Change Yourself for Good: 3 Proven Strategies to Build Habits That Stick

I did a survey a couple months back and I was shocked by some of the results.break-bad-habits1

Can you guess what percentage of people responded YES to…

I love reading personal development material but I struggle to apply it and actually build new habits“?

25%? Not even close.

50%? Nope.

60%? Getting there.

The result was a whopping 73%!

Only one of out of every four respondents is actually creating long-lasting sustainable habits.

This is a really serious issue and I want to approach it head on.

That’s why I decide to team up with my right-hand man here in Boulder, Mike Slavin, to record 3 short videos and share with you 3 of our favorite strategies on effectively building long-lasting habits.

Get this: if you’re struggling to build habits, it’s not because there’s something fundamentally flawed with you. It only means that your approach doesn’t work.

With these simple strategies, you can dramatically improve your success rate in building better habits.

Check out these 3 videos below to find out how:

Which one did you prefer? How do you plan on applying it?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Choose Greatness,

PS If you dug these strategies and want more, join me on Thursday for a special online event I’m hosting to help you apply what you learn, build better habits, and get REAL results from personal development. Click here to check it out.¬†

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  • Good clips, love how short and to the point they are.

    I’ve been using the last two strategies, but was usually postponing it till the end of the day (11pm or so). Starting today I’m attaching my new habit (de-cluttering) to coming home from work. As for the 30 days challenge, I find that even after doing a habit consistently for few months (cold showers/gym), if I stop for few days (2+) I gotta retrain myself again. By that time I usually love the habit and stop due to sickness or injury, but that’s enough to mess it up for me…

    You could have add another strategy you’re probably familiar with “don’t break the chain”. Also one more thing that I just learnt recently, but that does magic for me is accountability to other people (on Internet forums in my case), just a small team reporting on their progress daily. That’s my 5 cents, cheers & thanks for all your work.

  • On understanding the mechanics of a method on the 1st step of the scientific way to baby steps, may I suggest practicing and getting through the initially and critically essential 20 hours, as expounded by Mr Kaufman here:
    I’m already speaking German using this approach…

  • I love all the ideas, especially idea no. 1. It is simple and easy to execute.

So, what do you think?