about profit mainly, but don’t tell me all the doctors out there fake to do their job right ;)

    IQ may be a limited measure of intelligence, it’s still a significative indicator that would be a part of a larger scale of global intelligence measurement if you ask me.

    So, for all the possibly skeptical readers around, I say, lets put some skepticism apart, lets test before we assume. I am not receiving any endorsement for what I say here, and I TOTALLY agree with most if not all what Phil says up here, and I know because I tested it too. BTW, you rock Phil. It was you choice to become more and more limitless and you deserve success since you took action. I am glad that you aim at sharing this with others.

    And for those who believe there is more to it than what we think we know when we are getting pessimist, lets embrace the possibilities of what is at our grasp nowadays. Back in the nineties we had a fraction of what is available right now – it’s amazing! I feel renewed, a bit fresh, like if I was in my twenties again. Everything is yet to be discovered, accomplished, and we have so many possiblities to get our grasp on.

    As you mention Phil, it’s amazing to start being bold, to take the decision to really strive for excellence, and make things happen. You just don’t know where it can lead you. With semi constant practices in the autumn session, I could see noticeable results.

    Now with IF toroughly combined with the whole package deal of things you suggest plus the things I tested, damn it really rocks. I start to get incredible ideas, I start to see ways to do things like never before, I have like 4 amazing projects in store and 2 ongoing, I earned a promotion at work, will get another in 4 months (that will be just before I leave the place for something better), I have this technological innovation on the works at that will change the way we do things were I work in a dramatic way (we are a team of 60 that have a significant impact on thousands of people’s life so it’s pretty cool), and so on, and so on.

    Now for the weight loss, I am now reaching the 200 pounds bar (was at 210 in the end of the holiday vacation), I expect to reach 180 shortly (with a little luck, maybe at the end of my university session this winter). Same for lumosity, I experience drastic changes and I can tell you intuitively that the most beneficial factor by a very big margin is IF. It really helps you rock at lumosity and so many other things. Plus it gives you more time, less fatigue, etc…

    But as you said in a previous blog post, many skills, such as IQ, are good, but still, determination is better. If you are good at trying things and sticking to them, you are a goldmine with the good tools.

    Being *very spiritual by nature, I have always put myself as less important than the greater good, been reluctant to making money, being successful, and so on. What I cared about was really people and the status of the world and I was gladly ready to put myself at the last seat when it comes to personal success, money, health, and so on. But you know, after all these years, I learned the basics the hard way: yes, gray matter counts, willpower counts, my health counts, money counts, everything counts. You need to be excellent in any way you can be, and only by taking care of yourself the good way, will you be able to take care of others and the world, the way you want it.

    So to all the fighters here that aspire to your greater self, I say, good luck in your quest, and be bold – it’s worthwhile.

    And to you Phil, I say, thanks a lot bro !

  • Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your post! I know this comment is a bit outdated and I’m reading your post quite some time after you wrote it, but I’m going to try your suggestions. I’m a person who really focuses on improvement daily/weekly/monthly and if there’s a feasible, logical, and safe way to make myself better, I’ll try it. Optimizing myself mentally and physically is a forefront goal of mine.

    By the way, you look great! I’ll have to read up on any posts you have about fitness.

    Thanks for the blog post and sharing your thoughts.

  • Wow, what a fantastic article. Without a doubt one of the most concise and well elaborate pieces of information currently on the net. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this material on display, it helped me immensely to expand my parameters of thinking and explore tools that can broaden my view point and capability. You are awesome, my big applause to you!!! I’m on my journey to unleash my greater potential too. Peace

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  • Hello Phil :)

    First, thanks so much for compiling these techniques in one blog post, you have no idea how helpful you are to people like me for doing that. I just finished reading the article and I’ve done a bit of research on some of the systems you’ve mentioned – they all seem awesome!

    I’m a second year high school student and I’m trying to take initiative in self-improvement, so reading this gave me a really great starting point. I’ve always been considered a particularly avid reader and I’m usually the impromptu tutor for my friends, but – just like you – there’s always a couple people that are on a different playing field. Whether it’s that I’m not fast enough or sharp enough, I don’t know. However, I’m excited and optimistic heading into this. Honestly though, how much did this improve your ability to “learn”? I’m probably above average in my capacity for retention and am usually one of the first to grasp a new concept, but there’s still a learning curve. How dramatically, or undramatically, did this approach affect that in you?

    I’d love to know :) Thanks again!

  • nice one bro

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    • I don’t want to start a flame here, but the freebies that Phil offers are probably 100 times more valuable than what is found in the link you just just posted – it leads to a product that is indeed overpriced and considered by many as scam :/

      I could find better info in less than an hour for free by using google (without finding Phil’s blog, which is kickass). I don’t think your post deserves its place in Phil’s blog.

      Did you know that trend micro anti malware browser protector considers the link you just put there a pure scam ? I get a warning when I want to click on it, it says the link is fraudulous and a scam. It purely and simply is what Trend Micro says, and given the fact that they are an authority in the anti malware virus / etc… scene, consistently rated among the best anti virus and malware solutions along with bit defender, I’d say I believe them more than you ;)

      But you know, just to make sure, I have tried the product (long before you posted that), and I DO confirm that it is NOT a quality product, I consider it scam. Rehashed content that has little to do with real IQ increase. Merely facilitating factors, at best, not ways to really BUILD it, like lumo and IF and some rare kickass products that will do the job. So, people, don’t go there, it sucks. That is my advice. Use Phil’s advice instead, HE tested and saw results.

      To finish this, I wonder Nicolas, could you quantify the IQ increase you experienced by using the product, before posting this in Phil’s blog ? What increase did you really experience ? Was it permanent ? Is your IQ now 195 like they say in the video ??? :P

      Show me the pics, be my guest ^^

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  • whatever floats your boat – I actually think my iq has dropped since reading this to levels comparable to mental retardation. Or maybe I have become so smart that now the human race as a whole is obsolete in my mind… idk its scary how much knowledge I have gained or lost after this. Quick update – it has been 3 minutes and there is no longer a reality for me after implementing the strategies recommended hear ………………. I have become LIMITLESS

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  • Wow, this article really inspired me!!! The idea that our brain has so much power than we think and that we just have to uncover is very thrilling.
    Started doing some of the things you suggest, e.g. using Lumosity.

    Thanks a lot, Phil!

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  • HI I loved your article. But is there any great person whose IQ is less. My IQ is about 120-130.
    not sure but why do i consider myself inferior. I want a remedy for that becoz i often get depressed.

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  • Hmmm…

    …smarter, but not smart enough to check the article, after writing it, and pick up on all the simple grammar mistakes?!

    That said, I agree with some of what has been typed.

    Live a healthy lifestyle and always challenge yourself. Don’t stagnate, you’ll always be smarter than you were the day before.

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    Does improving one’s IQ equal self-improvement, self-development in terms of becoming a better person? Better meaning creating deeper self-exprerience and enlightenment that can illuminate others?
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  • Hello! This article was amazing. When I originally watched the film, Limitless, I had a new perspective on life. I challenged myself and thought was it possible? After reading this, I have a better understanding and the ability to taking the first step in becoming limitless. I would love if you could email me back, and we could possibly stay in contact. I know you’re probably busy, but I am 21, a senior in college and for years I’ve always visioned a better lifestyle. But no one around me shares the exact same enthusiasm and when I bring up things like this, I seem to lose their focus. It would be nice to share my new process with someone!

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