How I Crushed “The 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge” & The Great Life Secret It Unveiled

6 weeks ago, I came across an interesting discussion on High Existence about something called “The 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge”.

This Challenge is exactly what you think it is: you take a cold shower every single day for 30 days. Nice & simple right? :)

Intrigued, I started reading the accounts of people taking the challenge, and soon realized that they were overwhelmingly positive. The courageous challengers reported increased energy, mental clarity, alertness, motivation, and much more…  I thought about it, and it made a lot of sense. Jumping in a cold lake/ocean had always been something I found incredibly invigorating.

But then my next thought was “Yeah… that Cold Shower Challenge sounds cool, but it’s a bit too hardcore for me. I hate cold showers!!! ”

Right there & then, I caught myself. That wasn’t who I was trying to become. So instead, I asked myself “what would the best version of myself do?” The answer was crystal clear. I had to take that challenge and CRUSH IT!!!


So the next morning, Day 1…  I finished my morning yoga, then it was time for action. I walked into the bathroom, and turned the water knob to 25% hot/75% cold, and stood in front of the shower for a good 2 minutes, absolutely petrified to go in. I could feel the cold mist grazing my skin, and the little voice in my head kept saying “Dude, this is gonna SUCK!” Uuuh. Well, I wasn’t about to back down, so there was only one thing left to do. I told the little voice to shut up, gathered all my courage, and stepped in.

Holy shit. The little voice was right! It was shockingly cold and it sucked: I was gasping for air, then I started screaming, and then I pretty much just freaked out. I couldn’t handle it. I was out less than a minute, thinking “how the hell am I going to do this 29 more times???”

24 hours later, I was back for Day 2. Standing in front of the shower, I was even more petrified than the day before. This time I knew exactly how cold it was going to be. After much back in forth between my “strong self” and my “wuss self”, I got in. Aaaaaaaaah. So. Damn. Cold!!!! I lasted 2 minutes, and got out. I was shivering all over, but feeling ALIVE, and quite proud of myself for stepping up again.

The days passed, and it didn’t get much easier. I kept reading about the amazing health benefits of Cold Showers to stay motivated. From reading other people’s experiences, I knew that after 7-10 days it was supposed to get easier. Some people even said it was going to get fun! I was skeptical (“how can this be FUN?”), but I just had to believe,

Day 10 came. I stepped in, the cold water blasted my skin, blood rushed through body, and I felt this incredible jolt of controlled energy. Don’t get me wrong, it was still super cold, but something different happened this time. By focusing on my breathing, I was able to keep my mind relaxed. I was able to separate myself from the “coldness”, and just see it for what it is. Some cold water on my skin. Chill out brother. It’s no big deal. I came out of the shower, and let out an amazing primal scream to celebrate. At that point, I just knew there was no stopping me. That Challenge didn’t have a chance.

Fast-forward to Day 30. I casually strolled into the bathroom, daydreaming about the cool things I was going to do later. I turned on the knob at 0% hot/100% cold. Without hesitation, I stepped in, and let the freezing water surround my body. I felt the familiar surge of energy, but there was no screaming, no freaking out. Just a big smile across my face. I checked in with my breath: relaxed and controlled. I checked my heart rate: 50 beats/minute. Perfect.

In 30 days, I had gone from nothing, to Cold Shower Master. Amazing.

Right after my 30th consecutive cold shower: full of energy, yet totally zen. Best feeling ever.

On Day 31, it was time for “The Test”. To finish this challenge in style, I decided to go for a 2km swim at Cottesloe Beach (without a wetsuit, obvs!)

Amazing place to swim in the summertime, but that water gets COLD in winter

To give you an idea, all through my swimming career, I preferred water around 25C/82F, and I had a hard time whenever it was under 23C/78F. That day, the water at Cott was a cool 18C/64F. It didn’t matter. I knew I was 100% ready for this. I got pumped up, and sprinted into the water.

Immediately, I had that horrible gasping feeling of “ohmygod-I-can’t-breathe”. Yeah, that feeling… Except this time, I knew exactly what to do. I focused on my breath and calmed myself down, thinking “Relax.. relax.. yeah that’s it.. relax, it’s all good… alllll good. ” And just like that, the cold feeling disappeared.  I was in perfect control of my mind, and therefore of the situation. It turned out to be one of the best swims I’ve ever had.

As a bonus, when I came out I overheard this conversation between a big muscle guy and his girlfriend:

Muscle Guy: “Damn, this sucks, I wish I could go in the water.”

Girlfriend: “Why don’t you go?”

Muscle Guy: “Baby, are you serious? It’s fucking cold!”

Girlfriend *points at me*: “Well, that guy just came out and he looks fine”.

Muscle Guy *looks at me with a mix of curiosity and awe*.: “Yeah, but… he’s crazy!”

Hahah, nope muscle guy, I’m just a little tougher/smarter than  you. :)


Funny stuff aside, I learned a very powerful life secret while taking this challenge.

By constantly challenging ourselves with simple things like taking cold showers, we can develop a “mind like water”. Powerful, yet adaptable to any situation/obstacle.

Building our mind is like building a muscle: the more we work it out, the stronger it gets. Once our mind gets strong enough, we can take on any challenge, or handle anything life throws at us, without getting flustered. We keep our emotions under control, and we choose the most empowering course of action. Then we do whatever needs to be done, and crush it. Boom.

This, my friends, is an incredible tool to help us create the life we dream of.


All right, if you’ve made it this far through the article, you’re probably thinking this all sounds pretty cool. But chances are, you’re also thinking… “Aaahhh, this Phil guy, he’s a bit crazy. I’m not as hardcore as him. This Challenge isn’t for me. Blablabla.”

Hey, I’m just another guy, and if I can do it, so can you. What would the best version of yourself do?

All right… This is it, time for you to step up: I’m officially challenging you to take on the 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge. Are YOU up for it? :)

Here’s my promise: if you take this challenge, in a short 30 days, you’ll be transformed. You’ll have realized that you’re the type of person that can take on challenging tasks  and make it through unscattered. You’ll have gained greater mastery over yourself, and you’ll be more comfortable doing scary things .And above all, you’ll have more energy & you’ll feel DAMN GOOD about yourself.

I can’t think of any other activity that is this simple (+free), and will bring such great benefits to your life.

To give you a little extra motivation, if you commit to the challenge right now, in the comment section below, I will send you a free advanced copy of my new eBook “21 Tricks To Feel Good Now” as a “good job for stepping up” gift.

Let’s see who’s game! Cheers!


*You can also watch the follow-up video of this post and see how I passed the “Final Test”.

PS: If you love the idea of doing a 30 Days Challenge but cold showers really aren’t our thing, check out this great list of 30 ideas for the 30-Day Challenge for inspiration.

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  • This is no big challenge. Since I came back to Montreal I've been taking mostly cold showers (probably 20-80). I just need to go to 100% cold then, no biggie. In the winter it would be something else, but with the hot temps we've been having, it almost feels like cheating!

    So, do I win anything, you big wuss? ;-)

  • Haha, 20/80 doesn't count!! It's the 20% when you don't feel like it that's really the challenge ;)

  • I'm absolutely inspired to start taking colder showers. I demand my showers to be super hot, even in summer. But I actually have no problem jumping in cold waters at the beach – I find it loads of fun. I guess I can transfer that fun frame of mind to my home and try something new for a change.

    However, I won't do the challenge since I don't take a full shower everyday.

    Btw, love your website!

  • Thanks Charlie, I appreciate it! :)

    The other thing you can try is to throw in short burst of cold water during your hot shower, just as a little pick me up!! Good luck!

  • Je me dois dessayer!

    En fait je me dois de réussir!!

    LETS GO!!!

  • Boom that's it mon Jul!! Je t'envoie le livre des qu'il est termine (si tout va bien, en fds)

    I believe in you bro!! :)

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  • […] happen… Surprisingly it turned out to be the best experiences of my life. Read my account here How I Crushed “The 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge” & The Great Life Secret I Discovere… Let me know what you think, and better yet, step up to the challenge yourself! Phil […]

  • New to the site, followed your link in MDA. Looks interesting.

    This is something I may try at some stage, but from reading the article it would seem "cold" is a bit subjective, maybe geographically adjusted? The water out of my cold tap averages around 8C/47F at the moment so I'm thinking I'll proceed gradually… when the ocean I swim in reaches 18C – perhaps in the peak of summer – we call that quite warm! The lake I used to swim in was often < 10C. Yeah, that always took a few minutes to get used to.

  • Thanks for the input Steve!

    Damnn < 10C, that is COLD. I don't think I'm there yet.. I still remember watching this TED Talk a while back of this guy who swam 1km in 1C water in the Arctic (or Antarctic, can't remember) .. Mind-blowing stuff!

  • Hey Phil

    You will be proud of me, had my first cold shower tonight, more out of necessity than choice as we had no hot water. I was pleasantly surprised and actually enjoyed it, well after the first minute once I could breathe again. May even try it again.

    I'm Phil's housemate and when I first heard his screams coming from the shower I had no idea what was happening and was a little worried but after a couple of days I knew he was enjoying himself as he screams made way for his singing once again.

  • I'll do it starting now. But the real challenge will be: doing this challenge again in let's say… January. The summer heat makes this challenge desirable to me right now. I guess I will look at this first trial as training for the "ultimate cold shower challenge" – January 2012, in my freezing cold NYC apartment.

  • Interesting and no harm done in doing something for 30 days! See you in 30!

  • I have been doing this for the past 3 months. Not every day. You are a warrior for taking on that challenge. I take a hot shower in the morning usually and take cold showers at night after I work out. Always with the knob all the way cold. It is a great feeling and one I look forward to after a workout. I might have to try it every day for a month and see what happens.

    @Gabriele I actually find that I am warmer when I step out of a cold shower then when I step out of a hot shower. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the surge of heat your body generates after a cold shower.

  • This is super cool and all. I like taking «fresh» showers in the summer … But Gabriele's got a point anout winter . After a good ol'day of snowboarding at -18, there's nothing more comforting than a hot «apres» shower. But I guess comfort zone is not an option here.

    Still, in the month of february in Montreal, would your mind tackle it then? I'd have to try. Plus, in winter, the water pipes get even colder in the house and water is scoarching cold! I guess I'm not strong enough yet. Keep it up!

  • Hey Phil, I have been a great fan of your challenges so it was a no brainer when you came up with the latest one!!! Yes hardcore…but being swedish and of a viking background i thought it would have to be a peace of cake with my genes being of this background!! Not so however I might confess. I HATE cold water and having my family jump into a hole in the frozen lake after taking a few shots of grappa and hot sauna in northern Sweden would always leave me gazing in shock at them on the side line!

    This is me stepping up, LETS DO IT!!!!!! BOOOOOOOM

    Cheers phil for the inspiration, look forwards to seeing what crazy challenges you may discover in the future!

  • Wow Cheers guys! So stoked to see you all pumped up about this! I LOVE IT!

    To be 100% honest, the eBook is not totally done yet (I added it as a bonus partly to challenge myself to get it finished), I'll be sending it to the Challengers as soon as it's done- within the next week for sure.

  • @Fred: You don't need to make every single shower a cold one, just one cold shower a day. I got back from kayaking in a freaking storm the other day, and believe me I cranked up the shower to HOT.

    But I will point out though that the week I started the Challenge was the coldest week of the year in Perth. I shit you not, it was like 12C in our house the whole week (Claire can attest to this)…

    I'll be back in Montreal for Canadian winter, I'll take on the Super Cold Shower Challenge, no problemo. (I'm still taking a cold shower everyday anyways, it's a part of who I am now).

    • Crazy guy!!I had that challenge a long time ago in Palenque-Mexico. Good sunny and wet weather..perfect for cold showers, especially after spending the entire day on watherfalls. I must say, the watherfalls there are not so cold as the showers could get! Perfect challenge for a girl on summer, cause people who tried that on cold weather must have your active sistem!

  • I've been taking the odd cold shower on and off for the past few months but never got past the 'this sucks' factor. But after reading this I'm in… 30 days starting with my next shower is going to be 100% cold.

  • Awesome Mike, welcome on board bro! Let me know in 7-10 days when you've made it past the IT SUCKS factor :)

  • Sweet man.

    Funny story, I've been taking cold showers only for the past week. I agree, after the first few your body jsut gets used to it. I was perusing your site about 30 day challenges and saw you talking about it then, so I actually decided to do it then. Then watched the ted talk on 30DC's and decided to do 5 of them… consecutively! What can I say, got nothing better to do in camp…. Hey marty, quit being such a wuss.

  • Sick! What other challenges you taking on??

  • Yeah man, I'm doing this challange since 5 days and i feel much more awake every morning when I go to school, it's much better then coffee:D

  • I like the way you roll dude. I fear I wouldn't be able to stay in long enough to get clean at first. Can you take a hot shower after the cold one?

  • Started this challenge a few days ago..not at 100% cold yet but damn willing to get it there! LEGOO!!! WHOO! haha

  • @Hendrik: I agree with the better than coffee piece! I've quit coffee a few months ago and replaced with the cold shower + matcha green tea.. it's just so much better.

    @Ben: Cheers bro! Yeah you do what you want.. it's just a fun challenge so you make up your own rules! As long as you're pushing your boundaries a bit more everyday that's all that matters! Good luck!

    @Eddie: Sweet man love the enthusiasm! Crush it!!! :)

  • Hey Phil,

    stumbled on your blog through a friend. Had my first cold shower this morning after getting all heated up from my morning workout (I'm on day 8 of's INSANITY, love it!) and oh man… My body refused to let me exhale! I went straight for 100% cold and it was intense but I felt SO GOOD after. Can't wait for tomorrow morning's shower and pushing myself to stay in a minute longer each time. Challenge on!

    My friend Paul had his second cold shower today and claims it's the ultimate hangover cure for any of you party rockers out there ;)

  • Hey Pia!

    Niceeee! I can only imagine the shock of taking the cold shower after doing insanity (I've done it once, I know how insane it is haha). But I'm sure your body must be loooovinggg it.

    Hahahah yeah I know Paul too, that guy is the ultimate party animal and if he says something is the ultimate hangover cure, I would definitely believe it. In fact, I remember jumping in the lake the morning after a big night at the cottage and it's almost magical relief.

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Hey,

    Just discovered the benefits of taking cold shower via the High Existence website, and your article make me really want to try to do this, thanks!

    I think the cold water is around 10C here in China, so tonight i'll start slowly, 30% hot/70% cold maybe.

    I'll also read the chapter that Timothy Ferriss wrote about the cold shower in his 4-hour body book, even if it's in the fat loss section, now I'm more interesting about this.

    Félicitations pour ce superbe blog également ! Agréable à lire, intéressant,pratique et sans fioriture.

    Bonne continuation !! :)

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  • After the regular shower, every once in a while i turn the pipe cold, and scream inside haha… But after, the feeling is good! I can totaly feel my blood rushing. Back in highschool, our professor gave us that advice.

  • Do it everyday, and soon you'll be singing inside ;)

  • I just came across your blog – from a comment you made on four hour blog – so you have Tim Ferris to thank for that! But i want to say it's a great article. I sometimes have to have cold showers due to the hot water not always working. And in the morning they are very invigorating. I believe they are good for fat loss too !

  • Hey Rob! Thanks for stopping by. I have a lot of things to thank Tim Ferriss for ;)

    Yes I still have my cold shower every morning and they never fail to make me feel like a million bucks. And you're right, they are good for fat loss- a bit similar to Tim's idea of putting an icepack on your neck in the 4HB.

  • Hey man, been reading yours posts and i'm often on HE, gotta say you're doing great work, always interesting stuff and very inspiring ;)

    I started the cold shower challenge a week ago and it's going excellent. Summary:

    (btw, first few days i went in on about 20/80 hot/cold so i would reduce the shock effect on dry skin, but i immediately was reducing hot water until i got to 100% cold)

    1. day – wanted to scream, was losing my breath, like there was a car on my chest, then my arms and legs felt numb and my head started getting dizzy

    2. day – mostly the same

    3. day – without the dizziness and numb

    4. day – much better, easier to breathe

    5. day – no problem (here i started to go on 100 % cold from the beginning)

    from that day it's not a problem almost at all. Of course there is a 15-second little shock, but I got used to it, i breathe normally and it doesn't feel so cold like the first days.

    I wish just I could measure the temperature of the cold water..really can't tell.. if i ever do, i'll post about it.

    well, just wanted to inform you and others, hope it helps someone.

    bye :)

  • Hey Ivor, thanks buddy!

    Crazy how fast we adapt isn't it?

    Keep it up & let me know when you get to 30 day!



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  • just completed my first attempt at the challenge. kept running in circles in the bath tub while screaming..felt pretty ridiculous buuuut I DID IT. and it woke me up more than the two cups of coffee earlier this morning. actually look forward to the next one! thanks!

    • Hahah that made me LOL imagining the scene.. Yeah we've all our moments like that! That's awesome about the "better than coffee" wake up! Keep it up, it's only gonna keep getting better!

  • Hey Phil!

    I'm in!

    Bring it!


  • Good stuff Alex- love the attitude.

    Shoot me a message in a few weeks to let me know how it's going.

    Book should be ready next week, I'll send it your way when it's good to go.

  • BOOM! day 2 cold shower completed 100% cold! Thanks for such an awesome idea! I feel invigorated! :)

    • Haha awesome man! one more convert ;)

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  • So your friend Walter posted your "On Becoming Superhuman: Using Jedi Mind Tricks To Increase Performance" article on facebook and as I was reading it I came across the link for this one. Sounded really cool to be honest. so I quickly switched my attention on to this one. (I will go back and finish that one after this comment)

    Wow this post is incredibly motivating!

    I am an electrician, and after a days work, the first thing I do is jump in the shower when I get home. So starting today, I am starting this challenge as soon as I get home. Can't wait!

    Looking forward to reading some of your other stuff.

  • Hey Armin! (Cool name btw, I'm a huge Armin Van Buuren fan haha)

    That's a great way to do the challenge man! I have a feeling that you'll find yourself having way more energy after work (especially because being an electrician requires you to be standing all day).

    Then you'll be able to use the extra energy to go workout and get in great shape.

    Let me know how it goes!! I'll send you a copy of my book when it's all done, hopefully by the time you finish this challenge :)

  • I'm in!!!

    I did a 21-day Outward Bound course about ten years ago, every morning started with PT, a run, a full dunk in the sea followed by a cold fresh water shower (clothed, outdoors, in a group). In winter. So at least I know it won't kill me…

    I'll have to do the exercises and run first, just to make it like old times.

    • Hey Sharyn, good stuff mate!

      Yeah exercise makes it way easier. I'm usually sweating buckets from my morning run + core workout + yoga when I get in. And on those mornings when I skip my training I pay the price… 'cuz that cold water feels WAY COLD!

      I'll send you the book when it's done, still working on it. Good luck!

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  • I might be a little late to the party, but i just found your site (through a different 'jedi' article :) is it too late for the challenge? I've messed with contrast showers, but never just cold showers… what are your thoughts on contrast showers?

    Anyhow i would love to read through that ebook you got – can you send me one.

    ps great website, lots of great info

    • Hey Mr Smith,

      No you're not too late at all! Jump on in!

      Yeah contrast shower are good, I take them every night after my workout to help recovery. But cold showers are a different beast.. It's all about the act of walking straight into the cold that makes it challenging bust so awesome.

      I'm on day 80 or something that of cold showers and still loving it.

      The eBook is stil in the works, it's my first one so I want to makes sure it's amazing before I release it. Get started on the challenge and I'll send it your way as soon as it's done!

      Cheers :)

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  • […] them by water and green tea (ideally matcha). 3. Intermittent Fasting once or twice a week 4. Cold showers everyday That's what works for me, try it out, do your own little experiments and have fun with it! PS […]

  • Dammit. Now I have to do this… Took my first cold shower this morning. Not as terrible as I anticipated. Goodby hot water for 30 days.

    • Haha nice, good job!!!

      Well you can still have hot showers if you want, but make sure you have at least 1 cold one/day.

      Have fun.. especially those first few ones :)

  • This is great! My best version of myself would do this, so i shall! Cold shower first thing tomorrow morning! Thanks man! :D

    • Hell yeah! Good luck mate, let me know how it goes!

      Hopefully by the time you\’re done I\’ll have the eBook ready :)

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  • A bit late to the party I guess, but I just discovered your website yesterday and decided to take the challenge. Had my first cold shower this morning, the first minute or so sucked, but by the time I got out I was exhilarated! Now my house feels like a sauna

    • Haha nice!! Have you kept up with it? How’s it going? I had my first one back in the Canadian winter yesterday and definitely a new challenge!

  • Tomorrow morning I will take my first cold shower, the first of many to come, after reading this I know it will be difficult journey, but I´ll get there, this is what I´ll be focusing on for the next 30 days

    • Hey Rosco, I’m guessing you’re on Day 29? How’s it going??

      • Brrr… Cold, I’m still not enjoying it.

  • I’m doing this challenge starting tomorrow after reading this. Day 1 should be a blast!

    • Haha the whole thing is a blast :) How’s it coming along?

  • I’m up for the challenge!! I had cold showers before, specially a week when I had no gas for the water heater during winter… So I know what I’m against :)

    Great blog, cheers!

    • Thanks buddy!! You smashing it?

  • The problem is “cold” is highly variable. I’m in north Queensland and have been having cold showers for a few weeks just because it’s more comfortable. The unheated water here is probably 27ºC so it’s not challenging at all. After playing squash I wish it was about 6º cooler.

    • Hey Mike, sorry about the super late reply.

      Yeah Australia is a bit different.. especially in summertime. I nearly died a few times last year during my first ever Aussie summer.

      I’ve had a few cold showers after runs in -15 degree in MTL lately, now that’s a challenge :P

  • Phil, I just came across your site recently, and I love all the ideas about meditation, fasting, and especially this. I’m actually on Day 8 of the Cold Shower Challenge. It’s difficult, invigorating, and empowering, and getting slightly easier every day. How’s the eBook coming? lol I’d love a copy if you’re done

    • Hey Jock! So sorry about the late reply man. I was travelling and somehow lost track of some of the comments, my apologies.

      Stoked that you’re enjoying the cold showers and the other “out-there” ideas. Definitely sounds like you’re starting to build your Feel Good Lifestyle.

      I’ve challenged myself to finish the book by the end of January, so will send you a copy then. Thanks for your patience and keep rocking it!!

  • I’m taking this on! …even though I’ll be doing it in the depths of a cold wet miserable Irish Winter!

    I love your blog by the way, because I’m on a similar path in my life at the moment. Would love to read your e-book so please send it onto me…

    • Hey Colin,

      Thanks for the good words my man! Sorry about the late reply, been travelling around lately and lost track of some of the comments.

      Great that you’re on the “Optimal Living” path, feels pretty good doesn’t it?

      The book isn’t quite done yet, but I’ve set myself a deadline of January 31st so will send it to you by then if everything goes well! Cheers!

  • Unbelievable website and great post, found my way to your website through HighExistence and literally can’t peel my eyes away from the wisdom and unique essence in these posts.

    Half way through the Challenge, but here in South Africa it’s summer so will have to see if I can keep it up through all the way to winter!

    Cheers and thanks a mil Phil, look forward to more fantastic posts in the future

    • Hey Brad!! Wow, thanks so much for your kinds words, means a lot to me.

      Already halfway through, there’s no stopping you now! But yeah wintertime is another beast.. I was back in Montreal last week and let me tell you taking a cold shower after going for a run in -15 weather takes the challenge to another level! But still felt super good afterwards, so well worth it.

      All the best & keep in touch!

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  • Nice article, and great challenge! I myself was involved in cold-morning-showers for as long as four months. It was part of the everyday routine of my crazy summer job as a door-to-door salesperson. And yeah, not that difficult after the new habit has been formed. ;) I may not go into that particular challenge again but I totally loved the idea of challenging myself with something for about a month. I’ll check your other suggestions. ;) Regards

    • Cold Showers + Door to Door sales everyday! Must have a been quite the challenging/stimulating summer!!!

      • Absolutely! Ass-kicking summer ;)

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  • […] Funny stuff aside, I learned a very powerful life secret while taking this challenge. By constantly challenging ourselves with simple things like taking cold showers, we can develop a “mind like water”. Powerful, yet adaptable to any situation/obstacle. Hahah, nope muscle guy, I’m just a little tougher/smarter than you. :) How I Crushed “The 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge” & The Great Life Secret I Discovered | TheF… […]

  • I’m starting this tomorrow. Love ur site and attitude. Keep it up.

    • Nice buddy!! How’s the first few days so far?

  • 4 days in and I’m surprised how well I’m doing with this. I’ve tried cold showers before with the cold up to 100 (in Northern Ireland) and put myself off doing it on a regular basis.
    My technique is to go in at a tepid temperature for a few seconds and then drop it down, whilst telling myself to relax my body and accept the cold instead of tensing up against it.
    I find it useful to form a breathing space by cupping my hands around my mouth and nose so that I have a constant supply of air to breath as opposed to gasping for air as the cold water runs down my face and over my nose and mouth.
    I’m doing 2 cold showers per day – one in the morning and one just before bed (I’m convinced I’m getting a better night’s sleep because of it, and I believe there’s some empirical evidence to support this out there somewhere).

    • Hey Jonathan, great to hear!!! 2 cold showers a day, I’m impressed! I’m still trying to get used to the super cold Canadian winter water so I might use you hand cusping trick tomorrow.. and yeah great point about not tensing up and staying relaxed, it’s key.

      About the better night sleep, Tim Ferriss talks about it here (he does ice baths.. the next level after cold showers)!

      Cheers & keep it up!

      • I am Dutch and I take cold (+/- 15 sec.) showers after my hot showers since I was 12 (now 55 and grandmother..) Our summer sea water temperature is 17 C at most; so that’s no challenge…
        But after reading 4HB (tim ferriss) and starting the slow carb diet, my -very- cold showers are about 1,5 – 2 minutes. That is a whole different story!!
        I also do big icepacks on my back and neck for 1 hour every evening.
        Going to the sauna the other day I noticed could stay in the ‘ice cold plunge’ for almost 10 minutes!
        It felt soooo cool doing this as a granny, and have 25 year old big-muscle-guys look at me in awe…

  • I’m in! I just discovered your blog and I’m loving what I’ve seen so far. I’m a fellow Canadian and if this will help make the cold winter more tolerable I’m willing to give it a shot!

    • Thanks Judy :)

      I don’t know if it makes it better but it still feels real good afterwards. I gotta say though I’ve had a few showers in Canada at 100% cold and OMG it’s REALLY cold haha.. It’s like the Cold Shower Super Challenge!!

      Good luck!

  • I am Dutch and I take cold (+/- 15 sec.) showers after my hot showers since I was 12 (now 55 and grandmother..) Our summer sea water temperature is 17 C at most; so that’s no challenge…
    But after reading 4HB (tim ferriss) and starting the slow carb diet, my -very- cold showers are about 1,5 – 2 minutes. That is a whole different story!!
    I also do big icepacks on my back and neck for 1 hour every evening.
    Going to the sauna the other day I noticed could stay in the ‘ice cold plunge’ for almost 10 minutes!
    It felt soooo cool doing this as a granny, and have 25 year old big-muscle-guys look at me in awe…

    • Hi Bria- great to hear you’re really taking the 4HB strategies and really putting them into action. I’m sure you’ll get great results if you keep up with it.

      1 hour cold pack on your neck that’s true commitment! I did 30 minutes a few times just to see what it felt like and.. it’s definitely interesting..

      Great job for showing the 25 year old muscle guys what’s up! That made me laugh out loud :)

      Cheers & keep it up!!

  • Here is my commitment, For the next 30 days, I will be doing the Cold Shower Challenge. I do admit, I want a small transition period of 3-4 days, this will not be included in the 30 days of cold showers. Love your site dude! :D

    • BOOOM!!

      According to my calculations, you should be on Day 1 of the real challenge today.. Good luck!! Let me know how it goes!

  • […] strongly suggest you read Phil’s post and let it inspire you as it did me to take this […]

  • I read the challenge on HE yesterday and now reading your’s, I’m in! Day 1 is today :D

  • I read the challenge on HE yesterday and now reading your’s, I’m in! Day 1 is today :D

  • Day 1 today.
    Haven’t showered cold in ages and now it’s winter, too.
    I went in, opened the cold tap and let some rinse on my legs thinking, hm this isn’t really cold, more like refreshing.
    Then I decided to go for the homerun and PAM, like FUUUUUCK this is crazy cold WTF. I almost immediately switched to warm again. Aaaah, this is much better.
    I finished with cold but I will go totally “cold turkey” in the next few days. This is great. Thanks for that, man. :)

    • Hahahah it’s like walking into a cold lake/ocean.. the legs is fairly easy… but then.. we you get to “the home run” aaahhhh that’s when shit gets real haha.

      Good luck, keep i tup1!!

  • […] there a challenge you’ve been thinking of doing? Maybe the Cold Shower Challenge? Training for an epic race? Meditating every day for 30 […]

  • Starting today!

  • I just found this site, I like your attitude and you’ve motivated me to a better lifestyle, starting today! :)

    I’m gonna start with the showers today, is there any recommendation on how cold the water should be ?

    Thanks for the things you share mate!

  • I completed the challenge!

    • Good job brother! eBook is FINALLY almost done will shoot it your way when it’s all good to go!!

      You think you’re going to keep doing it??

  • That’s good news about the Ebook, i’m curious what you put in!? Good luck with finishing up! It always takes longer than you’d expect, especially if you’re a perfectionist.
    Well actually, after my chest workout tonight, I happen to juste have taken a cold shower! I don’t take them very often anymore but I”m not afraid of them anymore. I now know I can, that I have it in my repertoire.It’s good for the muscles (they blow up after the work out) the cold shower shrinks them back nicely. Cryo therapy so to speak. The winter is cold here in Paris and unfortunately my appartment is not completely free of draft.. I know I know excuses. So the answer is: Now and again, when I feel like it.
    Cheers! have fun in probably sunny San Diego!

    • HEy Roman,
      Good job about the cold shower. Yeah it’s good to be able to use it as a little energy boost/recovery therapy when needed.

      My eBook is called The Feel Good Guide: 25 Strategies to Increase Your Energy, Happiness & Mojo. Thanks for the encouragement.. it really does take longer than I’d expect but I’m *almost* there.. final push!! :)

  • […] evening I read up more about the cold-shower-experience, coming across the amazing conditioning it can do for your mind, its numerous health benefits, and people’s experiences with it. Apparently it does get a lot […]

  • […] found get me through the experience: “Don’t be a wuss” (words inspired by Phil), “Don’t be a princess,” “You got this,” and “Calm down, calm […]

  • Hey!

    I’ve decided to start the challenge tomorrow morning (March 5) after stumbling on this post from the “High Existance” website. This looks really interesting!

    I’ll try to take 2 cold showers a day. One in the morning, and one after I work out. :-)

    Can’t wait to

    • Very cool Drake! 2 a day, bold challenge I LOVE IT! Good luck!!

  • i’m scared as hell, but i’m gonna try it. daily log about it? don’t mind if i do.

  • This looks cool. I think I’ll start this tomorrow. Been in need of a challenge lately. Thanks for the cool idea!

  • What synchronicity! Yesterday’s gas leak led to today’s gas-turn-off with only cold showers as an option and then I received your accidental email referring to this post. So, game on! Today is day 1 cold shower! Thank you, Phil and Universe. I appreciate this.

    • Oooh yeah that’s totally synchronicity!! Good luck!!!!

  • I’m up for the challenge, hope I can do it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I’m stepping up and taking this challenge upon myself to conquer my own self. It’s the biggest simple man vs. self challenge, and I’m ready to do it. Thanks for the words of wisdom

    • Amazing man!! Hope the first few days are going well!

      If you make it through, shoot me an email at and I’ll send you a free copy of my book.

      Good luck!

  • I’m up for the 30 day challenge!

  • Today I had my first cold shower! I found a way to make it bearable for me, cold showering in the evenings after my run, it’s actually super enjoyable! I always splash cold water in my face in the mornings too, but no time for showers at 3 am.

  • Be a real man and try 100% HOT 0% COLD….thats what we do here in AFRICA!

    • Haha don’t know if my skin could handle that.. I used to take hot/cold showers (as hot and as cold as possible) for recovery and going really hot is pretty crazy too no doubt!

  • This sounds like an incredible way of controlling the mind. I’m committing. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be freezing.

  • Great post Phil! Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work!!

  • I am starting this challenge tomorrow with 1 to 2 cold only showers daily.
    I am the most interested to see how my hair will respond since I am not using any shampoos or soap for about 2 years now but I always needed hot water to keep it clean.

  • im in! cold showers for 30 days!!!
    (wheres the ebook?? ;)

  • Starting this as soon as my ear infection is over! For the test you should actually go and swim in my grandfathers river during winter which has ice on it and water temperature of 5C’. It feels like you have shrunk down when you enter :P

  • you have sold me on this…i will be starting tonight. i’m pretty pumped for it too!

  • Alright, this sounds insane, but i’m in! 30 days, and beyond! I’ll be taking my first one in 2 hours! & i’m interested in the book also :)

    • A little crazy is good :) Rock it!!

  • I am only 17, and I did my cold shower today…now 29 days more to go!!

    • Great stuff Ernesto, keep it up!! It’ll only get easier from here :)

  • I am also doing it because of this show I want to be on, which is Big Brother.

  • Had my first shower yesterday; i had a 20% Hot, 80% Cold shower. Quite cool, but every 3 days i want to lower the Hot with 5%, so in 12 days i’ll have a freezing shower. Good luck guys!
    p.s.: I used your challenge for my website (dutch:, hopefully more guys will start the challenge and let you know how they’re doing.

    • That’s awesome Charles!! Shoot me an email at when you’ve made it to all cold to tell me how it’s going and I’ll shoot you my ebook!

  • I’m starting tomorrow – so excited! Thanks Phil!

    • HOw’s it coming along Amy? Getting easier yet? :)

  • 15 days done, half way there, now it’s piece of cake and feels good afterwards! I sometimes use hot water first to make my body adapt better to the heat waves. Other than that always 100% cold.

  • For me this is just laughable. I live in the Arizona desert and usually don’t use hot water as even the cold water coming out of our tap in the summer is upwards of 85F. It does cool off in the winter, but even then I may not take a cold shower from the beginning, but I always finish with 100% cold. I have been told it is better for your skin and hair so have been doing that for years. So I guess it depends on the climate where you live.

    • Fair enough- when I did the challenge it was wintertime in Australia and about ~ 60 degrees in my house so it was most certainly a challenge!

      Maybe you can take it to the next level… Ice baths :)

  • Hell yes, I am so in!

  • This starts tomorrow.

  • I really don’t like cold showers at all but I am so ready for this challenge. I know I can do it. Mind over matter

    • Go for it, if I can do it you can too!

      • I have been taken cold showers now since the 19th not a long time but I do feel better about it. The first day I could only last a minute but this morning I was able to last 10 minutes. 75% cold to 25% hot I am working on being able to do 100% cold. I know I will get there

  • Thanks for this post. One month ago today I read it and have been taking cold showers since! It has given me so much extra energy throughout the day and I’ve really come to enjoy the cold water and the controlled rush that it gives. Although I didn’t do the challenge specifically for your ebook, I am looking forward to reading it.

    • Awesome great job! Just sent you an email with your copy of the eBook :)

  • Hi Phil,

    I have been following you for the last few weeks and have read everything you have written so far on the site. I want to say you have inspired me in so many ways. I have started the 30 day cold shower challenge and I am loving it. I have also started my own blog and following somewhat in the same path you have chosen. Since I started being more positive and mastering myself, I have also at the same time inspired my friends and family to start changing their lives as they see my results of all my hard work. Thank you so much! I was lost but now I am found.


    • Hey Brian! Wow, this puts a huge smile on my face :) That’s really, really cool that not only you’ve taken these ideas to heart, applied them and started getting the results, but also that you’re not sharing the love and inspiring those around you. As they say, there are 3 steps to learning something

      1) Assimilate the information
      2) Apply it
      3) Teach it to others

      Welcome to step #3! Keep rocking it, it seems like you’re on a great trajectory and it’s only gonna keep getting better!

  • Howdy! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say
    I truly enjoy reading through your posts. Can you recommend any other
    blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects?
    Thanks a lot!

  • I’m starting tomorrow and am pumped up! IT’S GAME TIME!!!

  • Hi Phil,
    I stumbled on your blog after doing some research on cold water showers and decided to accept your 30 day challenge. I tried my first one this morning! It was certainly a shock the first 30 seconds or so but 2 or 3 minutes in I was adapting. Although I must say it’s August in Texas so I might have to throw in an ice bath or something to make it fair.

    My only worry is that an hour or so after my finger tips were still cold. Is that normal at first? I have this problem in the winter with my fingers & feet always being cold.

    I look forward to reading other articles on your blog. I’m also trying a 30 day no shampoo challenge as well. Take Care.

    • Hey start taking iron, when your fingers and toes get cold it normally means you dont have enough iron. I started taking iron supplements and the cold went away well.


      • I’ll give that a try. Thanks Brian

  • Hey Phil,
    I too stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and already it’s really starting to change my life. Having said this I would greatly appreciate getting into contact with you. I sent you an email from this address ( a few days ago and would jumping for joy if you could help me make this leap!!! :)


  • I would love to try this challenge! I know that hot showers are not helping me and I would love to see if it has a positive effect on my thyroid functioning.

  • Ive read about the various benefits through the internet and “The four hour body” I tried it a few times, first lukewarm scrubdown followed by a 3 minute 100% cold shower. It sucked but i felt invigorated and ready for the day. Started today on the 1st see ya halloween !

  • I’m game. I need a challenge. Why not challenge myself and willpower? Thanks for the nudge.

  • starting tomorrow morning!

  • I take cold showers 3-5 months a year (June-October). I’ve noticed that when I step away from the shower stall, the area around it is a lot warmer than, let’s say, two feet outside of the bathroom. So I now know that while I’m taking cold showers, I’m generating heat. I’m much more alert after a cold shower and my body temperature is much more warmer. I went outside without a jacket in 55 degree weather and when my client went to shake my hand, she said my hand felt warm. The cold on my skin felt like a thin blanket that didn’t bother me all that much.

    So yes, there are benefits to taking cold showers after awhile and one of them is a high tolerance for colder temperatures. My body just completely adapted…okay, well, lol, not completely. I still shiver after the first 15 minutes or occassionally, after 1 hour but I do adapt in time to accept it as the norm. It’s an interesting experience, I got a tell ya.

  • First fully cold shower today and I felt a slight shock but nothing serious. Because 2 days before I’ve been taking cold baths!!!

  • Gonna try it tomorrow.

  • Sounds fab! Tomorrow morning 7am will be ‘eating that frog’.

  • Challenge Accepted. I have also read wonderful things about cold showers. Tomorrow starts the journey. I have an interesting story to tell you, but unfortunately I have class. Actually, it’s more of ” I need some wisdom.”

  • Wicked bro done 5days so far and im so down for the rest!! =D

  • Giving the challenge a try

  • Hey Phil,

    I have been on this cold shower challenge for 4 days now and I have kind of a problem with it. Now, don’t laugh, but when I hop under the cold shower I get this sensation like my testicles are contracting. It is not a pleasant sensation. Do you think I should wear something to protect my groin? I have read on forums about several people have this same problem with rapid contraction and it’s not cool.



    • Lol man I don’t know if this is a joke or not.. but I don’t have any advice when it comes to that..

      • Haha, no joke. Oh well, I’ll deal with it. Thanks though! I guess shrunken nuts is part of getting tougher.


  • Here we go, 30 days of cold showers..!?

    I’ve been doing cold after workouts, but not for more than 30 seconds to just surge myself, I hope i can keep up!

  • Hello Phil! i love this article about how you did the 30 day cold shower challenge. I have been taking cold shower for more then 2 weeks now i guess, ever since early November. Only now i was searching up on the internet what is the benefits of taking a cold shower because i was just interested on finding the reason towards taking cold shower. For me,i thought cold shower is good for you because it helps you recover quickly from exercising and it may increase your aerobic/oxygen capacity o_O. From reading your article, i think im half correct. I didnt know it would improve your blood circulation and i was surprised. and ahahahahaha i was just like you, when i first stepped into the shower and turned on the cold water. My whole body was in shock, i was breathing and grasping alot. I WAS LIKE OH MY GOODNESS, I MIGHT BE ALLERGIC TO COLD WATER :P It was a very weird feeling but now im loving cold shower. IT really does FEEL GREAT when you have a cold shower. You feel more relaxed, young and energised. So now i’m thing of never taking a warm shower anymore and i cant wait for winter in australi!!a(which will be like next year,june)!! I will see if i could handle the cold in winter, good challenge!

  • Hey Phil,

    tomorrow is my last day of the 30-Day-Cold-Shower-Challenge and I have to tell you that the last couple of weeks were an amazing experience for me. Thanks for introducing this challenge to me! I’m looking forward to my next 30-Day-Challenge, just didn’t decide yet what to do :)

    Best regards,

  • Ok, gonna do it too !!! You can check my achievment on There is 30 days cold shower challenge on it.

  • Haha good story man, kinda inspiring in a way… A hot shower is not a necessity. Your story reminded me of the time I deployed to Iraq and it was December, freezing cold, and the showers were not working so I had to improvise and take about 4 1 liter water bottles from a palet outside… Man was that cold! I’m glad they fixed the showers but it was a good lesson.

  • Hi! I’ve been reading your web site to get a although now and ultimately got the bravery to go ahead and provide you with a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to mention hold up the good job!

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  • Greetings, just came across your site , I have been taking a 3 minute ice cold shower for the last 19 days now and couldn’t agree more that it does really make me feel like I can accomplish more with my day!

  • Bring it on baby! This looks like a great idea so lets try it!

  • I can do it! I’m on for the challenge man! Let’s go!

  • […] few months ago I read some blog posts (HERE and HERE) on the internet about taking cold showers and, at first, it sounded strange to me. Why […]

  • Great stuff Phil, I’ve done it for several years myself and funny thing is that the amazing feeling never gets old, but that it always comes with this giant energy boost and feelings of accomplishment. One could say it’s almost a bit magical, now isn’t it? :)

  • […] Willpower is the engine behind living a great life and making things happen. The good news, it can trained and developed. In new his book aptly named “Willpower”, Florida State University Professor Roy Baumeister tells us: “If you exercise it, you can make it stronger. There’s nothing magical about it.’’ How do we do that? Best way I’ve found: take on The 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge. […]

  • […] I decided to try the cold shower challenge I thought that going (gradually!) to the coldest water my shower has to offer would be impossible. […]

  • […] even when I followed my own system and found a single item I wanted to improve (for instance, cold showers), I still had trouble making it a […]

  • Hehe.. I was just going to take my cold shower myself when I stumble across your post. You did great with the challenge.. It surely was worth it. I’m from Mauritius and I was used to taking cold showers almost everyday but since I came to UK, I have been taking only hot showers and it makes me feel really depressive.. been thinking about it when one day, we had a problem with the boiler here and were forced to take cold showers! that’s when I noticed the difference… I was so uplifted and had a big smile on my face after the shower!! I then went to look at the benefits of cold showers on the internet and well you know about it.. but well I was quite lazy.. once boiler was fixed i went back to taking the usual hot shower.. But as from today i made up my mind.. i just have to do it.. ;)

    Well I just wanted to share my experience here … Going to take my shower now ;)

    Keep it up YOU!!!

  • I found this site about a month ago and I love it keep it up Phil!

    As for the cold shower challenge I’m on day 6! However, I do start with a normal temp shower and then at the end crank to about 10% 90% and hold on for as long as I can! It is hovering in the low teens here in the midwest so this definitely took a substantial amount of mental resilience. On top of starting in the coldest time of the year I started as I felt a flu/cold coming on, I read that the cold showers help increase your white blood cell count which supports a strong immunity. Well, no flu or cold now and I have no plans of slowing down, it’s awesome!

    Question to the group: Is it better to just jump in when it’s cold already or crank it at the end like I do? :)

  • hey Phil! i just stumbled upon your website a few Weeks ago but i must say i absolutely love it! keep it up!
    as for the cold showers.. challenge accepted!
    i HATE cold showers but growing up in Canada i know all to well the thrill of a cold water swim :)

  • I’m curious to locate out what weblog platform you take place to be working with? I’m experiencing some minor safety issues with my most current website and I would like to locate one thing additional risk-free. Do you’ve got any recommendations?

  • And what do you think about adopting cold showers FOREVER? I always feel bad AFTER I take hot showers: I think my skin doesn’t react very well. I’m trying to take cold showers now, but I’d like to do it more than 30 days. Let’s see! Thank you very much for your inspiring post!

    • Hey Leonardo, I still take cold showers every day and I wrote this post about 18 months ago.. so the answer is definitely YES :)

  • Hi Phil!

    I’m in for the 30 showers! I say it that way because to conserve water here in the desert I don’t shower every single day if I don’t have to. And no, one does not need to shower after every workout when clean already, a good brisk scrubbing down with a towel does wonders for the skin and is a perk-up just like I hope the cooooooold showers will be.
    As I am now a thyroid-less cancer survivor, I’m hoping to see some systemic benefits as well. Taking daily synthetic thyroid hormone replacement just isn’t the same as the stuff your body manufactures on an as-needed basis. I am reading through your other posts and finding many gems of wisdom I can apply to my situation.
    Keep up the interesting posts, I will be checking on you! Thanks, Reb

  • Just finished the 30 day challenge! I am not sure how cold the water is/was in comparison to others but I went full blast from day 1. It got easier as the days went by. Not always, but I will certainly continue as a way to continue expanding my comfort zone and living a better life!

    Good luck to all!

    • Awesome good job David!! Keep it up!

  • You rock!!!! I’m taking that challenge.

  • Hi Phil!

    I just started the 30 day challenge yesterday. I have to admit that stepping into an ice cold shower is quite terrible, but you’re right, that feeling of getting used to the cold is amazing. I actually started feeling warmer while in the cold water! I have committed to doing this for 30 days. It probably will start off horrible again today, but I hope I’ll be able to control my breathing better today.

    Thank you Phil, and Good luck too everybody!

  • Wow, Phil! You’ve got me seriously into this thing!
    I read this post a few days ago, and today had my fourth freezing cold shower! Thanks so much for inspiring me to become a much more active and alert person.

    • Love it!! Keep it up Violet, and it only gets better from here!

  • Hey Phil,

    Like most people here, I was looking up the benefits of cold showers and stumbled across your website. I have attempted it before in the summertime and got up to 5 straight days and it felt amazing but I have been lazy and have taken warm showers daily for the past couple of years. You have motivated me to do this right now, especially now that I finished my work out for tonight. Cheers, keep up the great work and I hope to get through all 30 days!

  • I’m all in for 30 days. Definitely sounds interesting. Had no idea I took my last warm shower earlier today. I have a feeling I will only be singing a half a song each shower instead of the usual 2;)

    • Hahah I can’t even sing in the cold water.. I just say out loud “OH YEAH BABY I FEEL SO ALIVE” again and again haha

  • Honestly, when I read the tittle I wanted to laugh but I could not. I’ve been taking cold showers only for around 2 years not daily because the weather here is very cold and one doesn’t sweat at all…one day yes one day no.

  • OK…. I’m in! I always have my showers boiling hot, but I love that feeling of running into the sea or jumping into a pool. I was the only one who could get in the ice bath when we went to the spa’s in Budapest, but that’s on holidays….
    Surely I can do this…?!
    I’ll give it a shot starting this morning, wish me luck :-)

    Fi x

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  • […] no terminar optando por no ducharme para evitar el mal trago. En realidad, creo que si paso de los 10 primeros días, el resto del reto será relativamente […]

  • I’m game.

    I did a double-take when you said “Cottesloe Beach” and looked at the photo. Had to google it to be sure.

    Been there a couple times (I’m Canadian).

  • Tried it before, chickened out after 2. Will try again! … Right. Now.

  • Quit.

  • […] the body uses exactly this kind of fat to generate warmth. Bloggers, such as Phil Drolet from The Feel Good Lifestyle, as well as many others, have prioritized the act of taking cold showers as a rather difficult to […]

  • I’m curious and also interested in what you really are writing about below.

  • Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My website is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Many thanks!

  • Hey Phil,

    I find all this stuff very interesting!
    I only discovered this site recently but it is good to see that you not only try these methods of self improvement but are considerate in writing detailed blogs. Which helps people like myself to choose the best of these methods using the benefit of your experience. its much appreciated.

    More specifically to this particular post of yours. I thought you may find it interesting that this is a form of physiological training. The same results can in fact be achieved all within a day, providing that you are game for it.

    The hypothalamus in your brain regulates body temperature and is constantly processing your external environment. The first time you step into that shower it screams at your body that your in danger and your heart rate/blood pressure/respiratory rate shoot up. After spending enough time in there to reach homoeostasis again the hypothalamus will know that the sudden temperature change is not lethal and next time your vitals will not deviate so much. Every time you must dry out and warm up before entering again but after doing this 10-15 times your heart rate will barely move.

    I have no doubt it has an exhilarating effect to those who have trained themselves, however, without keeping up this practice, within a year the body will return to its normal state and the process will need to be repeated.

  • I’ve read before that Beethoven (who is my favorite composer) often dipped his head in cold water before composing ! I decided to know why and tried cold shower last week and the effects were absolutely amazing! It gives so much energy unlike the hot shower which drains energy! In fact I know that cold shower has many benefits but your challenge sounds a little bit hard and that’s why I’ve chosen to accept it! I’ll start it from today! :)

  • I have been doing it for a while now. But not the whole time. I was told 1min cold 3 min hot. By an ex- solder an nurse from Russia. Also had a marital artist tell me to just cycle cold hot a few times. He said it creates a flash fever. I have found if I stay in a cold shower to long my neck gets stiff. Also Seem to have a short fuse a few hours later. But that’s just me.

  • I just ended Day 2 of this 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge. The first day water was lukewarm on purpose. Then something this morning said no hot water today. Went in for at least 2 minutes. Felt like the longest 2 minutes ever! It felt like this jolt of energy going through me. It was so good, I took a second shower shortly after the first! Even 12 hours later I still feel this amazing jolt! Might just take a third shower after this posting!

  • Im down. My name is justin and it is 05/09/2013 about 10p.m.
    I will start tomorrow (05/10)

    And thank you for the blog, it was a swell read.

  • Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage?
    My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would genuinely benefit from a lot
    of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this okay with
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  • Over a month ago, I attested to starting the challenge and it was tough at first but, after 30+ days, I have consistently handled only cold showers and even developed my own technique to get adapted to it on tough days.

    I noticed that my skin feels better and more smooth and I haven’t used any lotion during the time.

    It is really weird.. Thanks a million for this blog. It was a wonderful challenge to undertake and I feel very motivated to tackle each day by starting off with a nice, cold shower (it is weird to even look at that in a positive sense haha).

    • BOOM! Great job Michael! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • I’m taking the challenge!!!!

  • Ohhhh Shiiit ! At least I already have a good self control but the funny fact is when I saw myself in the mirror red as a TOMATO ! LOL Ca va etre un super challenge Merci Phil !!!!!!!!!

  • Im starting tommorow, how many minutes you recommend?
    morning walk , cold shower , deep breathing exercises then egg breakfast…as a 17yr old I feel much energy after this…and helps me focus better at tests.
    Im infor the challenge

  • I feel as if I’ve slacked off in life for long enough. My grades have dropped, I’m depressed, I’ve gained a ton of weight… Enougb is enough. Starting tomorrow I will start this and CRUSH it. This victory will carry me into the future, a great future.

  • This sounds awesome, going to start today!

    P.S. I HATE cold showers. I’m the biggest wuss when it comes to this sort of thing. I’ll turn on the shower and wait until there’s steam pouring out before jumping in. But not anymore.

  • Somehow (jumping from facebook to youtube to your intermittent fasting blog which was something that was on my mind for a long time and then here) I came across this blog. I have been getting in to kundalini yoga for the past 8 months and trying to do cold showers (as is encouraged in the yoga teachings) and found the same feelings that you described but didn’t know how to put them in words…. I take the same feeling from my cold shower to my work as a physician. I let the challenges of the day wash over me like cold water knowing that I will be ok and I can handle it and “it’s all good”
    Today from reading your blog, I got the inspiration to do intermittent fasting and do the cold shower every morning before my yoga practice. Thanks!!!

  • I have heard about cold showers and decided to try it, this morning I took one. Although it was more of a warm normal shower, turning it colder and colder until ending on completely cold and freaking out for about 30 seconds struggling to breathe. In my defense, it is in the middle of winter here in South Africa at the moment.

    Now I subscribed to your site about 2 weeks ago, and you have been sending me weekly emails with a lifestyle change for each week. Last week was about the morning routine, guess what I found this week to be on, after finishing my cold shower and going through my emails? Your email was about cold showers. Haha, I know how much you like the whole Universe getting involved in stuff, so there. I accept your challenge, please send my book :)

    One question, after the 30 days are over, do you continue with them or go back to normal? I saw in your intermittent fasting article you did it for like 28 days as a challenge as well, did you go back to normal eating afterward? I see articles for breakfast on your site, I am confused, should one not continue intermittent fasting and cold showers after the challenge period as a permanent lifestyle change?

    Keep up the great work!

  • I randomly googled the effects of a cold shower today and stumbled across this article. I was really inspired and just finished the first of thirty cold showers! Thank you for the motivation!

  • Phil,
    I will take on the challenge!

  • Im down for this challenge. Need to start my day off with a jolt.

  • I did it! As of today, 30 day cold shower challenge is complete! Now, however, I am torn between deciding to continue taking cold showers, or going back to my regular routine. Cold showers do feel amazing and energizing, but warm showers are relaxing! Do I have to feel guilty if I want to take a warm shower again? I’m almost afraid to!

  • Whatever your body needs to rebuild your skin, acne killer keep away from those oily and
    salty foods. However, before you accept advice that just might do more harm than good and need to
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  • cold showers are revigorating but i always wondered if they are healthy…any medical input?

  • that feeling when you hit the water is called “curglaff.” Seriously, look it up.

  • Wow,I just started this challenge today and it was NOT fun. When first stepping into the shower I knocked every shampoo, body and face wash bottle off of the shelving, trying desperately to get away from the tiny ice needles assaulting my body.

    After jumping around and flailing my arms for a few seconds I calmed down enough to actually shower. I’m a girl with fairly thick, very long hair so the shampooing part was excruciating and a 5 min shower isn’t happening. I did manage to cut my shower time from 20 to 10 minutes, which left me time to do your 10 minute yoga video before work!!

    I also feel pretty great for kicking cold shower ass this morning! Thanks for the ideas and motivation… I’m ready to start some more challenges!

  • Fuck I am going to stop reading your blog, in less than 1 hour I already have 2 challenges to do.
    Today starts my 30 days coldshower-intermitent fast 2 per week Challenge!

    I will tell you this ends


  • I completed my first cold shower today. middle of winter. ….. holy crap it was cold but I done it and felt proud sheet

  • I run obstacle races and there is an ultimate one that I want to do but one thing has been holding me back . . . COLD! It’s in NOVEMBER and some of the obstacles are swimming through ice. I can beast everything else about it but when I get cold my body just shuts down, I got near hypothermia last time I tried. So I’ve been looking for ways to get my body trained up for cold. I’m definitely going to try this 30 day challenge.

    • Mary, after I took cold showers for several months, I did the Anaconda Adventure Race in Australia (largest adventure race in the world) and was the only person in the field without a wetsuit… :). Just like you can train your muscles, your cardio.. you can train your resistance to cold. Good luck!

      • Oh good!! That’ll definitely help motivate me to keep with the 30 Day Challenge to know that it should help my cold resistance for the race.


  • I am game for this challenge. Go big or go home that’s my policy. Will start at 100% cold water.

  • Im gonna do the challenge. Can I get your tips book please. Cheers, craig.

  • What you are doing is what many Top Cancer Clinics around the world is doing to boost the patients immune system. It is on wonder why you feel so good. The hot water will open up your skin pores and the cold water will close your skin pores. Your skin the largest filtering organ on your body is breathing and by doing this hot and cold shower method you are effectively oxygenating your blood. Your skin has a direct transit ability to carry good and bad elements into your blood. Hope it helps ? Holistic Chef Barry

  • I’ve been doing cold shower for a few weeks now. I’m not at 100% cold yet, maybe 75% – but DAMN, do I feel invigorated. I feel completely alive after every shower. (I just took a cold shower a few mins ago). I am working towards 100% cold.

  • Since the gas company came out to change my gas meter they check for leaks on everything that was using gas. He found leaks on everything, stove, water heater and the pilot light on the heater doesn’t stay on. I haven’t used in 25 years so he put a lock on the meter.

    Now I’m force to take a cold shower @ 100% I Google it first and came across this page, so I’m ready for the challenge since I don’t have a choice right now until I have everything fixed which I’m thinking of getting rid of gas and going all electric.

    You can do anything you put your mind to or force to do.

  • Day 1 – just got of the shower which was cold one. The first thing I did was shut of the air conditioner. I grab my robe and headed of the shower. I turn the cold water not full force, my feet where the first thing I got wet then the legs, inter thighs, hands and arms splashing water on my torso, grabbed the wash cloth and soaped it up getting my body lavender up as I moved in closer to the water getting my shoulders wet and letting it run down my back. THE BACK was the most sensitive part of the body. I let it run down screaming I’m not afraid of the cold water which took my mind off of the cold water. I did quick turns to make it go down to my lower back more sensitive then the upper back.

    As I continue to shower I turned the water on with more force I stay in there as long as I did with hot water but just dept on moving my arms and legs dipping in and out and making turns almost like dancing. I’m ready to do it again, the body loved it.

    No choice but to do it at 100% cold thanks gas company. I got your wus right here

  • Tomorrow I am starting the 30 day challenge and I can’t wait!!! Only problem is that it’s the middle of winter. Wish me luck :)

    • Wish you luck. Today is Day 2 but it’s summer time here. What makes me think is what is cold water vs. freezing cold water. I’m going to take the waters temperature to see how cold it is. I know in the winter it comes out as cold as if it was in the fridge. So once again wish you luck. It’s 7:40 am Sunday morning

      • Thanks Gadgetman :). You are so lucky it’s summer time, I miss the warmth so much. That’s a great mindset you got going there, it will definitely motivate me during this challenge. Good luck :).

        • Your welcome and thanks. Set your mind before you go into anything. Do the slow move in getting the feet wet first. Have a wash cloth soaped up ready to go and whatever part of the body is cold start using the cloth on those areas keeping the body moving and don’t forget to sing a song it helps.

  • Day 2 – 3:51 Just got out the shower, taking showers a little later in the day. Temp of the water was 73 degrees it was a lot easier since I know what I was in for. The inner thighs were sensitive sending chills throughout the body which went away once I started moving. My feet, legs, torso and arms didn’t have a problem with the cold water as much.

    My shoulders sent a little chill through the body but the back was the most sensitive of every other part of the body, I just did my turn around move but trying to let the water run down more then yesterday(day 1). Returning to the front han no problem of taking on the cold water once again. My shoulders and back every time I let the water hit again it sent chills through my body but not as bad as the first time.

    After awhile I started looking for that feeling of when I first stepped in, like somebody chasing a high. I’m getting addict to it. The body feels great and refresh not like hot water. Tomorrow will be the day I wash my hair as I don’t wash it everyday any more. Peace and let the cold water run down your skin. Gadgetman.

  • Day 3 – Today I just went right in, had a wash cloth soaped up before going in and it helped a lot soaping up the body where ever I felt to cold but it just wasn’t as bad as the first two days.

    I drunk my head under the cold water and I thought it was going to be hard but it wasn’t, letting the water run down my back. Then I turned around and let the water hit my back, it was cold but I just started dancing and singing make sure you don’t slip in the tub you can really hurt yourself hitting your head,

    I have this licked 27 more days will be a dream and I can’t wait until the winter comes to see if I can handle the colder water coming out.

    Thanks Phil your challenge page so I can share my experience taking a cold shower. Gadgetman

    • Yo,I totally remember those days and invigorating aint the word haha. I don’t care who you are, taking a cold shower is tough! Much respect and i done it before, ha and i think it’s time to do it again! :)

  • I use to do it back in High School and it’s awesome! I actually got to like cold-showers, they made me feel alive… I don’t know why I stopped doing it, but I’m totally ready for the challenge!!

  • Today will be my 13th day of taking cold showers. I don’t think about it anymore I know it’s going to be cold so I just jump in knowing that the body will adjust making the cold water feel warmer.

    I remember taking hot showers I always put my hand in first to feel how hot the water is, making the adjustments to my likings with the cold water I don’t test it at all. Just jump in and get right to work washing the body thinking of the things I have to get done for the day or night not paying attention to the cold water.

    I’m thinking about taking a cold bath which I think it’s going to be a lot colder because the whole body is going to be hit by the cold water but I know the body will quickly make the adjustments to deal with it just like going swimming.

    That’s it for now and if you haven’t started challenge what are you waiting for? It’s 9:50 am and I’m getting ready to jump in. Have a nice cold shower and good day. Peace, Timothy Gadgetman

  • I don’t think I’m going to be able to take that freezing cold water. I put a gallon in the fridge and poured it on me boy it was cold but I’m still going to try it when the winter comes around which I hope it comes soon.

    So my question is where is the line draw from being cold vs. freezing for taking cold showers?

  • […] A close friend of mine, and creator of, Phil Drolet, sometimes includes a cold shower as a part of his daily disciple.  This gets him facing his fears and stepping out of his comfort zone right from the start of his […]

  • Even in the summer I take hot showers, but 2 minutes of pain for a good day…

    I think I can live with that. 30 days of 2 minutes of pain. Lets see what I can do. I’m going to start my first shower now.


  • Day 3 here! It feels ice cold, but surprisingly it was only 14-15C.

    Next challenge is definitely ice hole swimming in winter.

  • I’m going to give the thirty day cold shower deal a go.

  • I just stumbled to your blog and think it’s pretty good. I thought I would find a challenge but the reality is that I already take cold showers everyday, 3 times a day during summer time and I thing my water is not cold enough (18-19°C). I also swim in cold water as soon as I can. The longest I did is 50 mn swim in a water at 13°C but that was too long and I found it really hard to get back to normal temperature after it. But swimming à 16-18°C is something I have done all my life (I am 37 years old). Being born in north of France, there was no other choice to swim during summer time that in a 18°C sea. I love the energy and vitality you get from this. I also love diving in a water at 5°C after a good sauna, I can go in and stay for a few minutes after a sauna but not so long before it. My next challenge is to swim in 5°C lake beginning of January with some other crazy people. Have you ever tried below 10°C?

  • Okay! So here I am, reading this article two years after it was written. I am a couple of weeks past my 41st birthday and one year past retirement. I am STUCK in a RUT and I want out in a really bad way. I feel like I never finish anything. I’m a really great starter but my follow through is terrible. I want to change that. I accept your challenge. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • i commit to the 30 day cold shower challange right now after reading this article. please send me copy of the book 21 tricks to feel better now. Mahalo and Aloha

  • On day 28 now and absolutely loving it!!! Still crap getting in but after a few minutes you feel so pumped up on life!!

  • On day 28 now and absolutely loving it!!! Still crap getting in but after a few minutes you feel so pumped up on life!! Amazing experience

    • today is my 29th day and getting in still feels like day one, it’s the best

  • Great Stuff Jeremy!! Im going to try it right now!!! ;) :)

  • […] you’re still on the fence and want some more convincing, check out the blog post that first convinced me. Still unsure? Here’s another one, and another one. And if that doesn’t do it for you, check […]

  • […] de agua fría. Por si fuera poco y no tuviéramos suficiente con eso en ese mismo artículo del baño-de-agua-fría por 30 días, agrega un link a otro artículo con 30 retos para 30 […]

  • Not quite convinced about the zen-master-building-your-mind slant. Our bodies adapt to cold pretty quickly, it’s simply a matter of repeated exposure. It gets easier because your body adapts (increased heat-gen from brown fat, faster vascular response, etc)

    Still, awesome that you stuck with it and reaped the benefits.

  • Today I crushed the 30-day cold shower challenge

    Trust me, its worth it

  • Alright Dude, you’ve convinced me. I’m in. Dreading tomorrow morning, yet getting my mind right. Can’t wait to read your book!

  • […] will be accepting and crushing the 30 Day Cold Water Challenge just like my boy Phil who I don’t know but sounds like a total BA. I will be documenting it […]

  • I started my cold shower challenge yesterday and today it felt better! I only hesitated 1 minute but i lasted like 10 mins on cold water! It feels great so far and im taking this as a punishment for the times i “dont feel like going to the gym” thanks Phil, this challenge will help me get motivated and mentally prepared for anything else.

  • Everything is very open with a clear clarification
    of the issues. It was truly informative. Your website is very helpful.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Alright screw it – I’m in!

  • Alright I’ll do it…

  • Just started on this challenge after I had a run and wow it felt amazing! The first 10seconds was hell but I was only on about 80% cold. Can’t wait to go 100% cold tomorrow! I will commit to this challenge and crush it WAHAHHA!

  • Argh! My comment that I submitted earlier didn’t go through. Long story short picked up the challenge today and going to commit to it! Only did 80% cold going to do 100% tomorrow!

  • I’m committed to thirty days of cold showers.

  • It’s amazing to pay a visit this web site and reading the
    views of all colleagues regarding this piece of writing, while I
    am also eager of getting familiarity.

  • I’m starting the 30 day cold shower challenge

  • That’s it, I’m taking the challenge. I am myself quite afraid of cold water, even at the beach (the water is usually around 20-25ºC), so I think this may be one of the greatest (if not THE) so far. I’m starting tomorrow at 7AM (Brrrr…), can’t wait for it. :)

  • This is very interesting to me. I am an American and lived abroad for a year in a “developing” country. There, most people, save the very rich, do not have the luxury of deciding to take a 30 day cold water shower challenge. Everyday there is cold water, there is no choice or challenge. This is simply life. At first I dreaded showers, with low water pressure and cold water. However I quickly realized how spoiled I was. It is a privilege to take a shower, period. It is even more of a privilege to take a hot one. I think it is wonderful that people who are privileged enough to have hot water take cold showers- it decreases consumption and gas bills! However it is slightly unsettling when the motivation is not to decrease consumption or to understand fleetingly how so many people live, but to selfishly boost one’s ego and perception of self as a “tough” person ready for anything simply because you are able to forgo one comfort and bathe under cold water. Most Americans need cold showers- not to stroke their obese egos and bodies- but to wake them from their entitlement, privilege and overconsumption, which stand squarely upon the backs of others. When you elect to take a cold shower, be conscious of the fact that billions of people do not have this choice.

  • OK! FINE! im gonna accept this challenge today! Just came across this.. sooo not looking forward to this as the weather isn’t to nice either.. but hey! Im gonna just get underneath that freezing shower tomorrow morning! :/

    • Me too! I just came across this site, and i’m loving all the stories Phil tells. I can’t wait till day 30!

  • Nice to hear about your great experience.l started taking cold showers last winter when l accidentally forgot to heat up the water before jumping in it.That ”accident” became a norm and now l’m taking cold showers every day with visible benefits.l haven’t got any cold or other illness since then and my blood circulation goes on a crazy drive.l don’t heat up even my bathroom any more.l can tolerate outside cold more easily as well.Even now,when folks in my country walk around in winter clothes and scarfs,l still wear shorts and t-shirts while receiving strange looks from passersby probably thinking l’m a weirdo.After all.people since the ages had taken baths in rivers and lakes,millions still do it today,it’s the only natural thing.Warm showers just made us weak and more acceptable to catch illness .When l see people in Russia taking swim in cold lakes on winter,talking about how they never get ill l can’t even imagine to go back and start taking warm showers again.

  • […] “The Feel Good Lifestyle” is a rare blog that actually makes your life better when you read it. Not just nice thoughts or pretty words. This is about action. Specifically, this post is about taking freezing cold showers for 30 days. It’s a ballsy challenge, but this personal account takes you through the ups and downs and why it’s so worth it. There’s also a little exchange with “muscle guy.” Cheers to cold showers. […]


  • Count me in!!!

  • Alright. Why not. I attempted the challenge last year and kept it up for a week. It was great, but I just decided to stop…not quit, stop. ;P Okay…maybe I quit. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m gonna commit myself to this challenge, and gonna have a dang good time doing it. : )
    30 Day Cold Shower Challenge ACTIVATED

  • […] reading the blogs and personal accounts (click here) of other people, I knew it would take about 7-10 days before things started to get […]

  • Ok I’m in, I will attempt anything that will make me feel better and more motivated towards life.
    Day 1…….

  • […] Cold Shower Challenge […]

  • I’m starting this tomorow…its starting to get cold now though “winters coming”

  • Your method of telling everything in this
    paragraph is truly pleasant, all can easily know it, Thanks a lot.

  • Okay, I am starting the cold shower challenge today.

  • […] Cold Shower Challenge […]

  • Oh wow , i am reading it now …… two years ago ….. i was guided by my intuition to do that ….
    Don’t ask what i went thru ….. later i found out that when cold water pours on a specific area behind our neck , it opens up our chakras and also brings clarity !
    Cheers …..

  • I really hate cold water but after reading this I think that I will try despite the fact that is fucking cold here in Dublin.

  • YOU ARE SO INSPIRING, not just in this entry but all of them. I love it. I’m so doing this, even though everyone in my life will call me crazy. You rock, seriously keep it up. Cold showers here I come….

  • I just started the challenge and I’ve been posting updates for the last 3 days with a link to this post and got a bunch of other people on board! I lasted 4 minutes my 2nd day but I feel you on knowing exactly how cold it was.

    Today, I got just over 7 but I felt great!

  • I just discovered your blog and I’m definitely interested in your articles. :)
    Challenge accepted ! Of course,not with 100% cold water at first.
    I have a question though – what happens when I pass the challenge ? Should I keep taking cold showers ? Will this benefit me ?
    Thanks in advance,and sorry for my English. :)

  • […] least I know I’m not alone ~ I’ve found entire blogs dedicated to the Cold Shower CHALLENGE…There’s probably a reddit group as well. It’s kind of amazing and I want to […]

  • Might be a little late to this article, but I’m stepping up to the challenge starting Tuesday, Feb 4th. BRING IT ON!!!

    – Tiberius

  • Day 4 this morning. 5 good minutes of brain freezing cold. It’s getting easier. My daughter is doing it as well. My wife thinks it’s bad for you for some reason. I’ll show her how soft my skin is after 30 days!

  • Love the experience you talk about, though I really don’t like how most people who start taking cold showers talk about it like something that elevates them over other people. I get this vibe with the “tougher / smarter” comment. Maybe it was poor word choice, maybe it’s the market you’re going for; I mean, your title does have “crushing it” in it. Anywho, I hope it doesn’t alienate some readers.

    I’ve done the challenge myself and now see myself doing this the rest of my life. It is funny that “crazy” is in fact the first thing that pops into the minds of people when I tell them about it. Truly, truly sad that people won’t try something new that’s as simple as showering at a different temperature. This is coming from a guy that shivers from a cold breeze.

    With all that said, I wrote about my experience as well. I’m no athlete so maybe it’ll warm others not in your demographic to give it a shot. Thanks for the laugh and inspiration as I can’t wait to jump into Lake Michigan this summer.

  • Its on
    30-day cold shower challenge!
    I am fully committed to enhancing and strengthening my mind!
    Thanks for the nudge!

  • I did this as soon as I read the article. I started out maybe 80/20 (C/H) then went colder from there until it literally took my breath away. I felt like I was really focused on breathing otherwise I’d had fallen over. I’ll keep it up. Thank goodness the weather’s getting warmer these days. Nothing like catching pneumonia to take the wind out of your sails :)

  • All right !!!
    Let’s try it. I am a bit nervous while I am writing and accepting this challenge. Right now the only question in my mind is “What’s the point of it ?” and that is because my mind does not want to get out of the comfort zone. When your mind becomes weak it echoes you several reasons of not doing it. It starts telling you that you can do it but why do it- there’s no benefit out of it. The real benefit is not physical, its mental. So, I am gonna definitely try and move one step forward in making my mind stronger.
    One Life !! Fail + Try Again = Success !!

  • Totally agree, just set count down timer for 23 minutes and stood in a 100% C. I’ve been taking cold showers every day for 2-3 years now. Started doing it b/c i realized it cured my eczema. I’ve sat in pools in the winter time (unheated) for 2 hours at the longest and have never experienced a greater feeling. My new thing is rolling windows down in winter with AC on blast – t shirt and shorts while driving.

    I tell everyone to be cold.

  • ok. I will do it. wts the worse that can happen ..
    March 1 , 2014

  • Read enough I accept your challenge, bring it!

  • Haha 78F ocean water use to bother you?

    I am from Massachusetts and the ocean is 62F on a good day 56F on a cold day (I know, 6 degrees doesn’t sound like a big difference but it is!).

    When I was growing up I went swimming in the ocean all the time and I always noticed the first 2 minutes are torture but after that it is wonderful.

    I started the cold shower challenged yesterday (100% cold water 0% warm water) and the first minute of my shower was terrible. However it quickly got better until the water felt fairly warm. Warm enough for me to take a 10 minute shower.

    I am lucky I adapted so quickly (probably because I have “cold water experience”). I would recommend everyone do this. It is amazing, not at first, but I can already tell cold showers are going to make a big difference in my life simply based off of how I felt from the first one.

    My brother has been doing since he was a kid and he loves it (although he has a much higher body fat percentage and a larger frame than I do).

  • I’m trusting you, Phil. Cold showers…. Let’s go

  • Boom. 30 days of shriveled nuts, but i feel great. 100% cold, about 10 min length showers. Well actually thats a lie… Ive always taken showers like this and just recently stumbled apon this post lol. I did not realize there was a challenge for it… I just love cold water aha. Feels great though, doesn’t it?

  • Hey Phil, I’ve been doing cold showers now for the last ninety days or so after I encountered this article. I gotta say, thank you for publishing this because it was life-changing and I feel that my life has considerably improved since I started this out. However, I do want to know when will be the best time to take a cold shower. Timothy Ferriss in his “Four-Hour Body” book wrote that taking a cold shower before going to sleep is one of the best ways to aid your sleep and improve it. Which brings me to this question. Should we only take cold showers at night with different temperature shower in the morning(I take two showers a day)? Or just take two cold showers in both the morning and night?

  • Great post abs inspiring story. I’m taking the challenge. 3 days in. I’d really like to receive your PDF on feeling good. Thanks and keep the challenges rolling.

  • Great post and inspiring story. I’m taking the challenge. 3 days in. I’d really like to receive your PDF on feeling good. Thanks and keep the challenges rolling.

  • Great article.
    I have been taking cold shower (100%) for a almost two months now after reading Tim Ferris’s book.
    I am taking the challenge.
    Love to receive the book

  • Hi!

    Trying to be an improved person!
    Just started meditation and will take on your 30DCSC ;)


  • challenge accepted!

  • phil, Im not sure if i should do this. I am overweight, and absolutely hate cold water. I can not lose weight at all, i workout 4 times a week for 90minutes!

  • The hell? 18C isn’t cold, you wuss. It’s normal *summer-time* temp for the atlantic ocean in many areas, for instance.

    Try 12 or 13C. That’s already a lot colder, and surely some do worse than this.

    Challenge, my ass. Plus what was with the 25%hot/75%cold? Couldn’t get the balls to go full on cold?

  • Did this challenge in Norway in December after I read your article! :D
    I must admit it was reeaally cold some days, but I did it, and it felt awesome! :)
    Thanks for making me do the challenge :)


  • This post is really inspiring. Thanks! I commit today to the 30-day challenge. Gotta look at the big picture :)

  • OK…I’m going to try it. I’m doing the tough mudder in Sept and there are some hard obstacles, but the ice bath makes me want to cry (not really…well, maybe, LOL—-I’m a major cold water wimp). I have some time, so I thought I’d start with just turning my shower a little colder each day until I’m down to all cold and then do 30 days. Does that sound good or should I be just jumping in and going whole hog to get the benefits?

  • OK, I’m almost one week into the challenge now. Today it was 6 °C outside, so it’s pretty hard, wish me luck!

  • It really is easy. The first day I did it I couldn’t stay in for more than 5 mins, but now after about a week I actually enjoy it.

  • Just learned about this challenge 10 mins ago…. I’m already pumped for it!

  • Its winter here in Australia and I just got back from nice, warm Spring weather in Los Angeles. Its the morning after I got back and I have this sudden urge to have a cold shower. I came across your article and feel even more motivated! I want to do this and I’m going to do this! I’m committing to 30 days of taking a cold ahower! Wonderful article thank you for posting your experiences :)

  • 2 days ago I started finishing my worm shower with a cold shower ( I just don’t feel clean with a cold shower) but perhaps I can give it a go for 30 days.

  • […] Cold Shower Challenge […]

  • Well, I stumbled upon this while searching for advice about my smashed thumb. This is pretty cool and even though this was written awhile ago, I’m definitely going to do the challenge. I always take hot showers so this will be quite interesting!

  • […] Canadian toughness by being the only competitor to brave the cold water without a wetsuit (What up Cold Shower Challenge!). This saved me a couple minutes in the transition, as others guys struggled to put on their […]

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  • Nice article. I’m actually a little over 2 months into my personal cold shower challenge, and I just love them now. My plan is to go for 6 months, and I’m particularly interested to see how it goes as we get into the colder months. But at this point I’m not too concerned. To be honest, the idea of a hot, or even warm shower just isn’t that appealing to me anymore. Ideally I’ll decide to just stick with cold showers after 6 months, and leave my hot water habits for more therapeutic or leisurely activities.

  • Just finished 30-day 5-minute cold showers, and intend to continue! ;-)

    Got used to it, it feels OK now, didn’t cause any problems so no need to stop it, perhaps it would improve immunity a bit after some time.

    Now, has anyone got another crazy idea I can try as well? :-D

  • Okay, I’m going to do this. Cold Shower challenge, here I come!!!

  • I’m in…30 days of cold showers! Scary because I love hot showers but after reading all the health benefits, how could I not try this? Thanks for sharing your story!

  • I have taken max cold showers for months and im 14 and would love to read your book and good job. Keep up the good work and freezing your balls off has been shown to increase your sperm production 500% and you sleep like a baby on steroids

  • Great article! I’ve been taking cold showers for quite a while now, and I saw your thread on high existence which lead me to this article. My strategy in the mornings is jump in with a very slightly warm/more towards cold temperature going, and then 10 seconds in go straight to cold, and then get colder slowly as it reaches the full cold side of the knob. A great benefit to cold water showers in the morning is it gets the blood flowing in your body which will definitely give you an energy boost plus you just feel so much better! I love taking cold showers and started doing so because I have a dry scalp, and when I used to shower with hot steaming water, it made my scalp a lot more dry than usual. After taking cold showers, my hair is smoother then ever and my scalp is barely dry and never feels itchy anymore. Thanks for the great read!

  • Another symptom of cold shower is that headaches go away. Ive had headaches everyday for four felt great

  • Wow, I just read your post and tried it… What a rush. Thanks for the challenge.

  • I appreciate it! :)

  • Im taking this challenge

  • Challenge accepted! :)

  • Great article, I’m starting tomorrow morning. Cheers Gerry :)

  • I was looking on Google for how to take a cold shower because I wanted to get rid of my dandruff and hit showers are a main cause, but after all my research including this one I think im up for the challenge.

  • Heya. 3 days of 100% cold showers. Hoping to make it to 30 days and more. Winters almost finished here in New Zealand. I find it very cold on the head. Body is fine. Other then that. Indeed feel very alive and invigorating.

  • i am thinking to take this challenge

  • I definitely am going to take this challenge Phil! You have inspired me to let my true colors show, and to do everything in my power to achieve greatness. I thank you! :)

  • Starting now.

  • I’m on Day 2 and OMG!

  • Great article – I will be doing this soon in hopes that it truly will boost energy.

  • I’m taking the challenge too. I’m already on day 4 after reading some other articles but only used 20 hot/80 cold. After reading your article I’m ready to go full cold.

  • StI love a warm shower, but started taking cold ones 2 weeks ago, as I tired of wasting water waiting for it to warm up. A technique I use is imagining I have a bad sunburn which needs cooling off. It works for me.
    After the initial shock it begins to be refreshing. I’m enjoying it, it gives a sense of mastery. Also my skin feels better, and I’m a bit invigorated throughout the day.
    I Will complete the challenge.
    Thank you.


  • i have been taking cold showers twice a day for 3 months now. first a quick warm (not hot) and when i am clean, i switch to 100% cold and enjoy it for 3-5 minutes. lnger in the morning, shorter in the evening. what started as a challenge, became a routine….

  • Game On..!!

  • What about shrinkage?

  • My third day and I’m already excited!!!!

  • I recently moved back to the mainland from the Virgin Islands. I often took cold showers out of necessity. In fact I had no hot water for six months at one overpriced apartment and I got used to it. “It is what it is” is how you manage to live on an island.
    (I wonder if you really read these?)
    Now I’m in Montana, it’s summer and I feel Bla.
    I never thought of doing it on PURPOSE.
    So I’m in. All yours. Here goes. Stand back.

  • I’m going to try this challenge!

  • I’m going to try this challenge!

  • Hehe you inspired me to do it. I thank you for it. I also just yesterday crushed the 30 days just cold shower everyday. I still did it on my 31th day today and it was so easy. It’s now just a routine thing. I am always happy to go under the shower. After 2 weeks of cold showers it was so easy and i was happy everytime to take a cold shower. I have gotten out of my comfort zone i did things i wouldn’t believe i would have ever done. Thank you alot.

  • […] This can come in the form of a workout, run, yoga, or for those with less time (e.g. everyone), an ice-cold shower, dynamic stretching, or diaphragmatic breathing. The point is that you move, and fire up your […]

  • I am doing something similar…it is for no doubt a superb feeling… I keep a bottle of nearly freezing non drinking water in my fridge…I take it with me to the shower, and when I shot off my normal water I spray the freezing water all over me!! Makes the energy jump from toes to nose :D I love the feeling

  • Im sure it feels great!
    I have a strong believe that what challenges your body and mind will only result of making you stronger.

    I am doing something similar…it is for no doubt a superb feeling… I keep a bottle of nearly freezing non drinking water in my fridge…I take it with me to the shower, and when I finish i shut off my normal water I spray the freezing water all over me!! Makes the energy jump from toes to nose :D
    I love the feeling

  • I commit to the challenge right now!

  • Hey Phil,

    I came across your article because I love taking 100%cold water showers after 80/85% hot water showers. I get this amazing invigorating feeling on my face, my scalp and my whole body really! And I hadn’t taken one of those in a while until tonight. So, I just googled it and found this.

    Anyways, I’m up for this amazing challenge. It’s hot here in Miami about 98% of the time except for one or two days toward the end of the year (a total joke lol). We are lucky to have such amazing weather though.

    I will be starting my challenge tomorrow! Thanks for such a great motivating article,

    Hany Gomez

  • Just started the cold shower challenge. Pumped to keep going!!

  • Doing the challenge tomorrow morning…hot water tank won’t stay lit. Now I’m looking at my cold shower as a challenge to conquer rather than a disaster!

  • Hey Phil,

    Great article you’ve got about it. I’ve today just completed my 30tb day of cold showers, and intend to continue to 50 then 100 and so on. For the first couple of days it was hell, but I quickly got used to it, and now look forward to it when I wake up. The adrenaline rush is great and I feel when I get out that I want to rule the world! My skin is also feeling better being a lot less dry now. I checked my pulse when I got out the other day and less than 55, so my bodies acclimatized now. Having shrivelled balls every morning is worth it!

    I’m also taking cold showers twice a day three times’ a week now, going Scandinavian style when I go to the gym. After a workout, 15 minutes in the sauna, and then straight into an ice cold shower for 10 minutes.

    Now just need to challenge myself to swim in the sea when it’s cold!

  • I’m staying tomorrow! I came from the gym today and had a cold shower because I felt like it. Then I started wondering and ended up here!
    After a couple of years in Asia with mostly cold showers it shouldn’t be too hard. But then…… It isn’t as hot here as Asia EVER!!

  • I accept!!!

    I am starting today!
    (and I am PETRIFIED!!!)


  • well 5 months ago i decided to go with cold showers (100% cold) and try to do 6 months in a row. At the time i had never read anything online nor told by anyone the benefits from it, the thing that made me go for this personal challenge was that one day i decided to take a cold shower and when i got out, instead of being cold and sleepy/soft (sry for bad english) i felt an amazing boost of energy! now, 5 months later and with the summer ending as well i was starting to wonder if it was healthy to take cold showers during really cold days. Turns out it´s really healthy to take cold showers no matter what so i might go for 1 year if i can handle Nov/Dec/Jan.

  • I am 7 days into the cold shower thing, because I moved and never had the gas turned on….only after a week did I look into the benefits of taking cold showers. I take one a night and one when I wake up. It’s refreshing, and I’ve noticed I am a bit more productive at work in the mornings! Cool article!

  • Awesome dude, I’m a firm believer in the cold shower also .
    I found your blog because I’d just written one of my own about mindfullness and how cold showers brings it about

    Have you done any Wim Hof or seen or watched any of his meditations and cold treatments ? Vice did a cool doco about him.. he loves the cold haha

  • I’m gonna give a go can’t wait to see if it works

  • I’m game, 30 days of cold showers here I come! Usually I have scalding hot showers even in the middle of summer, so it should be interesting!

  • So its kinda getting cold here in the UK around now .. I admit the first cold shower, I felt really excited and felt good after. The second shower sucked… and by day 3 I was not feeling great and skipped it.. So I never made it to day 3 basically :(

    Also was not sure if I should be taking these in the morning or at night…

    I have been starting with warmish water going to 100% cold then finish with nice and hot again.. Is this right?

    cheers, you inspired me to do this! :)

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  • […] There is a guy who did the 30 day cold shower challenge and he blogged about it. My result where similar to his but he had a funny experience after those 30 days which I hadn’t. You can read his whole experience here. […]

  • I just did day one on 10/15/2016.

  • I’m game. Let’s do this

  • I’m game. Let’s do this

  • […] Phil Drolet – Building our mind is like building a muscle […]

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