I’m back from Peru (and crazy stuff has happened)

Hello hello!

After a 2-month digital detox that took me deep in the mountains of Peru and on an epic road trip around the US, I’m back online and I’ve got some incredible stories and insights to share with you.

Since I went off the grid in late-July, I’ve gone through the most transformative, challenging, bizarre and beautiful phase of my life. Some of what happened to me is straight out of a sci-fi movie… except it actually happened.

Before I left for Peru, I said I had a feeling I’d come back as a different man. I couldn’t have fathomed how prophetic this would turn out to be…

But before I dive into that, let me give you a bit of context and bring you back to the “dark times” I was going through before I left…

As you might remember, after a tremendously successful 2013, I decided to raise the stakes in 2014.

I took on more big projects, more responsibilities, I went haywire on Crossfit, and I forgot a simple fact of life: just like anyone else, I’m human and I need to rest and recover sometimes or else I start to fall apart.

As 2014 unfolded, on the outside it looked like I was crushing it.

But on the inside, I was the one being crushed.

I started waking up with a ball of anxiety in the pit of my stomach every morning, my enthusiasm for life flickered away, and I developed a lingering feeling that something was wrong…

… but I didn’t have time to deal with that… There was too much to do!

Ah, the irony.

So I kept on trucking along, until one fateful day in June I did a DMT ceremony in Boulder, and my whole reality was blown to pieces.

“The spirit molecule” made it clear for me: I was on the highway to self-destruction…

…and there was a MUCH easier way to live a fulfilled, impactful and joyful life.

And now, it was my time, my purpose, my mission to discover it.

Fast forward to July 29, 2014.

I boarded a plane towards Lima, Peru for a country where I had a strong intuition I was meant to discover some of the answers I was looking for.

My intentions for this trip were profound. I intended:

-To reconnect with my true self (not my *story* of who I am or want be, but who I am underneath all that… My soul, my essence). I sought to realign with what makes me truly happy, why I’m here on this Earth, and how I’m meant to spend my precious time on this planet.

-To do some deep inner work to uncover and heal some of my darkest insecurities and fears… and free myself from years of conditioning, traumas, etc… so I could be the most loving, peaceful and powerful version of myself.

-To discover how I can create more value, contribution and beauty in the world… Not by hustling more or working harder, but rather by having better alignment and allowing more ease and grace in my life. I wanted to learn how to flow and co-create with Universe, instead of trying to control everything and “make it happen” through sheer willpower and effort.

The moment I got on the plane, I knew magic was about to happen.

I started to relax deeply and I got massively excited about the fact that for the next month… I was completely and utterly free.

No responsibilities. No pressure.

No email. No Facebook. No cellphone.

Just me, my thoughts, and endless possibilities.

Awwwww. What a feeling! I felt like I was a kid again, giddy with excitement, free to play, explore and love without restrictions.

I had no specific plans for the trip, and only a few broad logistical guidelines…

I would spend 10 days in Cusco (the oldest city in America), 10 days in the Sacred Valley (doing Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies) and 10 days in Mancora (living la Dolce Vita on the beach)…

Besides that, it was up to God’s will. No plans, no agenda, no constraints. Just a lot of unpredictable adventures.

And oh, the things that happened…. It’s funny just how magical life can be when we give ourselves time and space (instead of trying to cram every minute with “productive” activities).

In my next post, I’ll send you a full, unedited account of what happened in Peru.

I’ll share with you:

-How I faced death, twice (and how the Ayahuasca ceremonies pushed me further than I’ve ever been emotionally, mentally and physically).

-How I had the most surreal spiritual experience of my life (real-world Sci-fi stuff folks… you’ll have to keep an open mind)

-Why this madness was SO worth it, how I feel I’m BY FAR the best version of myself I’ve ever been.

-A few funny anecdotes to keep things fun and light.

So keep an eye out for my next post, where I’ll take you on an exclusive journey down the Peruvian rabbit hole…. ;)

Much love,


PS Thank you SO VERY MUCH for all the love and support I received before I left. I got hundreds of messages, emails and text wishing me well on the journey and it meant a lot to me to feel so supported and loved. Thank you J

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Posted on : 7, Oct 2014


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