Optimal Living

The Master of Optimal Living is a revolutionary program, and my main goal is to determine how we can create a life we love while bringing our greatest contribution to the world.

Here is how I’ve divided my study curriculum:

1-      Optimizing the Human Mind ( Practical Philosophy, Spirituality, the Art & Science of Happiness, Meditation)

2-      Optimizing the Human Brain (Cognitive Training, Bio-Chemical Enhancement, Neuro-Science)

3-      Optimizing The Human Body (Evolutionary Biology, Revolutionary Fitness, Superfoods & Optimal Nutrition)

4-      The Science of Achievement (Goal Setting, Productivity Tools, Organizational tools)

5-      Lifestyle Design (Aligning Life/Work/Passions, Chasing our Dreams, Having New Experiences)


This blog will serve as the thesis for my Master’s Degree. I will award myself the Degree after I have written 100 useful & entertaining posts, discussing 100 big ideas of Optimal living. By writing 2 posts every week, this will take me 1 year.


While learning this material, the questions I’m constantly asking myself are:

“How can I apply this to make my life better?”

“How can I use this material to help others live better?”

“How can I use this material to create the positive social changes I want to see in the world?”


Here 5 of the many reasons I believe that in 2011, self-directed studies are much more effective way to learn than the traditional university model.

  1. I can learn directly from the best experts in the world in each field.
  2. I can learn in a format that fits my learning style and my inspiration of the moment (blog, podcast, book, eBook, online articles, TED Talk, instructional Youtube video, etc).
  3. I only focus on the material that is highly relevant and interesting to me. The traditional model of “force-feeding” material that is not relevant or interesting to students is totally ineffective.
  4. I learn the material consistently and apply it everyday. From a learning standpoint, it sure beats the hell out of cruising all semester, cramming for the exam, then regurgitating information on a sheet of paper.
  5. I can test my hypothesis through self-experiment (and measure results when applicable) to gain valuable feedback that helps me refine and expand my ideas.


In the next few months, I will be adding another component to my studies, as I will start taking classes at Entheos Academy of Optimal Living.


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Cheers, and to feeling goood!! :)


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